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Hey guys, this aldy…. I have come with a new story. Please everyone read it and comment it.

Angel comes into our life and makes it beautiful. She was also an angel in my life. My Love. The girl who makes me what Iam today. (Sighs). Travelling to Kerala in this train is totally a long journey. I can’t wait long to see her. But this longing makes me understand my love for you.. Iam coming to you, Gauri… I love you….

It was a fine July morning, where there is traces of rain. Flowers and plants have traces of water. In the ay, there is still mud. Even though tha nature was pleasant, I was a little sad. The day before that day, his boss had fired him from his job. Quarrel at home, father’s beating, everything was revolving around me. A fine breeze patted me, I wake up from my dream. I was laying near a tree, my friends were enjoying their tea. It was that moment, when I see her. A traditional girl, wearing kurti with shawl, carrying a big suitcase and an umbrella. Was looking beautiful. It was evident from her dress and hair that she had enjoyed the rain, very much. Kumkum (chandanam) on her head had totally spreaded. A small smile comes to my face after many days. She walks to me ans smiles. My friends looked at me in shock. They were eager to know who is that. She asked for a tea, and I give her. She drinks it fastly. I find her so cute. After that, she turned to me and …

Gauri:- can you tell me the house of Shivay?

I didn’t reply, I was so lost in her that I didn’t understand what she asked. My friends were looking at me weirdly, but I didn’t pay attention to them. She was waiting for my reply, her face showed eagerness. Suddenly someone called her name. ‘Gauri’, what a thunderstruck it was, happiness and shock, happiness was because of knowing her name. And shock was to hear the sound of that man, Shivay Singh Oberoi, my best friend, her brother. Why I didn’t know that he has a sister? Many thoughts were going through my mind. She goes and hugs Shivay.

Gauri:- hi chetta ( chetta is the word used for brother in Malayalam).

Shivay:- why don’t you tell me before, that you are coming?

Gauri:- I just wanted to give a surprise for you.

Shivay:- naughty..

Shivay turns to me and indroduces me to her. She moves her hand towards me. I shake hands with her. Our first touch. I feel butterflies in my stomach, my sister had once told me that when we touch our soulmates hand, we feel like that. At that time, o felt that her words are true. Shivay take her to their home. I stood ther like a statue till my brother Rudra shooked me. But I was lost in her, the July rain covered me again.. I imagines her in the rain, like film songs. I imagines dancing with her. Rudra has to force me to take me to our house. Mom scolded me a lot that day for getting drained. Papa’s daily drama was there, but I pay no attention to it. My mind was full of Gauri’s face. I understood that I had fallen for her. That day, July 1 my favourite day, I had written in my diary, these words-

“Today an angel comes into my life, who give me a new feeling.”

The train stops at some station. I wake up from my dream. Luckily I had got the window seat. It was raining outside, small drops were touching me. It will take one more day for reaching Kerala. After our first meeting, I had gone shivays house regularly making some excuses. In that going, I made a good friendship with her. Even though Shivay and Gauri doesn’t understand my intention, Anika his wife understand my love for gauri. It was she who told me to propose Gauri. I was nervous to do that, but she gave confidence to me. With half confidence, I told her to come to me.

In that moody evening, she came to see me. She was wearing a red colour kurti that day. Her hairs messed up, she was looking so elegant. She walks to me, my heart was beating faster, I couldn’t control myself. She comes to me and smiles. I couldn’t take off my eyes from her, she pinched me. I came out of my dream.

Gauri:- are you day dreaming?

Omkara:- woh…

Gauri:- what happened? You are sweating too much, but it is not so hot here, and your heartbeat (she touches on my heart) is faster. What happened? All ok? Wait… Are you in love with anyone? Sach bolo.

Omkara:- tumse….

Gauri:- kya..

Omkara:- that…. How do you know that Iam in love? Did you love anyone?

Gauri:- I don’t love anyone, but my friend had told me about Love.

The clouds were covering the sky. Gauri hold my hand to go from there. I stop her, she looks at me and ask me what happened. I fall on my knees.

Omkara:- I love you Gauri. I know, Iam very fast, I don’t know anything about you. But I need you in my life.

