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RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 24

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When Riddhima knocked on the door, Ishani was dabbing the towel against her face. She looked up and furrowed her brows at her, confusion quickly etching across her face. Riddhima noted the way her nose crinkled in confusion and noted the similarity between the two siblings, quietly smiling to herself.

Ishani: Come in, Come in. What brings you here?

Riddhima (walking inside): I thought I’d just drop by and say thanks for the other day. (finding herself in an awkward juxtaposition) I know it wouldn’t have been easy for you.

Ishani: Nothing is bigger than humanity, Riddhima. (pointing toward a chair at the corner) Sit.

Riddhima: I don’t know if I’d have been so brave had I been in your position. It must’ve taken a lot of courage. After all, love can be, uh…

Ishani (interrupting): Can I ask you something?

Riddhima nodded her head and looked at her, her expressions turning solemn. Despite Vansh’s closeness with Ishani, the two of them had never been more than mere acquaintances to each other. She knew Ishani didn’t like her either, but it was for Vansh’s sake that she held a cordial relation with her.

Ishani: How have things between you and Vansh ever since (inhaling deeply) that day?

Riddhima: Uh, okay, I guess? We’ve not talked a lot, but I think we’re doing fine.

Although, they had. Vansh had called her several times after he’d visited her that night, talking to her about his days. His days had not been very hectic, but he hadn’t really tried talking to Ishani since and she did not want to dishearten her.

Ishani (nodding her head quietly): That’s, uh, great!

Riddhima (looking at her quizzically): You don’t seem relieved about it. Are you… What is it?

Ishani looked at Riddhima, berating herself constantly. She’d never wanted to appear like this girl who craved attention and tried demeaning other women. She was not that woman and she did not want to be her. Yet, as she looked at Riddhima, she couldn’t stop accusing her. She’d lost her fiancé, her brother too perhaps, and Riddhima, a girl who was younger than her, had Vansh supporting her through thick and thin.

Ishani (messaging her forehead): I am sorry. I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to be talking to you. If it’s okay for you, can I stay alone?

Riddhima: I’m no one to tell this, but you should try talking to someone who you feel would understand your pain. I get it; It is very difficult to lose someone and more so, when you’re at no fault, but life is not in our hands. (exhaling deeply) I wish it was, though.

Ishani: You know, Vansh always warned me about Angre, but I was so blinded in love that I could see nothing. (chuckling sarcastically) I used to defend him, but I don’t know if I feel the pain of losing him now. Maybe, at the bottom of my heart, I always knew that this relationship was not going to go further. That was probably why, I insisted for an engagement too early in the relationship. I thought a ring on his finger would bind him to me for a lifetime.

Ishani (inhaling deeply and continuing): But now that he’s gone, I just feel numb. The part of me that loved him is just numb, but… I think I’ve been losing Vansh in between all this which really worries me. I am beginning to think that he blames me for what happened to you and he’d probably never forgive me.

Riddhima (sitting up straight): Forgive you for something you’ve never done? Whatever happened was because Angre Sir tried to be a (hesitantly) leech and as much as I know Vansh, he would never blame you for something so fickle. He’s been a little aloof, but I’m sure it’s because of work or something important.

The two of them fell into silence at that and the quietude slowly began enveloping them. After Vansh had shared his worries, Riddhima had always wondered about Ishani. She knew life hadn’t been easy on her, but she’d never considered her job to mend conflicts between the two siblings.

Riddhima (standing up): You should try talking to Vansh I guess. What if he finds it difficult to talk to you because he understands everything? (walking toward the door) I’ll see you around, Ishani. And thank you for everything that you did for me.

As she reached near the door, Ishani called her out from behind and she turned around to look at her. A small smile pulled up the corners of her lips and Riddhima smiled almost instantly while an unwavering energy coursed through the room.

Ishani: Thanks, Riddhima. And thanks for loving Vansh too. He’s always wanted this kind of love, I’m glad he found it in you.

As the words spiralled out of her mouth, the smile from Riddhima’s dissipated into thin air and she stared at her, falling short of words. She did not love Vansh, did she? She could not love him; neither of them could love each other. This marriage was not out of love. It was just an understanding, just a deal between two good friends.

This was just a pact.


“Aunty must’ve had so many dreams about your marriage. This doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

He turned toward her and looked at her as she stared at the grey sky. Despite the calmness around themselves, he’d felt an uncertain tension linger in the air. He’d observed her quietude since he’d returned, but she’d dismissed it casually.

Vansh: Are you listening to me?

Riddhima: I am. (turning toward him) This feels like the only correct thing to do. I don’t believe in grand weddings and neither do I understand the rituals that happen before or follow afterward. I’ve always wanted a simple marriage myself, and a court marriage seems very appropriate. Besides, it would be absolutely unfair to force a grand wedding on Ishani right now.

Vansh: You don’t have to say all this, Riddhima. I’ll talk to Ishani and figure out something.

