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A flight to your heart- Riansh TS (last)

A flight to your heart- Riansh TS (last)

Hi guys, I’m back with the last shot of this TS. I hope you like reading this last shot.

I thank you all for the comments in the previous shot, I had gotten 49 comments and I wish this one gets the same too. Do comment on how you like it in the comments section.

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The Flight to your heart- Riansh TS


It had been 3 years since Vansh and Riddhima met. Riddhima was in Malaysia completing her further studies, she aspired to be a flight attendant. She trained and worked hard to become one and now she was finally getting her dream fulfilled. It was her first flight that she was going to head as a head purser, leaving from Malaysia to a stop over to UK and then to the United States.

During her training and the years that passed, one thought constantly bothered her; Vansh. She used think of him almost day and night unknown to her own feelings that she owned for him. Some way or other she would relate him to a topic that would ultimately bring his picture in her mind. She highly regretted for not asking his number but at a second thought she felt awkward asking for it.

Vansh on the other hand worked hard to gain his position as the “Youngest Business Tycoon”. He started flooding the news and newspapers with his outstanding achievements and success. At night when he got back to his place, when he got his time, his heart would only picture out one face and his mind wondering about her; Riddhima. After he had met Riddhima he was a changed person, he had become a more free personality.

Life had been strange to them, a few hours of meeting had made them think about each other every day. Deep inside them they hoped for another similar meet but as the day changed, and as years increased they thought it was their first and last meet. They both had felt extremely different since their meet, they wanted to feel each other’s touch, and they wanted to feel each other’s presence. All they wanted was each other.

Riddhima’s POV

“It’s finally my start to a new level, I’ll be heading my first flight in the Malaysian Airlines. I’ve been accompanying many colleagues to learn more but still I’m a bit nervous. I went towards Bappa’s idol and I prayed hard for my success. I then turned my gaze towards the picture I had placed near the idol. It was of Vansh, my handsome man.”

“Yea I know I said my man….but I’ve fallen for him. All these years I realized that his one sight changed my everything, his one pic from the internet made my day. I’m so proud of him for his success. But I wonder does he even remember me! If I wouldn’t have been so dumb then probably we would have been talking with each other. I need to go for my flight now. I packed my items and left for the airport.”

Riddhima’s POV ends

Riddhima arrived at the Malaysian airport and checked in her department. She was a dark blue uniform, a blue skirt and a white shirt along with a blue coat with her badge. She was elegantly dressed. She went over to her gate and joined her other colleagues. They talked for a while and soon headed for their flight as soon as everything was arranged. They got in to the airplane and went through their protocols ensuring everything was set properly with any fault.

She being the head purser of the flight, directed all the other staff; the airhostesses, the other flight attendants to their positions while she went to the cockpit and knocked on the door. The pilots allowed her in and she checked all the formalities with them and greeted them a safe flight. She prayed once again and left towards the entrance of the airplane, passing the commands of allowance of the passengers.

Soon the passengers entered and she along with another colleague welcomed them aboard. She checked their boarding passes while the other colleague directed them to their seats. They closed the entrance once they confirmed all the passengers were aboard and she went to phone and announced it to the passengers and the pilots.

She sat on her chair till they were in the air and they got up to arrange everything for the passengers. She went across all the compartments checking all the necessities and if the passengers’ requests were fulfilled or not. After a number of hours in the airplane they landed at their stopover in UK. The passengers got down that were leaving for UK but the rest stayed behind. New passengers started boarding the plane.

She once again got back to her work and welcomed the others. While her colleague directed one of the children to the washroom she directed the passenger to the seat. She felt a cold touch on her hand. She out of the blue murmured “Vansh” and closed her eyes. She turned back and saw her man; Vansh. She recognized him.

Vansh looked at her with shock and smiled while Riddhima smiled seeing him. Vansh absent-mindedly forwarded his hand and caressed her face with it. Riddhima was brought of her trance when one of her colleagues tapped on her shoulder lightly.

Riddhima: Hi Vansh! What a surprise….glad to see you again.

Vansh: Yea, wow! Flight attendant, head purser! (reading her badge) Congratulations

Riddhima: Thanks, congrats to you too. The Youngest Business Tycoon!

Vansh: (laughing) Thanks! It’ll be so great to catch up with you once again.

Riddhima: Absolutely! Well for now boarding pass please! (smiling)

Riddhima checked his boarding pass and went with him, directing him to his seat to the first class compartment. He blushed when he saw her following him to his seat. He put his bag in the luggage compartment and they both remembered the time when Riddhima wasn’t able to put her luggage in the compartment.

