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Their personal branding (OS)

Hey this is Samya with another piece of shivika…. Hope u all lik dis…. Happie reading… Do comment…Bhabi, why do you smell like Shivaay bhaiya? ” Rudra asked Anika, who was just about to take her seat next to him at the breakfast table. He had been enjoying his protein shake when he got the scent of his bhaiya, intending on giving him a Goodmorning hug & kiss, he had gotten up and turned around, only to see that it was his bhabi who had sat down. Everyone’s head snapped in the direction of the duo as they heard Rudra’s question, forgetting about their breakfast, shock, amusement and alil embarrassment on their faces.

But the person who’s facial expression was priceless, was Anika’s. Her face went through a myriad of expression within a space of 5 seconds. Confusion. Realisation. Shock. Michmichiness. And then finally it stayed at Horrified. “Rudra, what are you saying? How can you say I smell? I just had a bath. And what do you mean ‘smell like Shivaay’?? Billuji doesn’t smell, infact he’s such a clean freak, he would never allow himself to smell, and anyway he always has that effortless sophistication with fresh mandarin and wild blue lavender and soft suede scent, it’s like his own personal brand” She told him in one go, defending her husbands cleanliness. How dare Rudra say such a thing about Billuji. And how can he say that I smell? Do I? Phail gaya raita, was I asleep in the bathroom???

She was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of soft laughter. She looked around and saw that she had the entire families attention, realising what she had said, she quickly looked down, a light blush stealing over her cheeks “I mean…Billuji he…uhm” But on hearing Rudra’s voice interrupting her stuttering as he explained what he meant she looked up again “No bhabi, I didn’t mean that you didn’t have a bath, I said you smell like Shivaay bhaiya, meaning you might have used his soap or perfume”

Understanding now what he had meant, she breath a sigh of relief, happy to know that she didn’t smell bad. She mentally scolded herself for being so stupid and then quickly said “Arre yes, I did use his shower gel because mine was finished and I forgot to get a new one, I was in a hurry so I just used his. But I also used my own perfume and lotion so how can I still smell of the shower gel??” after finishing her sentence she coloured up a bit more seeing how the family was giving her smiles with hidden teasings and some even cleared their throats trying to stop the laughter that was building up on seeing Anika so flustered. What are these people doing. They should go back to their breakfast. Help me!

“Bhabi, I promise, you smell like bhaiya’s shower gel. Sumo, come here and tell bhabi that what I’m saying is right” Rudra told Anika, his mischievous smile betraying how innocent he was trying to sound, on the last part he had gestured for Saumya to come over to Anika and him. Wanting to tease her didi abit, Saumya got up and walked to stand next to Anika, leaning over slightly she breath in, shared the same mischievous smile with Rudra and then said to Anika in a serious voice “Yes Anika Didi, Cry Baby is right, you do smell like Bade bhaiya but ofcoz only the shower gel scent, not Bade bhaiya’s mandarin citrusy..uhm what was it you said?”

“Uffo Saumya, not mandarin citrusy, it’s ‘effortless sophistication with fresh mandarin and wild blue lavender and soft suede scent’” Om helped Saumya out, air quoting on the words Anika had said. His voice teasing Anika, clearly enjoying this. Anika’s eyes widened, shocked from what was happening and also because seeing this side of the family was new to her. Damn it. I really need to start filtering my words. Damn you brain, just damn you. The laughter in the room was a little louder this time, and Anika just stood there head bowed now, turning all shades of red.

Unable to take the teasing anymore and cursing her brain for not filtering what she says, she turned around quickly with the intention to escape the teasing laughter only to bump into the very person who was indirectly the cause of all this, slipping abit she had braced herself for the fall but luckily Shivaay held onto her arms to stop her from falling. Mmm he does smell good. He’s smells like home. Anika! Stop it. Get out of here before things get worse. He will not spare you if he finds out what happened. Listening to her inner voice, she made to move away from Shivaay, but she couldn’t, looking quickly at her arms she saw that he hadn’t let go. She looked up at him and saw that he was looking over her head at his laughing family, who was now laughing without any inhibition.

“What’s going on here? Everyone seems to be enjoying a good joke. Care to share?” he asked them, amused at the sight in front of him. He looked at Anika, saw her flustered face and figured that the family was laughing at her expense. By God she looks beautiful when she blushes. Curious to know what she did, he let go of one of her arms and shifted her to the side of him making her face the family too. He saw her bow her head and mutter under her breath, something that sounded like “This Baggad Billa just wants to phailao more raita, why can’t he just go drink his milk like a good cat”. Narrowing his eyes at her, he opened his mouth to rebuke her language but didn’t get the chance to as Rudra started to “share the joke” by coming over to Shivaay and taking a sniff of him, leaving Shivaay wide eyed.

