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Shubharambh 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja start their lives together

Shubharambh 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kritida tells Raja to get lost from here. Raja says I thought the same but Rani told me that I have memories here with my father so I can’t leave. Rani says you have no reason to throw us out. Kritida says Gunvant owns the shop so how will you earn and support this house? Rani says don’t worry about our income. Raja asks Rani to bring a jar. She does. Raja puts in on the table and tells Kritida that I will not earn from your shop, we will start putting our earned money in this jar from now one. Rani says yes, we don’t need your money, we will earn on our own. Gunvant says wow, this girl has made Raja immoral. Kritida says what’s our monthly expense in this house? Gunvant says it’s 1 lac per month. Kritida says so we will pay 50K and Raja will pay 50K. Asha is shocked. Rani says your family is of 6 people and we are 3 so we should pay 34K only. Kritida says fine, you pay that. She brings a bowl and says a new month is starting in 10 days, you will pay after the month ends so you have to beg in this bowl if you need anything. Raja gets angry and sighs.

Scene 2
Rani and Raja are in their room unpacking. Raja looks at the shoes that Rani gave in their childhood. Raja says they are really golden shoes, they have been with us in our thick and thin. Rani says Gunvant and Kritida took your shop from you, we have to do something. Raja says I don’t care about the shop, I am happy that we are together. Asha comes there so Raja ignores her. Asha says I was blinded by my greed, please forgive me. Rani says you realize your mistake and that is enough, let’s forget about the past. Raja says I forgive you, we have to stand together in this. Asha says I will do as you both say from now on, what we will do now? Raja says I will start looking for a job from tomorrow, you both are my responsibility. Asha says I will pray for you, she leaves. Raja and Rani start folding clothes. Rani tells Raja that can I support you like this to share your responsibilities? I will work too. They say it’s always a woman behind a successful man. Raja says no, there are two people in making a marriage success, they are always together. Rani says so I will start looking for a job, I have done some small jobs so it’s time to do something big. Raja says the job in Raja’s shop was not small. Raja says I got that job when you were Hemant for me, Raja says the last few days were difficult but memorable. Rani says yes, we will laugh at them in the future. ,,

Scene 3
Rani comes into the kitchen and asks what happened? Asha shows her everything locked. She says she even locked the fridge, we can’t make tea. Kritida comes there and laughs at them. Rani says you have started this drama? Kritida says we earn all this from the job, you put money of 10 days in this jar and get the things. Asha says I will give you money, give me the keys. Kritida says I don’t trust you. Asha says we will get some takeout. Rani says we will make food in our kitchen only. She whispers to Kritida that you know the stairs that you get down from daily? Kritida gets scared and gives her the key. Rani takes her things out. Rani finds money in every jar in the kitchen. All are shocked. Gunvant thinks how did the money come here? Rani counts that it’s around 13K. Rani puts 12K in the jar and says this is our 10 days expense, I have saved my money since the day I entered this house. She asks Asha to sit down and says I will make breakfast for you. Kritida looks on.

Rani makes breakfast for Asha and glares at Kritida. Rani tells Asha that I will make breakfast for you from now on if Darshna makes food so Kritida might ask for more money.

Raja gets ready and gives some money to Rani for expenses. Rani says you are ready? Rani says yes, I have an interview. Rani says we will go together. Asha makes them eat yogurt and says I pray that you both get the job, she leaves. Rani gets ready and sees Raja tensed. She asks what happened? Raja says I have never given an interview. Rani makes him sit down and we will practice an interview. You have to be confident, let’s start. She starts questioning him. She asks about his qualities. Raja thinks so Rani answers for him. She says you should get this job as you are an honest person, you are likable and never lie, you always think positive. Raja thinks you know my strength more than me. Rani thinks yes because I am your wife.
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