Vansh took his seat and found one of the other flight attendants noticing him and Riddhima and smiled. Vansh raised his eyebrows trying to wonder however Riddhima interrupted signaling him to his seatbelt. Riddhima smiled and left quietly back to her station and announced the take off.

Vansh was facing opposite Riddhima’s seat and they both kept stealing glances.

Vansh’s POV

Little did I know that I would face her once again? As soon as I saw her, my heartbeats got faster. Her beauty increased in these years, she made me go crazy behind her. I realized today how my life was nothing before she came in to my life that day and how it’s nothing till I met her once again.

This feelings that I have for her are more than friendship, it’s so weird that we connected together in such little time. She’s like my oxygen! I can’t live without her, I lived without her these years but now I don’t think I’ll be able to. Is this love?

Vansh’s POV Ends

“Yes it is” a flight attendant spoked to him. He looked up confused while she chuckled a bit.

 FA: It is love!

Vansh: Excuse me? (confused)

FA: You love her and she loves you! Simple!

Vansh: Who?

FA: Oh my God! I never imagined the business tycoon could actually get dumb in such matters! (giggling) I’m talking about Riddhima! (pointing towards her who was attending an old passenger)

Vansh: She loves me?

FA: A lot! Just that she doesn’t muster up the courage to confess thinking you’ll get away from her. (serving him a glass of wine) you can try

Vansh: Confessing my feelings! (she nodded) By the way who are you?

FA: I’m you can say your love guru! (smiling, she left)

Vansh: I actually love her! If not now then never! (he looked at Riddhima)

Vansh got an idea and went towards the announcement station and took the phone. He spoke through the phone alerting Riddhima.

Vansh: Riddhima….It’s me Vansh! Well I guess I don’t need to tell you because I’m sure you already recognized me just the way you did when I boarded the plane.

Riddhima went towards him but was stopped by her colleague.

Vansh: Riddhima, three years back when I first met you, it was probably the best day ever. I’ve never ever had a better day after that. Day and night I used to remember you, our moments and your face. It was imprinted in my heart after all. (chuckling) Riddhima I like you, I like the way you are, I like your craziness, I like your maturity, I like your soul and I love your heart. This might sound too filmy I guess but can I have the ticket for a flight to your heart? Can I take the flight to your heart? Because I Love you!!

Riddhima was completely lost in the confession with tears welling up. She never imagined she would get her man in real life. She never imagined it would be on her first flight and that too in front of everyone. He had made it special and without hesitation she nodded her head in affirmation. She went to him and they both hugged each other tightly.

He held her tight and had his chin rested on her head, his eyes closed embracing the moment of love while Riddhima was listening to his heartbeat and hugged him tighter. Everyone surrounding them clapped at their lovely union. One of the passengers asked for her reply and she took the phone and confessed too.

“I Love you immensely Mr Vansh Rai Singhania! You’ve boarded the flight to my heart!”

Vansh: I’m sure now everything is clear…..the project will be handled personally by me and my assistant Angre. (in a meeting)

Delegate: Sure! Deal secured! I would want us to have a discussion on the terms and conditions.

Vansh: Of course.

Meanwhile Angre shifted his gaze at the television that was showing the latest news.

“Breaking News; Flight A4711 goes through trouble mid-air”

Angre signaled Vansh to the TV and his eyes widened in shock. He breathed deeply and let it out, he closed his eyes and murmured “Riddhima” A lone tear escaped the nook of his eyes and quickly brushed it off before anyone could notice. He excused himself and left for the washroom where he reminisced their talk.

“Vansh flights are unpredictable and you know that right?”

“Of course I know but why?”

“Vansh, crash or hijack…”

“Shsh Riddhima! Don’t say anything like that…technology has overpowered and now there’s no such incidents okay, so stop saying that!” (scolding)

“Vansh you may never know but promise me, if anything happens then you won’t cry. You’ll stay strong alright? Promise me my love?”

“Fine….I promise you sweetheart but you aren’t going to leave me!”

He came back to reality and faced the mirror. He splashed water on his face trying to stop his tears and pain to be visible. He was interrupted by Angre who held the phone.

“Riddhima Bhabhi”(smiling)

Vansh took a sigh of relief and smiled seeing her face on the video call. This was one fear that the Vansh Rai Singhania could never get out of.

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading this two shot last update and do let me know how you liked it in the comments section.


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