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Shakti 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat miss each other

Shakti 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat and Jharna leaving on bike. Rohan and Soham come to Heer. Rohan asks who did this? Heer says I had thrown stone on the muddy water, and it fell on me. Soham asks why you had thrown stone on the muddy water. She says I will wash my face and come. She runs to bathroom and washes her face. She thinks today you splashed muddy water on me, you didn’t do right. Tu hi mera khuda plays…as she reminisces his words. She says I could never think that such cruel person is hidden behind innocent face. Soham calls Heer and asks her to hurry up, says that they have to go for raksha bandhan shopping. Virat and Jharna comes home. Sant Baksh asks Jharna to have food with them. She says she likes to have food with family. Sant Baksh says we are your family too. Simran tells Virat that Bhabhi made his favorite Pulao. Virat recalls Heer liking Pulao and eating it and a fb is shown. Virat gets up and asks Gurwinder not to make Pulao again, he throws the plate on the ground. Jharna tells that she will make Chole for Virat next time. Daljeet brings the gifts for Raksha bandhan. Simran asks what did you bring for me? Daljeet asks her to see after tying the rakhi. Virat goes to room and tells that why Heer, I hate you so much and everything reminds me of you. He reminisces her angrily and kicks table and sofa in his room. He says I can’t love a kinnar and can’t miss her. He says I hate Heer.

Rohan and Soham come home. Rohan tells Preeto that Heer haven’t done shopping and didn’t eat anything taking Corona’s name, tells that she is upset. Preeto asks him that Heer’s heart is broken, it will take time to become fine. Heer is in her room and recalls Virat telling her that he is jealous of her pillows as she doesn’t let him come closer because of it. Heer says there will be someone between us always. Virat asks why? Heer says after our marriage, we will have kids. He says you have to move the pillow from your lap to reach that stage, kids. Heer gets shy and they start pillow fighting. They look at each other romantically. Tera ishq hai meri ibaadat…plays….fb ends. Heer tears the pillow and tells that she don’t want to remember him. She thinks who is he? She says I hate Virat Singh. Virat drops Jharna to her house.Jharna says you are cute, but rude too. She says atleast you listened to uncle and dropped me home. She hugs him. Nutan looks at Virat.

Virat is about to hold Jharna, but he couldn’t reciprocate her hug. He imagines Heer standing there, pushes Jharna and asks what are you doing here, why don’t you leave me? Jharna asks what happened? Virat says Heer came here. Jharna says she is not here and asks if he is fine. Virat says yes and asks her to go and rest. Jharna goes inside her house. Virat leaves on his bike. Nutan comes infront of his bike. Virat gets down and asks her to die infront of other’s bike and asks her to leave following him. Nutan says you have broke up with Heer, so why you didn’t hug Jharna properly. Virat says it is none of their business. Nutan says I will tell you and tells that he has kept Heer in his mind so much that he can’t hug Jharna. Virat gets angry and calls Jharna asking her to come out. He says good night and hugs Jharna. Jharna says I know Heer was your time pass and I am your true love. Virat looks on. Nutan looks on.

Shanno tells Preeto that he feels that Heer can’t forget Virat and says we shall tell her truth. Preeto says what will happen then? Shanno says just as we fought for Soumya, we will fight for Heer also. Preeto asks her to say it clearly that just as they saw Soumya getting ruined, we see Heer getting ruined like that. She asks her to use her hands and cleans the pillows cotton in her room. Heer wakes up and says goodmorning. She checks the room messed up with Pillow’s cotton and cooks up a story that she has torn it so that she don’t sleep on it. Heer asks Preeto where is her brothers? Rohan comes there holding the gifts and bouquets, while Soham enters as Santa and holds the balloons. Heer comes to them. Tu hi mera khuda plays….They hug Heer happily.

Precap will be added after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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