Riddhima: I really appreciate small celebrations, Vansh. That intimacy, warmth and homeliness doesn’t exist in grand celebrations. (inhaling a deep breath) And please stop ignoring Ishani, she really needs someone to talk to.

Vansh: And how would you know that?

Riddhima (chuckling): I know you think I’m emotionless, but I am not really. I went and talked to her, and she seemed vulnerable. You should get her talking more about this whole fiasco.

Vansh: I’ve talked to a few psychologists. I guess the therapy would really help her – some professional help would be good.

Riddhima: You’d sure know better, but I felt she really wanted to talk to you. Besides the vulnerability, she seemed insecure too. I don’t know if anyone other than you can really help her at this point.

Vansh: I’d told her several times that Angre isn’t someone she can be with, but she didn’t want to listen to me. That bast*rd stained and damaged our relationship and…

Riddhima: You’re letting him to do it more. He’s not physically there, but you’re letting him damage your relation with Ishani by holding your grudges. Let go of them, Vansh. Ishani’s just done what anyone in love would’ve done.

Vansh: Would you have done the same?

Riddhima (shrugging her shoulders): Maybe? Love makes you do weird things. I guess you sort-of lose your sanity and perhaps, I wouldn’t have been an exception either.

Vansh looked at her and smiled softly, the insides of him brimming with happiness. He had fallen for her so hard that he couldn’t imagine unloving her ever. He respected and admired her for who she was and this was probably the moment he’d been awaiting.

He inhaled a deep breath and slipped his hand over hers softly while admiring her quietly. As she felt his touch over her fingers, she felt the wave of familiarity course through her. She didn’t have to turn around to look at him, she knew he was looking for a confidant in her.

Vansh: You know love can be a very fuzzy feeling, it makes you feel afloat. I’ve never fallen in love, but all these things people talk about love are probably true. Dadi used to tell that you always love despite, and I think as I stand beside you, I realize how true that is, Riddhima. Despite how our past was, I guess I’ve come a long way from hating you and I doubt I’ll ever be able to go back from here.

Riddhima froze in her place, her breath almost choking her. As the words spiralled out of his mouth, she couldn’t stop berating herself. How had all this happened and she hadn’t gotten a single hint? He wasn’t supposed to love her; She wasn’t supposed to mislead him.

She began withdrawing her hand from below his while gulping visibly. His fingers were sprawled across the back of her hand and she realized how well he knew the crevices of her hand. She berated herself for all the times the two of them had gotten close and known each other better. He wasn’t supposed to love her – she didn’t want him to. She could never love him back, why would he want to love her.

She almost cried when the warmth of his hands disappeared, but she quickly picked up her phone and purse, and held back her tears. She looked away from him and blinked her eyes, wanting to remain unfazed.

Riddhima: I should leave. I’ll talk to you later.

Vansh (becoming confused): Is everything okay? You suddenly seem different.

Riddhima: I-I am fine. It’s getting late and I want to leave now.

Vansh (looking at his wristwatch): It’s barely 9, Riddhima. You’ve stayed here later than this. But anyway, if you want to leave then c’mon, I’ll drop you.

Riddhima: That won’t be needed. I’ll manage a cab.

Vansh: I’m not leaving alone at this time, Riddhima. What I just said a few minutes ago, I meant every word of it. With love, there’s also responsibility, and I’m not going to shy away from my responsibilities for you.

Riddhima: I said I’ll manage. I can fend for myself; I don’t need you. (choking on her breaths) Or anyone for that matter.

Vansh: It’s just dropping you home, Riddhima. There’s no need to make a big deal out of it.

Riddhima (beginning to cry): I don’t need you.

As Vansh tried getting closer to her, she scurried away from him, not wanting to get any closer. She’d already wronged him enough. With the thoughts beginning to feel her mind, her father’s face flashed before her. She was as much of a betrayer as him, and she couldn’t stop hating herself for it.

When the sound of the thunder rumbled in the empty air, she crossed her palms against her ears and shut her eyes tightly. She felt her pulse quickening as the thoughts from the past filled her mind. She was a coward just like her own mother, afraid to live a life even. She wanted to flush the thoughts from her system – after all, she wanted to be a strong and brave woman who could make her own life choices.

As the sound of the thunder echoed in the empty air, Vansh looked at her worsening condition. He didn’t know what had happened to her suddenly, but he knew how much she feared stormy nights. He’d seen her once and he probably couldn’t anymore. However, as he neared her and held her in his arms, he knew he had to prepare himself for the worse.

Hours later, he rushed her through the corridor of the hospital as her unconscious form lay on the stretcher. The medicinal smell pierced through his soul and he could almost swear at how much he hated it, especially right then.


I’ve dreaded writing this episode, but I can’t wait to hear from you all about this update, and the next one is going to be up really soon – I promise. Thanks for reading though, and stay safe everyone!

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