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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani’s friend says the man you got published in the newspaper, he came to the college. Rani is shocked. Digvijay says to Rajeshwari don’t worry I will be back in a day or two. She says take care. He says I know what you are going through. You are not alone. Rajeshwari says thank you for always being with me. I always got you wrong but it was me. He says neither you were wrong nor me. It was the circumstances. A lioness like you shouldn’t cry. They way our relationship is getting better, your relationship with veer will fix too. Rajeshwari says I will keep trying.

Ranvijay comes downstairs. Rani says papa ji.. You came to my college? Didn’t tell me? Everyone is shocked. He says I was actually.. Digvijay you went to college? Why? He says to meet Gupta ji. Had to give some donation to the college. Rajeshwari says I was in college’s donation meeting. You weren’t there. Ranvijay says I met his directly. He says Digvijay you are getting late. He leaves.

Scene 2
Jai says there was an accident in the house and no one told us. Talk to them and communicate with your family. Nandini says you are right. He says you should meet them and also talk about business. Nandini says I can’t ask them for money. He says I wanted to start this business with your mom’s blessings. Nandini says if it’s so urgent give my jewelry. He says in heart how can I give something I already sold. He says those are your wedding jewelry. Nandini says then I need time.

Scene 3
Digvijay calls Gupta. He says Ranvijay is hiding something. He calls Gupta and asks if Ranvijay left his watch in the cabin. Gupta says I never met him. Digvijay calls Rani and asks did something weird happen in college? Rani tells him about the kidnapping. He says I am coming back home. I have to talk to you. rani says what could it be? Ranvijay hears it.

Digvijay comes back. Ranvijay stops him outside and says you didn’t go Dehli? Ranvijay says I thought you changed but I was wrong. Why did you lie? You didn’t go to the park or Gupta but you went to the college. You went to college. Rani was attacked today. Did you know? Ranvijay says how would I know? Digvijay says all that’s wrong happening in the house, glass and then gas and now this. Are you behind all this? Why? We were all so happy to get you back. Ranvijay says why wouldn’t I do it? I only wanted to take my son away from here and live my life with him. That Rani didn’t let it happen. Digvijay says and you tried to kill her? I will tell Veer everything. Ranvijay says please don’t tell Veer. I request you. Digvijay goes inside. Ranvijay picks and rod and hits his head. Digvijay faints. Jai sees it.

Rani waits for Digvijay. She says let me call him. Jai comes in and says don’t call. I know where he is. Ranvijay says in his heart everything is over. Jai will tell Rani everything. Jai says he’s outside. He got an important call and left. Rani wonders he said he has to talk about something important. Veer comes in. He says I am going to the hospital. Can you come with me? Your life is in danger here. Can’t let any more attacks on you. Rani says I am fine here. Veer says to Ranvijay to see how stubborn she is. Rani says I am fine here. Veer says she never listens. Tell her she’s not safe here. Ranvijay says rani why don’t you go with him? Rajmata says Veer, Rajeshwari has kept a pooja in the evening. please come home early. Veer says I don’t want to be part of her dramas. Rajmata says I understand your anger but don’t miss the pooja. Rani says I will bring him don’t worry. They leave.

Scene 4
Rani says you are still an angry young man. Rani sits in the car and sees something. Rani says please stop the car. He says what now? Rani gets off the car. She sees something in the trunk. They open it. There’s nothing. Veer says there’s nothing. Rani says it’s dad’s car. If he took it to the airport, how is it here? He says he must have taken another car. Rani sees a locket in his car. She keeps it. They leave for the hospital.

Jai and Ranvijay are holding Digvijay on a side. Jai says we were almost caught. You don’t such lazy work. They are gone. Ranvijay says she took my locket. Jai says we can’t do anything right now. We have to delete the CCTV footage. Then we will see what to do.

Rani sits in Veer’s office. He says let me go check the patients. Rani says you also keep standing here. You are interested in being my guard. He says I can be your guard to keep you safe. Rani says you don’t understand. You brought me here. Veer says I have to keep you safe. Stay here now. A guy comes in and says you can’t stop being a doctor? Veer says Rishi? He hugs him. Veer asks how are you? He says you are so busy these days so I came to meet you. Veer says what new hotel are you making in Jaipur now? He says introduce me to bhabhi. Rani says I have heard a lot about you. Veer says in a young age he joined his family business and took it to new success. He made his own fate. I am very proud of him. He says you both are not less. Veer told me about your dreams. And Veer being such a good surgeon. Veer says let’s meet later. Rishi leaves. Veer asks Rani to sit there. Rani says whatever you order Mr. guard. Rani thinks sees their family photo. She recalls what Digvijay said. Rani says something isn’t right. He can’t leave when he said he has to speak to me. I should look into it.

Scene 5
Nandini serves food to Jai and Digvijay. Nandini says Jai and Vikram told me what happened in the house. Mom can’t do all that. Whoever did that, was so wrong. What if the whole house caught fire? That person will be caught soon and punished. Jai says who could do such a dangerous thing? Do you doubt anyone? Nandini says everyone was there. Can’t doubt anyone. Jai says Tao ji brought shagun for you. He says yes. He gives money to Nandini. Nandini says it’s not needed. Jai says keep it. It’s his blessings. Tao ji came here for the first time. He will love bringing gifts to us. Nandini says thank you. Jai says Nandini get ready for the pooja.

Nandini goes to get ready. Ranvijay says to Jai how much shagun do you want? Jai says not much just 11 lacs. You can pay that amount for your son. If anyone finds out you attacked.. Ranvijay says no one can do that. Give me some time. I will arrange the money. Jai says you have 24 hours only. Ranvijay says I wonder how and why Rajeshwari married her daughter to a man like you. Jai says there isn’t much difference between us. Ranvijay says there’s a huge difference between us. You will get the money. But you have to take care of Digvijay. Get him food and medicine. Jai says deal. Ranvijay says why is Rani calling Digvijay again and again. Jai picks the phone. Rani says babu ji you were telling me something? You left? Jai says in Digvijay’s voice bahu rani there’s rain in Dehli. I am getting late for a meeting. I will call you later. Rani cuts the call. Jai says see my acting skills.

Episode ends.

Precap: Rani tells Veer that the truth that she’s going to tell will clear all misunderstandings. This game is played by someone else. Ranvijay says that he also wants to tell a truth which will clear who is your own and who is your enemy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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