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Pavitra Bhagya 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya supports Armaan in front of Archit

Pavitra Bhagya 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Riya’s words echo in Pranati’s mind. It cannot be true! Riya is taking our acting in a different direction! Kuch kam song plays in the background.

Reyansh is also drinking on a street. They both think of their meeting near the love / wishing tree. Reyansh thinks my past came in front of me 9 months ago out of nowhere. They think of the entire journey till date. Pranati thinks how her life changed in the past 9 months because of Jugnu. My own life holds no meaning now.

Dadi gets a call and starts dancing. Reyansh asks her what happened. Dadi tells her that Armaan and Riya’s wedding has been fixed. Reyansh says I told you I will get it done. I made it happen! Dadi nods. Bishambhar said Riya is going abroad for further studies. He wants a

Navya and Armaan are arguing over him being a member of Khurana family. Maan has told me everything. He asks her what she is saying. She says you could have told me that you are trying to create your own identity. You want to do something on your own. I am so happy! She picks a flower, goes down on her knees and proposes him for marriage. Armaan says yes.

Maan is stunned. What did you say to her? This is a bouncer! Armaan is irked. Maan says I made a typical filmy movie and what have you done. Go to Reyansh. Armaan says he will kill me.

Reyansh brings Jugnu home. I cannot do this pickup and drop daily. I am not a servant! She asks him if she should explain the real meaning of servant to him. He says I am not bothered by what had happened with you in the past. The mystery lady is lurking nearby. She calls him and Pranati alike. He disagrees and heads inside. His wallet falls down in the process. Jugnu picks it up and registers it online. She goes to Reyansh’s room and finds Maan and Armaan there. She questions them and they question her in return. She keeps the wallet back very smartly, taunts them and then heads back outside. Armaan is irked but Maan tells him to focus on his problem first.

Armaan collides with Archit on his way out.

Archit confronts Navya who takes his side. He tries to explain it to her but she is sure she can judge people. He insists she does not know Khurana family well. She tells him not to be judgemental. It isn’t like that!

Jugnu comes back to her room holding a bowl of popcorn and finds Vardaan in her room. Dadi comes there looking for him. Jugnu thinks to escape but Vardaan does not tell her anything. Once Dadi leaves, he confronts Jugnu on the site where she had used the card earlier.

Reyansh knocks at Pranati’s room. They continue to argue over the story that was told to Riya. He insists that a bit of lie wont change anything but she reasons that it isn’t fair to her. She is about to start her new life with Armaan. He says I wouldn’t have been with an honest person like you if that was the case. She tells him to say it on her face and opens the door. He looks at her mesmerised. She asks him what happened. He compliments her. How did this transformation happen? Are you trying to trap the rich guys from Delhi who will be present in the function? She says I will tell the truth to Riya. He tells her to make sure no problem ensues in this relation anymore. It isn’t our Roka. She points out at the discomfort he is experiencing and how he is acting now. He tells her not to say anything to Riya. The world knows that we aren’t married and that we are together only for Jugnu’s sake. She will find out that later on. Dadi asks them what they mean.

Armaan ignores Navya’s calls. Maan tells him to tell her the truth. Armaan insists that everything is over. Maan gets Navya’s call but Armaan tells her to ignore it. They start looking for the ring. Maan tells him that he will get cursed by her. Maan checks his phone and notices a picture with the ring in Navya’s ring finger. They get tensed.

Dadi asks Reyansh and Pranati what they were talking about. Reyansh signals Pranati to be quiet. Pranati lies to Dadi. We were wondering who Jugnu will choose after 6 months. Dadi says there is a lot of time for that. God created world in 6 months. Do something about this girl. Jugnu comes there wearing her school dress. Jugnu isn’t keen to go there at all. Reyansh tells Dadi to chill. I will bring her. Dadi says I look better than her (Pranati) and leaves. Pranati tells Jugnu to wear the dress which she has kept on the bed for her but Jugnu refuses. It is too girly. I will look like a birthday cake. Pranati tries to calmly explain but Reyansh gestures her to let him handle it. Go and get ready. Reyansh sends Jugnu to her room. Pranati thinks I can clearly see that Jugnu has mixed up well with her Papa. My heart sinks when I realise that you can choose him over me. Give me strength to think about Jugnu’s happiness over me, Lord.

Precap: Pranati and Reyansh are forced to get engaged. Dadi later taunts Pranati for being characterless. Reyansh slaps Armaan when he asks him why he had to get engaged to Pranati. She was staying willingly with you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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