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His Hostage in Love- Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania ep. 12 IMM2

Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania

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Everyone stood stunned listening to Riddhima, wondering what Riddhima meant. Vansh looked on at Riddhima, a sudden feeling arose inside him, unknown to him. Riddhima noticed him and slightly gave a nod in approval indicating that she’ll handle everything.

Uma: What do you mean Riddhima? (confused)

Riddhima: I mean exactly what I said….now this is my house.

Siya: Di why and how?

Randhir: Is that Vyom forcing you or anything? (worried)

Kabir: (murmuring) the one who tries forcing her will go through hell….ask us only!

Rihanna: I heard you!

Kabir: Oh wow you did then great job! (sarcastic)

Anu: Kabir! Behave! (Kabir made a face)

Aryan: Is that true Riddhu? Did Vyom force you? Or (eyeing at the Rai Singhanias) did they?

Ishani: Aryan….I mean Mr Shah we haven’t forced her, they both love each other.

Aryan: What!! Who love each other?

Randhir: You know what…enough of this nonsense! You’re coming back whatsoever!

Randhir went to Riddhima and holding her wrist tight, he pulled her and walked towards the exit. Riddhima disliking his dominating behavior, jerked his hand in anger stopping him from going further ahead. He turned shockingly towards her.

Randhir: Are you helpless or have they manipulated you?

Vansh: Excuse me Mr Shah I won’t stay quiet (interrupted)

Riddhima: Wait Vansh. Mr Randhir what do you want to know huh? Why I said this is my house and all right? Then listen (attitude) I’m Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania!

Everyone looked on shocked while Vansh eyed her with pride. The entire Rai Singhania family smiled at the stand she took in front of her family for them. Kabir in excitement let out a whistle on which shifted everyone’s gaze on to him, gaining all the attention.

Kabir: Sorry it was a good dialogue so it came out! Well done Bhabhi, go on with more of them, we’ll get a whole movie! (joking)

Rihanna: Riddhu it’s true? He called you Bhabhi so you married him! (pointing at Vansh) Better choice than this one!

Kabir: Oh hello you may not know but I was the most handsome guy in my college! In fact I beat bhai in a competition

Rihanna: Right they must have thought that trophy will go in to the same house then why not give this poor little boy! (mocking) And by that I mean you!

Riddhima: Rihu yaar come on.

Aryan: Riddhu what’s all this! You married but why?

Uma: Exactly….you do know a marriage is not a child’s play!

Riddhima: I know mom, but the reality is that we are married and that’s it! And coming to you Mr Randhir, you have no right to force me. You can’t treat me like your slave that whatever you’ll say I’ll agree to it, I’m not like others! (anger)

Randhir: I know you’re being forced into this and Vyom is behind all this! You’re not going to say anything here in front everyone right….then let’s go in a room and talk to me about it.

Randhir once again held her and tried pulling her with him however this time a strong hand was wrapped around his, stopping him. He turned to look at Vansh, who was extremely angry and eyed him with his red blood shot eyes. He freed Riddhima’s hand and pulled her behind him, stepping in front of her. Riddhima stared at him.

Vansh: Enough!! (VR attitude, tone) You can’t force her do you get that! Didn’t you hear what she said, if you did then you can quietly leave from here.

Randhir: I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to my daughter

Vansh: Who is now MY Wife!! She’s Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania! (attitude) And I won’t let anyone force my wife into something that she wouldn’t like. I can reply you back in your own taste but I don’t want to take things further from here so I kindly request you to leave from here before I start. You’ve already blamed my family and now I’m not going to tolerate anything against.

Aryan: (stepping forward) Mr Rai Singhania I would like you to respect him, he’s my dad!

Vansh: Then tell your dad to first respect my wife and family. If not then you’re free to leave, the doors are wide open (pointing)

Uma: Please calm down, we need to sort things out peacefully and not by fighting. (requesting)

Anu: I agree, no matter the differences but I guess everyone has a chance to reason out.

Vansh: Mom, there’s nothing to reason out, we married each other because we (hesitating) love each other. As simple as that!

Riddhima: Seju take everyone home, I’ll come visit soon and I’ll tell you everything there.

Aryan: Riddhu I want you to come home as soon as possible, I want a proper explanation and I know you won’t disagree with your brother. (stern)

Riddhima: I promise I will bhai. Rihu, for a few days please handle work….I’ll join back soon.

Randhir: Riddhima for the last time I’m asking you to come back with us

Riddhima: I’m not! You may leave.

Riddhima hugged Uma, and the rest and they left still in utter shock and confusion. While Anupriya, tired of the fight went to her room to take a rest. Vansh pulled Riddhima to their room leaving Kabir and Ishani back in the living room. Vansh pulled Riddhima to their room and shoved her slightly in anger. He put his hands deep inside his hair and held it tight.

Riddhima sat down on the bed without saying anything and looked at Vansh with something rushing up in her body, she experienced a different feeling today. No one had taken a stand for her like that before except Rihanna. They both stared at each other and they both gave out a “Thank you” at the same time. They sighed at their timing and Vansh signaled her to start first.

Riddhima: Vansh, no one has ever taken a stand for me like the way you did except Rihanna. Thanks!

Vansh: In fact I should say thanks that you fought against your dad for us. You called yourself (he stopped)

Riddhima: Mrs. Rai Singhania, Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania (completing)

Vansh: yea that but

Riddhima: Only a month!

Vansh: yea but why was your dad behaving like that? Forcing you? (curious)

Riddhima: He’s like that forget it! So are we going to share this room?

Vansh: we’d have to otherwise mom

Riddhima: Yea I get it

Vansh: But don’t worry I’ll sleep on the couch there. (pointing) By the way there’s a problem.

Riddhima: Which problem? (tensed)

Vansh: I would want to give you an alert for it. You need to be alert all the time while you’re in this room Mrs. Rai Singhania (she raised her eyebrows)

Riddhima: What do you mean?



Care for her

Question: You can try guess what he means by that

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