Gauri was shocked to hear it, she was standing like a statue there. Slowly she walks from there. I was left strucken there. Slowly she turns to me and smiles. She runs to me and hugs me. I was hell shocked, can’t beleive what is happening. I breaks the hug and looks at her questioningly.

Gauri:- I know you loves me, Anika had already told me about it. I was just waiting for your proposal.

Omkara:- that means.

Gauri:- will you invite me to your small world?

What I was feeling that time, can’t express. I hugs her tightly and she also reciprocates it. Rain covered us but we didn’t shook. Slowly she breaks the hug and shares an eyelock. I felt like Tum hi Ho was playing on the background. I kisses on her forehead. She was blushing and runs from there. That day was the most beautiful day in my life. Papa thought that Iam mad, but maa knews everything. Rudra and bhavya was continuosly teasing me. But I loved their teasing that day.

After that day my life was filles with colours. She made me happy, gives me confidence. She was the one who identify a actor in me. When everyone discourage me, she was with me. Now, everyone appreciate me, but they don’t know that she was tha one behind my success. She gives me money for my survival, helped my family. Maa loved her so much, but Papa hated her. I don’t know why Papa hates her, but she never minds that.

Everything was going smoothly. I got two films in which I was the lead actor, people identifies me, appreciate me, changed my house, Papa was so proud of me that time. One day, I went to see my love secretly, because we can’t see each other on public. The garden behind her house was our secret place where no my fans reach me. There we talks a lot. We share food with each other. She makes good Kerala food, sambar, payasam, aviyal (these are foods of Kerala) and I love these foods now. I tell about my love to Papa, he was angry but acts like allowing and told me to invite her and her brother to my birthday party. Papa told that he will announce my marriage infront of everyone. I was very happy, hugs my Papa. I goes to see my Gauri, she was waiting for me in her garden, I hold her hands and took her to her house. Shivay and Anika were there, thay stand up seeing us.

Omkara:- Shivay, till now we are good friends, will you add another relationship?

Shivay and Anika smiles.

Omkara:- I love Gauri a lot. I wish to marry her. Will you allow?

Shivay:- look, I know about your relationship and I had no problem in it, I like you. But my sister is my world, now you are an actor, will have so many friends and all. Don’t even hurt my sister.

Omkar:- I will not. This is my promise.

Shivay and Anika smiles. Gauri was in a shock. I assures her and gives her the gift I had brought to her. She smiles which made my day.

It was my birthday, the most bad in my life. Everyone had came. Papa’s friends were there in the first row. But I was waiting for my girl, atlast she came wearing the gown given by me. She was looking like princess. She smiles at me. Papa notices her coming to me, he makes excuses and get me busy. She felt bad, but she knews my Papa’s behaviour. But Shivay doesn’t like it. She calls me and told me that, she had hiden a gift in my room and told me to find it after the party. After the cake cutting, my Papa takes up the mice, I was very happy. Infact my Maa, Rudra, Bhavya was very happy.

Papa:- Hello my dears, today Iam very happy to announce that my son, Omkar Singh Oberoi is going to marry Ridhima, my friend’s daughter.

I was shocked. Gauri’s eyes were filled with tears. I looked at Papa, who smirks at me. Maa hold my hands and told me no. I saw Shivay boiling in anger, his anger was justified. I had promised him, but…..

Every goes, it was our family and Gauri’s. Shivay comes towards me and…

Shivay:- what is your decision?

Tej(my Papa) :- I will say his decision. No. My son will not marry your this low grade girl.

Both Shivay and I was boiling in anger. Shivay hold Papa’s collar and they were fighting. Even though I hated him that time, he was my father. I stood ahead of my Papa.

Omkara:- Shivay, you had no right to hold my papa’s collars.

I was about to beat Shivay, but gauri comes in between, at that day I saw a different Gauri. She was not my lover that day, she was Shivay’s sister that day. She warned me not to tell anything about Shivay. She took Shivay’s hands and goes out of the house.

Even though I supported my father, I know that he was wrong, but I can’t stood against him. I goes to room and destroy all the decorations. In Gauri’s house, she was crying continuosly remembering our beautiful times. Anika tried to console her, but in vain. Shivay can’t see her in pain and decides to go to Kerala.

Next day, gauri comes to see me. Her eyes were wet and sleepy, she didn’t sleep last night at all.

