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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shanti and Sakina’s makeover boggles Mishra and Mirza

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishra telling Mirza that there is nothing left in life. Mirza says it has been colorless. Mishra says sometimes I feel to leave the worldy things and go to mountain for Shanti. Mirza says you have Shanti already. Mishra says she is just name sake Shanti. Shanti and Sakina come there wearing modern outfits and say excuse me. Mishra and Mirza are left speechless and boggled while the song tune maari entriyan plays…..Shanti says wife shall be dressed as husband wants. Sakina asks Mirza how is she looking? Mirza says he couldn’t speak seeing her. Mishra compares Shanti to a Bhojpuri heroine. Shanti says you would have compared me with Madhuri. They smile seeing their wives’ makeover. Aashiq and Majnu see them with Sakina and Shanti and think they are having affair with modern girls. They call them and inform that Mishra and Mirza are romancing with some modern girls. Shanti and Sakina ask them to go near them and says atar patar… They come near them and says atar patar. Shanti and Sakina turn and surprise Aashiq and Majnu. Mirza says you both complain about us to our wives. Mishra also scolds them. They run away. Shanti says we will leave. Mishra and Mirza offer to drop them home. Mishra calls Rickshaw.

Noorjahan asks Brij not to open his eyes. Brij says ok. Just then Shanti and Sakina come home wearing the modern dresses which surprise both Brij and Noorjahan. Brij asks what is all this? Mishra says I was thinking that Shanti looks like Amma in saree so I miss Amma and I get emotional, so I asked her to change her attire. Brij says I never miss your Amma seeing Shanti in saree. Mishra says you was fighting with her all life and asks why will you miss her.

Noorjahan asks Mirza to say something. Mirza says even I miss my Ammi. Noorjahan says your Ammi is alive till now, with God’s wish. Mirza says I miss Abbu. Noorjahan says you used to remember Abba seeing Sakina’s clothes. He says Abba used to wear pathani suit. Noorjahan says even you wear pathani suit. Sakina says he wanted me to look modern. Mishra says Sakina said right. Brij asks if the bahus will stay like this. Mishra says they wanted to look different. Brij asks if he sold his shame with paan. Mishra says times have becoming modern so we shall get modern too. Mirza says it will happen when we wear modern clothes. He asks shall we go inside. Noorjahan asks him to go. Brij says what we can do when you have decided. Shanti’s son says Mummy and Sakina aunty are looking wonderful.

Mirza and Sakina dance in the room, while the song Aankhon ki gustakhiyan plays…..Mishra and also Shanti dance and starts a slow paced romance. Mishra and Mirza get charmed by their wives makeover.

Aashiq and Majnu bring motor cycle and tell that they shall return it with full tank petrol. Aashiq asks why they need them. Mishra says they wanted to take them to outing. They tell that they want to show the lucknow people, that even their wives can be modern. Mirza sends Aashiq to confirm whether a girl loves him or not.

Shanti and Sakina come out of their house. A bike rider looks at them and is about to hit Mishra and Mirza. Mishra asks him to run. Shanti and Sakina behind Mishra and Mirza’s bikes. They leave. They see the men looking at their wives on the road, while their wives are pulling their ears and beating them. Bittu, Pappu and BBC see modern Shanti and Sakina on Mishra and Mirza’s bikes and gets shocked as they don’t recognize Shanti and Sakina. Bittu asks Pappu to give him poison and tells that they have left their character. BBC asks character? Bittu says just like you blackmail people to get money. BBC also taunts Bittu and says I was giving example depicting your character. Bittu says he is feeling ashamed and asks how to tell Shanti and Sakina Bhabhi that their husbands are having an affair. BBC asks how you will tell? Pappu says if you don’t have color TV and the neighbor has it, then it is their responsibility to damage their TV. Mirza and Mishra feel proud that they showed the people that their wives are very modern. Bittu comes there and asks how is he? Mishra says he is having fun. Bittu asks if he don’t have any shame. Mishra asks what did they do? Pappu says you are roaming with the modern girls on the bike. Bittu says we will tell Bhabhis. Mirza says don’t tell our wives. Mishra says we will get your setting with those girls’ friends. Bittu asks him to make him meet her. Pappu says I might get Chachi and you will get bahu. Bittu says he will ask their girlfriends about hobbies of his girl. Mirza says they have come. Bittu and Pappu get shocked seeing Shanti and Sakina’s makeover.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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