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Pandya Store 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva makes a plan to save Pandya store

Pandya Store 3rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with officers stopping Shiva and saying our bike got punctured, drop us to the tollbooth. They take lift from Shiva. Anita says I thought to convince them here, but they are going back, I have to make new plans to enter Pandya house there. Prafulla goes to do packing. Officer says thanks for lift, where are you going. Shiva says we just got married. Raavi says it was a good place, we had much fun. Officer gets down the car. He thanks Shiva. Raavi jokes on Shiva’s fear. Shiva says I was afraid for you, Pandya store and entire family, not for myself. Krish jokes. Dhara asks him to go and pack Dev’s clothes. She says I will never touch this stick, when I had beaten you and Shiva, my heart got hurt. Raavi asks Shiva to open the lock. She says I didn’t had time to get the keys from Dhara. Shiva gets a stone and breaks the lock. He gets inside the house.

He says its about the shop, I will not let anything happen. Raavi says my blessings are with you. She asks him to wash his face and go. He washes his face. Shiva goes to meet the lawyer. Dhara asks Krish did he arrange the car. Krish says yes. Dhara says Rishita, come with us, we are going to Somnath. Krish takes Rishita with him. Harshit says you mean I should mention that your family disowned you. Shiva says yes, someone is framing me to shut Pandya store, help me in saving the store, make the paper ready, that I m just a servant in Pandya store, I have no relations with the family, I will get signs of my brothers, please help me, its the last chance to save the store. The man asks Kaka is it true that Pandya store will get sealed tomorrow. Shiva comes and says you heard it wrong, Pandya store will never get shut. Kaka shows the legal notice to Shiva. He says police will come tomorrow and seal the store. Shiva says I won’t let it happen, its my promise. Shiva recalls Gautam’s words. Kaka reminds the old moment. They cry. Shiva says I won’t let anything happen to my mum. Raavi comes. She says I had got food for you, you need energy to save the shop. Kaka says Shiva wants to send you home, maybe he started dieting. Raavi jokes. She gives the food and goes. Raavi hears some sound. She goes to beat the thief. Shiva stops her. He asks are you blind, can’t you see its me. She says sorry, I thought its a thief, does anyone come by window in own house. He says I come this way whenever I get late, I didn’t know you are awake. She says I was waiting for you. He asks why. She says I m going to sleep.

He asks her not to get scared of him and go out to sleep. She says I m not scared, others rooms will feel left out if we sleep in this room, that’s why I m going. He says she is strange, what’s happening to me. Gautam asks Suraj to tell the truth to police. He says I guarantee nothing will happen to you, Dev has gone to get evidence against Janardhan, we know Janardhan is involved in Jeera’s black marketing, just think about it. Rishita says I have to go to washroom. Krish asks will you go to public washroom. She says its urgent. She goes. Gautam gets Shiva’s call. Shiva says everything is fine, when are you coming back. Gautam says I reached Somnath, I m taking Suraj to police station, you also come there. Shiva says I m coming. He sees Raavi sleeping. He sends her a message. He thinks I will get ruined but not let my family face more troubles.

Police comes to Pandya store and asks for Shiva Pandya. Shiva gets hit on his head. He gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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