“Fhat the Wuck!! Rudra what is this behaviour” Shivaay almost shouted at Rudra. What was wrong with his family this morning? And why was Rudra sniffing him. God, what have I walked into? I should have just looked at one of Anika’s photo’s and been happy instead of coming down to see her before leaving. “Bhaiya, actually bhabi was telling us that you smell like professional oranges with blue coriander and” Rudra was explaining to Shivaay but he stopped because 1. His Shivaay bhaiya was gesturing wildly looking like he’d have a seizure any minute 2. His bhabi was stuttering, and looking so red, it was like she’d invented a new shade of the colour and 3. Everyone else had burst out laughing, drowning his words.

He stopped and waited for someone to tell him what was wrong and Om being the first of the group to recover told him, slightly out of breath “Dumbell Oberoi, ‘it’s effortless sophistication with fresh mandarin, wild blue lavender and soft suede’” which caused everyone, but Shivaay & Anika, to start laughing again. Shivaay looked bewildered at his family and then to his wife who now had her face covered with the hand that he wasn’t holding. Processing what he had just heard and feeling elated at knowing that Anika pays such close attention to him, he winked at OmRu and turned again to Anika after hiding his smile “Is that so? You’ve not only checked me out but you also payed close attention to what scent I have. I always knew you liked being close to me”

Anika gasped at that, staring at him like he’d just gotten plastic surgery done on his 90 degree angled nose. “What?!! Cheapre! I did no such thing!…I wouldn’t…i was just… Rudra said that…Sop it Shivaay!!!” She had started off stuttering, not knowing what to say to him and completely confused at how comfortable he was being in front of all the teasings , but she had snapped the last two words at him because he had started laughing straight to her face. I will kill him today and then the only scent he’ll have is that of a decaying body!!! How dare he tease me like that. And in front of the family too. This man!

“Ok Ok, I’m sorry” Shivaay quickly said while holding up his hands, he had seen her change into her Durga avatar and knew he had to defuse the ticking time bomb standing in front of him. Avoiding her deadly gaze, he turned to Rudra asking the question that he just thought about “But why were you guys talking about how I smell?” and he was answered with snickers from everyone besides Anika who was still fuming next to him. “Because Shivaay, Rudra noticed that Anika smells like you, but she misunderstood and thought he meant that you smell bad so she was explaining to go that you infact smell very nice. As if the scent is your own personal brand. Actually she had used your shower gel because hers was over” Shakti had chipped in, wanting to also tease his son and bahu, his voice shaking with laughter. But he sent a quick fatherly smile in the direction of Anika after giving his son a subtle wink.

“She used my shower gel and now she smells like me?” Shivaay repeated, looking at his wife thoughtfully, forgetting about everyone else in the room. Stepping a little closer to Anika, he swiftly pressed his nose to her hair causing Anika to gasp and jump in shock, but he held her in place and took a deep breath, breathing in her addictive scent. If heaven had a smell, it would be this. It would be Anika. What an oasis this women is. He heard someone clear their throat and realised that he & Anika weren’t alone, letting go of her, he stepped away and said with utmost seriousness “You all are mad, just mad. She doesn’t smell of my shower gel, she smells like an infusion of sparkling apples, lush iris and warm woods. She smell like an oasis” His voice softening at the end as he looked at Anika, her eyes glimmering with unknown emotions and her cheeks turning red again. She’s my personal oasis.

Hearing numerous gasps and a choked out ‘oh my mata’, Shivaay sprang back from Anika, bewildered to find that he had pulled her closer to him. He turned his head and was met with the most comical picture ever, if his ears weren’t heating up right now, he would have laughed out loud. But looking at his mom & bade ma holding their chests, dadi looking abit too happy, his papa looking everywhere but at Shivaay, Prinku and Saumya covering their mouths with red cheeks, Om giving him a knowing smile while holding onto Rudra who had hidden his face in Om’s shoulder…Shivaay realised that he should filtered, he should not have gotten lost in his oasis. So this is how she must have felt. Ms Karma, you decided to visit me so quickly?

He turned to Anika and found that she wasn’t there, figuring out that she must have run away to escape more teasings, he looked at his family with his ‘I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi’, ran his fingers through his hair in his signature move, turned on his heels and walked out of the dining room leaving with confidence he was far from feeling. As he turned at the corner he heard loud unadulterated laughter. Smiling to himself he entered his room to find his wife standing by the window. He went up to her, bent his head alittle and said “You can use my shower gel anytime you want” and then walked out of the room, leaving behind a confused and blushing Anika. What an eventful morning this has been for me
Lovieeee yu all…??

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