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Shakti 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat rescues Heer from eve teasers

Shakti 3rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Heer and Virat having a moment. She asks why you came behind me. Virat says he was coming so that you don’t do any problem inside. Heer says mummy ji says right that this guy will not let me study. Virat asks her to go and get form. He sits in the jeep. Heer walks there and looks at the terrace, thinking Virat’s love confession. A guy sees Heer and asks his friend Guru to look at her. They look at Heer. The guy says she must be in first year. The other guy Guru says we shall ask her. They go on the bike and surround her. Heer looks at Guru and other guys. They get down from the bike and surround Heer. Guru asks hello Ms. Newcomer and tells that they are seniors. He says you can’t get inside without telling us. Heer says some people have important work in college too, and tells that she will do her important work and then will give her intro. She says idiots. Guru holds her dupatta as she tries to walk inside. He says nothing is important than my question for the freshers. He asks her to give intro. Heer says if you had asked with manners then I would have told. She says there is three way for my intro, talk, meeting and kick or punch. She says this is not the right place for the kick or punch and asks him to stay away from her. Guru says you are so mannerless, and says we don’t let such people get admission here. Heer asks if he works in admission dept. Guru says you don’t know with whom you are talking and says I won’t let you come out of house. Heer laughs and asks who are you? She says she came to get admission in final year and asks him to move away. She says this ragging is illegal. He says we are scared. He holds her hand. Heer slaps him hard. Shakti song plays….Guru walks behind her and comes infront of her. He signs his friends. Heer asks him to move away from his way and asks shall I complain about you. His friend signs him. Guru lights the crackers behind her. Heer gets shocked and shouts as the crackers burst tied to her dupatta. Virat hears her screams and comes running there. Guru says she is so arrogant, but got scared of crackers. Virat sees her hand burnt with cracker. He beats Guru for teasing Heer and asks do you know who is she? Guru and his friends run away. Virat comes to her.

Later Heer asks Virat, why she shall not go to college due to such cheap guys. She says she will tell them that she is Heer Singh and says she will not drop her idea to go to college. Virat says I have lost you once, and can’t lose you again. He says there are animals in this world. Heer says I will go to college. Virat says no. Parmeet hears them and smiles. Heer asks him not to control her life. Virat says I am not against your studies and asks her to study online. Heer says I would have managed if you haven’t come. Parmeet thinks they are making her work easy. Heer says Mummy says right that you will not let me study, now you got the excuse. She walks away from there. Parmeet hides. Heer goes out of house. Sant Baksh asks Parmeet why is she happy? Parmeet says both of them fought as Virat asked her not to go to college. She says our work got easy and laughs. Soumya comes there and knocks on the door. Virat comes there and says Soumya ji, you are here. Soumya says yes, Heer has told me that she is going to college, so I bought gift for her. Virat says I will give her. She asks where is she? Virat tells him about their fight and says he was going out to convince her. Soumya says Heer is like Harman Singh and asks Virat to complete his final year, as they can be together and it will help him in his studies too. Virat says why I didn’t get such an idea and thanks her. He goes out to bring Heer. Soumya tells Parmeet that she has heard bad things about her and tells that she would have told Virat about their conversation, but didn’t tell, as you people have lost a son already. She asks them to be careful.

Precap: Virat cheers up Heer and gives her rose. She asks him to say what he wants to say. Virat says I was thinking to take admission with you and complete the final year. Heer gets happy.

Precap: Sunday special episode.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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