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Friendship goals ? ~Riansh #ss (Part 15)

I’m back after whole 1 week😝….before starting anything I want to say that if you remember that I had started new FF GURADIAN ANGEL…so that story is on HOLD so I’ll write that ff when my vacations…so please forget about that story for now😂…come back to friendship goals🙂

So let’s start;

V: you are a girl and my friend so you are my girlfriend😏

R: oh god from where you get this types of talks man…like seriously🤦‍♂️

V: yes dude

R: forget it I don’t wanna talk to you both. Bye.

K: bye.

V: hey what bye? Tell me who is CIRCUIT MERA HADDI BUDDY

R:dude when you know then why are you asking me that?

K: but I don’t know yaar tell me

R: really you don’t know?

K: no

V: let me tell you😁

R: no way please I’ll do whatever you want but no please

V: okay okay if you are pleading this much so I’ll not tell. So I want you to….hmmm What I want🤔🤔

R: tell me fast

V: admit that in 10th standard their was a boy whom you were saying that he is your husband😏

R: no way why the hell you want me to cry?😭

K: haww riddhu your husband? You know after listening to this in my mind one song is coming

V: which one?

R: please stop na otherwise I’ll not talk to you both or I’ll come to meet you.

K: tadap tadap ke is dil se ahh nikalti rahi mujhko saza di pyaar ki aisa kya ghunha kiya ki ham loot gaye ham loot gaye

V: ham loot gaye teri mohhobat mein🤣🤣🤣

R: oh god like seriously. I knew that you two were sad soul but….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I can’t take it more. This is torcher to a sweet and innocent kid like me. Damn my stomach and cheeks are paining like hell after laughing.

K: vansh, so work done?

V: Yup!

R: which work?

K: hmmm…to make you laugh. You know we can’t see you crying or sad.

V: it hurts us to see a single tear in your eyes😞

R: awww…you both don’t look cute while talking this much sweet😛

V: riddhu yaar😣

K: okay so keep this topic aside. So riddhu tell me who is your husband and who is this CIRCUIT MERA HADDI BUDDY?????

V: yes tell na riddhu😂

R: actually in 10th standard when you(kabir) were absent one day that day teacher took our class to biology laboratory and their was a human skeleton hanged on wall and I was observing that skeleton and vansh saw that and he thought that I was staring at him

Flashback shows IN LABORATORY

V: riddhu?

No response

V: riddhu I know your husband is looking handsome but have some shame don’t stare and him like that infront of all

Seeing no response he again said : riddhu you have husband?

R(being pissed of his continuous blabbering which she didn’t listened and said): yes…

V: what? When you both got married? From how much time you know him? Riddhu I’m asking you something!!!

R: oh damn me and married?? (In mind) riddhu let’s play with him. I know this will backfire me but I’ll handle that😈( to vansh) yes we both are married and his name is CIRCUIT

V: CIRCUIT?? full name please😐


V: ohhh…I feel bad for my brother circuit, he will again die because he married to you.(to skeleton) sorry bro if I knew that before than I would have saved you but it’s very late now. Congratulations you married a witch.

R: you called me witch? Now see what I do with you

V: yes seeing👀

R: okay let’s make a deal, you won’t tell about this to kabir otherwise I’ll tell your crush that you…

V: okay done I won’t tell me. Now happy?

R: Yup!!! Very much

Flashback ends

R: so this is what happened that day😑

K: now I regret why I didn’t came that day at school. I’ve missed this much big opportunity…shit man

V: better luck at next life😉

K: yeah next life but who knows we will be together or not.

R: ohh my sad soul enjoy today don’t think about future my love😌

V: yeah my love is right, enjoy your present dear.

K: not again yaar

R: what happened my love?😂

V: yes dear what happened?🤣

K: go to hell dude with my love and dear😑 and vansh I’ll not help again when you both will have fight because at last you both team up against me. Bye.

V: bye dear

R: bye love

K: bye stupids😑

Message ends (huff finally😥)

Vansh’s POV

Hufff finally riddhima maata got pacified. All thanks to my stars she didn’t blocked me or called ishani or siya to annoy me or do something bad to me like she did before when we were teens

Flashback starts

I was sitting peacefully in my room after annoying riddhu but after that ishani called me downstairs so when I tried to open door it was not opening soon I realised it was locked so I shouted ishani sia’s name and tried call mom dad because my not so sweets sister took my phone with them and guess what they cutted wires of TV and Damn my sweetheart my laptop also😭. I’ll not leave them. Again I started banging my rooms door then ishani came and said, “bhai riddhu di asked us to not let you go out of your room and to take all your devices because you annoyed her.” Damn riddhu I’ll kill her why why she did that😭.

Flashback ends

Huh! She is devil. I never thought that we will be bestfriends and we will be enough for each other and we don’t need anyone in our life when we are with each other. I never want to leave them no matter what. They became my life, and how can I leave them. I’m so so blessed to have them by my side. We don’t have any groups with whom I can compare our friendship or you can say we don’t admire others friendship and wish to have that type of friendship goals. But our friendship is our friendship goals. I love them infinty but riddhu being riddhu she says I HATE YOU BOTH INFINITY but that hate word means love for her. Oh god why I’m crying I’m not gonna leave them till eternal they have to bear me and they don’t have any choice.

Vansh’s POV ends.

Vansh was thinking then a notification comes on his phone and when he saw the message a big smile drawn on his face it was message on their group from both kabir and riddhu I HATE YOU INFINITY and he replied I HATE YOU BOTH INFINITY❤

I hope you all liked it because while writing last paragraph I was crying remembering my besties🙃.
Do comments guys🙃

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