Gauri:- hi…

Omkara:- hii…

Gauri:- sorry for what happened last day.

Omkara:- it’s ok. We were also sorry.

Gauri:- I had called you to say one thing. Iam going. Iam going to Kerala. I don’t know what you feel now. I loves my brother a lot and I can’t disobey him. He have fixed my marriage with Kabir, my best friend. Now there will be no problem in your life. Byy..

She hugs me for the last time as it was and goes. Half way she turns.

Gauri:- I had kept my gift behind your mirror, check it. Byyy. I love you Omkar and will always. Byy.

She goes from there leaving me strucken. I was shocked hearing this. Tears came from my eyes. When I reach home, maa and Rudra was shocked to see me like this. I hugs maa and cries. Papa comes to console me, but I brushes off his hands.

Omkara:- this is all because of you Papa. I hate you Papa. If she goes from my life, then I will die. I need her. Maa….

“Bhaiyya”, bhavya’s sound wakened me. We have reached Kerala. Thrissur. We had no idea of the language there, but I had the adress of her house. I showed it to one of the taxi driver and he signs us to get in. We then again start our journey. On the way, I saw many temples, wow…many croplands, nature beauty. That day was some special day, driver stop before one temple and asked us to pray. He told that, whatever we pray will surely happen. I was fascinated, but I went there, temple was very beautiful. I prayed before krishna, my Gauri’s favourite god. There I saw a wedding taking place. I imagines Gauri and my wedding there. Rudra ask me to come fast. I take the kumkum from the priest and goes.

Atlast we reach her house, but I was shocked. Her house was decorated for a wedding. I see a board on which, Gauri weds Kabir is written. I feels like tearing it. Rudra consoles me. We three goes through the way to her house. Her house was very big, many trees, mangoes, banana tree, many small plants, orchids. Her house was really like a palace. Suddenly, I saw Shivay wearing shirt and mundu. He gets shocked seeing us. But Anika smiles, she was sure that I will come. I goes to Shivay, to his side there was Kabir.

Shivay:- what are you doing here?

Omkara:- Shivay…I had come to..

Shivay:- you and your family had already embarrassed us. Now please…go…today is my sister’s wedding. Don’t make any issues.

Omkara:- she is my Gauri. And I love her. So does she. You can’t force her to marry anyone.

Everyone gathered there was shocked.

Shivay:- why are you making an issue?

Omkara:- Iam not making an issue, Shivay. I loves Gauri. And I can’t live without her. I know, what I and my family did to her was wrong. But please, try to understand me. You were beating my Papa. Even though I hate him, he is my father. I can’t see anyone beating him. Please, Shivay.. I love Gauri.

A girl comes out of the house. My Gauri, in a traditional golden red saree, many ornaments on her neck, hands, hair. Mullapoovu (jasmine flower) had covered her hair. A traditional Kerala bride. I was lost. She was crying seeing me. I goes to her and hold her hands.

Omkara:- sorry Gauri. Sorry. But you can’t leave me. I love you yaar. Please. Forgive me. I can’t live without you. My life revolves around you. If you aren’t with me, I will die. Please. Sorry, Gauri.

Gauri was crying, she looks at Shivay and Kabir.

Kabir told everyone to go. Everyone disperse from there.

Kabir:- Shivay, Gauri is waiting for your decision. Let them marry.

Shivay:- but..

Kabir:- no one can love her so much. And she also cannot love anyone other than omkara. I know her, she is my best friend and will always be. No boy will come this distance for a girl. He loves her so much. And she loves him, not her Papa.

Anika:- yes Shivay. Please.

Shivay looks at Gauri and nods. Gauri become happy and wipes her tears. She looks at me.

Gauri:- I will marry you in one condition.

Omkara:- what?

Gauri:- you have to hear malayalam songs for me.

Everyone laughs hearing her words. I hugs her tightly. At that time, I will be the most happiest person in the world. Slowly we share a passionate kiss..

Atlast I get my love back. We are traveling back to Mumbai. She was sleeping leaning towards my shoulder. I caresses her face and kisses on her forehead. On her sleep, she understood my touch.

Gauri:- I love you Omkara.

Omkara:- I love you tooo, my Gauri.

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