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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamlesh coming to the backyard and digging the land where he had buried the money. Taneja comes there and asks why is he digging? Kamlesh says I am digging the land so that I can get good field. He says he is a farmer. Taneja asks what he has grown till now. Kamlesh says carrot, palak etc. Taneja asks him to answer his question and asks what is the farming of poor. Kamlesh says only humble people grow the fields. Taneja says my Papa was very honest and used to grow farms, but someone has stolen the yield. Kamlesh asks him to cover the farm next time. Taneja says whoever wants to get the yield, gets it. Happu asks Rajjo where she has buried the things? Rajjo says I don’t know. Happu questions about the money 5 lakhs which was found inside Ammas’ mattress. Rajjo says I just know about my jewellery and didn’t know about the money. Happu asks then who else knows? They argue. Rajjo asks what did I get by marrying you? Happu says you came alone and got 9 kids here, and have bought so much jewellery with my money. Rajjo says my destiny has become bad and says I will go to Badayu. Happu says Taneja told clearly that nobody can go out. Rajjo says she is trapped badly. Happu says I didn’t get even 25 paise in this house and they are getting money bundles.

Taneja questions Kamlesh what they shall do to grow ladies finger. Kamlesh tells him. Taneja says you have so much knowledge in this small age. Ranbir says when Kamlesh bhaiyya was small, he used to hear mere desh ki dharti. Hritik asks Kamlesh to dance on the song. Kamlesh dances. Taneja gets emotional and hugs him. He says even I used to dance like this in my childhood and says he made the band dance on similar songs in his marriage. Amma says then you are in wrong profession. Taneja says I am fighting against corruption. Happu says this is a conspiracy against me. Resham Pal says everyone says the same thing when caught. Happu says many people are envy on me. Amma says you aren’t promoted since 10-15 years. Kamlesh laughs and thinks to go and get the money. Taneja asks where is he going? Kamlesh says he is going to water the plant. Taneja asks him to sing oh palan hare to get the water. Kamlesh says he wants not much water. The kids discuss how will be their Papa in jail.

Happu tells Amma that whoever has such kids, serves the jail imprisonment daily. Rajjo comes there and asks her to come to room and talk. Taneja asks her to talk to Happu here itself. He says your house is raided now and tells that he got his inlaws’ house raided and that’s why he didn’t get married. Manohar comes there shouting and tells that he has found 2 lakhs Rs from kids’ room. The kids get shocked. Rajjo signs Happu that she had kept the money there. Happu gets upset and tells Taneja even they can find money in your house. Taneja says he didn’t have his home and says nobody can buy house with hard earned money and don’t have money. Amma says I suggest you not to be more honest, and says you shall take money from this hand and the other hand shall not know. Taneja says I am sure Happu is your child. Amma says yes and laughs. Manohar brings chair and says I have doubt that money is hidden inside too. He finds money in it and everyone gets shocked. Happu comes to Beni and calls him. He tells that his band is played in raid. Beni says I didn’t know that you are so corrupted. Happu says all my family members have ruined my name. A guy taunts Happu. Kat calls Happu and says she has surprise for him. Happu says I have no strength to see the surprise. Kat says your heart beat will rise when you see it. Happu says no. Kat says atleast dispose it. Beni says what happened? Kat says Dadi gave me this bag and said that it has jewellery and money in it. Happu gets shocked and says he is coming. Kat drops the jewellery bag and it falls in Resham’s hand.

Kamlesh comes to the backyard and thinks to get the money from the land. He starts digging. Taneja comes there and asks what is he thinking to take out. Kamlesh says rice, dal, wheat etc. Taneja asks did you keep everyone inside. Kamlesh says did you forget about farming. Taneja says I thought you have buried the black money and talking about taking it out. Kamlesh says no and asks what are you talking about. Taneja says sorry. Kamlesh says if you want, you can search the place. Taneja says if you are insisting then we shall dig and see, what is inside. Kamlesh gets tensed.

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