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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima gives hope to his Aayi

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mangesh loudly and intentionally shouts in front of Sakpal family that Ram ji Sakpal has committed suicide in the empty building outside the town. Sakpal family is stunned. They all think of the past moments. They drop all that they are holding in their hands and run towards the deserted building.

Sakpal family, Dhansukhlal and Mangesh reach the secluded building outside town. Dhansukhlal says what else he could have done if not this. He dint commit suicide but he has killed himself using a rope! He would have been feeling so helpless that he ended up committing suicide. Sakpal family reaches there. Dhansukhlal tells them to go inside. We wont be able to see his dead body!

Sakpal family inches closer to the dead body. Everyone has tears in their eyes. Bhimbai tries to remove the cloth from the dead body’s face but backs off and hugs Meera. Bhima does that instead. It isn’t Baba! The kids are relieved and reassure their mother that it isn’t their Baba. They all heave a sigh of relief. They recognize him to the same guy who they had locked up in their house the other day.

Anand tells Dhansukhlal and Mangesh that it isn’t their Baba. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal murmur amongst each other. Bhima says my Baba isn’t so weak. He would have spoken to us if he had a problem with us! That guy who is dead inside dint commit suicide. His face was covered with this cloth and his hands and feet were tied! Bhimbai adds that it is the same guy who had come to throw them out of their house the other day. It is one of you! She points at the red cloth next. Mangesh gets tensed. Bhimbai says this belongs to one of you only. You might recognize it if you look closely. If you have even a little humanity left then you should do justice to that guy who is lying dead inside. Mangesh tries to reach out for it but Dhansukhlal tells him to not even think of it. Dhruv asks them where they were last night. You came home really late last night and were drunk! Dhansukhlal refuses to answer him. He leaves with Mangesh.

Bhaskar’s father tells his wife the reality behind Ram ji’s death’s rumour. She says I don’t mind any of it. Did you speak to them? He assures her that he has spoken to a rich family this time. They tell their son about his marriage. He replies that he will select a girl for himself and will decide whether he will take dowry or not! His father tries to hit him but his son holds his hand. Don’t try to do this on every little matter. We aren’t kids anymore! His father leaves angrily. Bhaskar’s brother notices Bhaskar at the door and talks to him rudely. Bhaskar shares that he has kept a shanty puja for his Bhabhi. It will be good if Bhaiya will come too. I will never return here. He leaves.

As soon as Sakpal family returns home, Bhima asks Bala to lock him in that room. Baba will free me when he will come back. Bhimbai tells him to let it be. Don’t go in that room. Meera speaks of all the crimes that have gone unnoticed. Bhima says this is wrong. I think one should write a book in which every crime is punished. Be it rich or poor, everyone should get penalised for their crimes. Bala asks him how it will help. Bhima says it will guide everyone about right and wrong. Ambedkar ji says it is called constitution. Bhima says it should be written. Ambedkar ji asks him who is so honest who can write it honestly too. Bhima thinks I will write it if I get a chance. Guru ji says people should accept it and they should be afraid of it. Bhima says it should be respect instead of fear. Bala says I feel it should be a mix of both. Meera asks them what they are discussing. Bhima says this should continue so we come up with a solution.

Dhruv is still thinking about last night. Dhansukhlal says you stay upset from me and I keep scolding you. I don’t like either of the things. Let’s overcome the problems between us and stay happily. Dhruv asks him if he loves him. Dhansukhlal nods. Dhruv asks him to accept killing that villager in front of police captain. Dhansukhlal asks him what he is saying. Dhruv says I overheard your convo the other day. Villagers may not recognize that cloth or may not want to but I know that that cloth belongs to Mangesh Chacha. His father tells him to enjoy the luxuries he is getting here. dhruv decides to leave the house to figure it out himself. I wont return if I still think you are wrong! Dhansukhlal says I am sure you will be back in 4 days.

Bhimbai tells Ambedkar ji how Ram ji isn’t home yet. Guru ji says I and Pendse Guru ji tried our best but we couldn’t find it. She is worried but he points out that what happened today hints at an auspicious sign. Bhima says I am reminded of an incident which Aayi had shared with me when I was young. Baba was coming home (to Mhow) and he found someone in trouble. No one knew about it so he got busy helping them. Bhimbai thinks Bhima may be right. He does not think of anyone when he has to help someone. She smiles with a little hope.

Bhaskar does shanty puja for his Bhabhi. He is sad that no one from his family came to this puja. He is surprised to hear Bhima’s voice. Bhima says you also need to get her justice along with this puja. Baba says peace can only be attained by getting justice. Bhaskar rues that they have no evidence or witness. Bhima tells Bhaskar that his parents will accept their crime on their own. You wont need any evidence or a witness then. Even that shoe wont help anyone then! Bhaskar wonders how it will happen. Bhima says it will happen and I will tell you how it will happen.

Bhimbai is talking to herself. I forgot that incident completely. That reminder is giving me a little peace now. I hope you are fine wherever you are! A guy tells her just then that Ram ji wont come back now. She looks at him in shock.

Precap: The guy says some rebellions killed a police officer on the day of Manjula’s wedding. Sakpal boys are speaking about getting Bhaskar’s Bhabhi justice. Bhimbai comes there just then and looks at them.

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