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#Marriage (IMMJ2 One Shot) (Riansh)

Hey everyone, remember me? Hope so nope right 😉. Okay so I was in no mood to post anything but then a ghost came in my mind and asked me to post, so thought why not!

So basically, @1234aayu and @RianshLover aka Radhika asked me post, so here I am.

Thank you for showering your love on my stories, means a lot 💕💕..

A/N: This is a fully arranged marriage story of RiAnsh. I am first time trying with this genre, so don’t know if you will like it or not 🙂.
Riansh got hitched and now the story is after that.

Let’s begin:

Riddhima’s eyes were swollen, her cheeks were having marks of continuously crying due to her bidai.

Riddhima’s POV-

God, why you do this to us only! Can’t the boys leave their homes and settle at a new place? Then they will understand what it feels leaving the home in which we were living from so many years!!
So, congratulations to me, I am wedded to a businessman, but the irony is I don’t know him even a bit! He is sitting right beside me in the car, and the driver is my brother in law{Aryan(devar)} and the passenger seat is occupied by my sister in law {Siya(bhabhi)}
He had no effect when me and my family were simultaneously crying! He was just standing numb, like seriously! There his wife was crying, but no, he didn’t even bother to look or make me feel comfortable. Sitting like a nawab! Huh, what does he think fo himself.
Now don’t know what will happen after we reach his, oops, our home!

Her chain of thoughts were broken by Siya

Siya: So Riddhima, are you feeling fine now?

Riddhima just simply nodded in yes.

Then Vansh thought to glance her once.

Vansh’s POV:

Oh my god! Such a heaven beauty! Although I have seen her once when my family came to her house to meet her, but due to bridal effect she is looking so beautiful! But wait, she was crying! Why!!
(Realising and mentally banged his head) Obviously she’ll cry na when she will have to leave her home and come to an unknown place! I know what she must be feeling right now, Ishani felt same(little sad).
But just look at her, red eyes, cheeks dried of tears, red button nose, lips are covered with lipstick! So cute features, what else I’ll want to have in my wife!

All of them reached VR mansion.
It was decorated very beautifully with lights and flowers. Riddhima and Vansh stood at the main door. Dadi came and did their arti. Then Riddhima was asked to kick the kalash. She did so and entered the house by dipping her feet in kumkum and imprinting her palm covered with kumkum of walls.
Later, the rasam was held where a ring was kept in the bowl of mil and roses. Both have to dip their hands in it and whosever will bring it out first, his/her will rule the house.
Both did what was asked, and Riddhima took out the ring first. Everyone were howling. She got little comfortable after that.
Then dadi asked them to sleep as it was nearly 5 am.
Riansh went to their room with was decorated. Both changed and slept on either sides.
Same day at around 8 am, Riddhima got ready and went downstairs. She prepared today’s breakfast as it was her first rasoi.
Days went like this, Riddhima got very friendly with others but not with her OWN husband.
Vansh just go early in morning and come at night. They have their dinner and sleep without talking. This was their daily routine.
Riddhima felt it weird and so do Vansh! Both thought they are couples but act as strangers!

The family was fully aware of this. So one day they asked Riansh to go to store room and asked them for a work. Both went and the youngsters locked them.
Their work completed, both looked at each other and then went to go out.
But the door didn’t opened. Riddhima become horrified. Different thoughts were coming in her mind. Vansh saw her panicking.

Vansh: Don’t worry, I will call dadi to open it.

Riddhima nodded.
Vansh called dadi but..

Dadi: No means no! I won’t open the door unless you both talk to each other and understand.

After having no option, he gave up and told the same to Riddhima.

Riddhima’s POV-

Arre, what’s wrong with dadi! Now what to talk to this man, who don’t even say good morning or night to me! Aarghh, god where I am even stuck.

Vansh’s POV-

Uff, what to talk with this girl who hardly sees me. Do she even know my name?! Now what to do! What you did Dadi!!

After some awkward silence,

Vansh: Umm..Hi..I am Vansh RaiSinghania. You are Riddhima right?

Riddhima wanted to hold a pan and beat his head with it! While vansh mentally berated himself for this lamest question.

Riddhima: Wow, you are asking your wife her name! Great heavens.

Vansh: No actually I was confirming

Riddhima: Done?

Vansh (embarrassed): Yes.
Won’t you ask me something?

Riddhima (pissed): Is a interview going on here? Asking and answering! For god sake Vansh we both are husband and wife, and see, we aren’t getting any topic to talk! What’s more nice than this!

Vansh felt bad. Actually it was true. She always tried to talk to him but he just gave her a one word answer. Now if he is not co- operating to their relation, what can she do in this!?

Vansh: Riddhima I am sorry, buy seriously it’s the first time I am married to don’t know what to talk with a wife.

Riddhima(sarcasm): So you think I have a great experience in marriages and relations right? Just like you I am also first time married, and cherry on the cake, I have left everything and came to your home, but here, you don’t know what to talk with your life partner!

Vansh: It’s nothing like that…

Riddhima(cutting him): It’s like that Vansh, it is!! Why do we get married ha? Not because our parents say to us, but after an age, we can’t share our feelings and problems to our parents. Spouses are made for this. You should have shared with me, but you didn’t, thinking me only as your wife and not your life partner!!

Vansh: I agree I did wrong, and I am extremely sorry for that Riddhima. But how can I tell everything to someone whom I have just meet? It isn’t easy for me na!

Riddhima: Is it for me? But then also I told you family everything about me right? Why can’t you? Whenever I try to talk to you, either you are working on laptop which is actually you partner or just answer me in one word! Is a exams going here?

Vansh: Partner and my laptop, no ways!! Riddhima, I…I.. okay, tell me what you want to tell!!

Riddhima: See, it’s not done. I won’t speak or neither will you untill and unless we do it by heart! We can’t force each other to talk. You have to think me as your life partner god damn!
And yes, I think you as my whole world, my life and my partner, as when no one will be there, husband will always be there.

Both shared an eyelock.

Vansh: Okay, so Miss, sorry Mrs Vansh RaiSinghania, I will consider you as my wife cum life partner. Give me a chance, I’ll prove to be a best husband for you and sorry till now.

Riddhima smiled a bit.

Riddhima: Thank you for understanding.

Vansh: Thanking you husband, sweetheart(wink)

Riddhima blushed hearing sweetheart.
Vansh pulled her close to him.

Vansh: You look so cute when you blush, especially for me. I feel like..

Voice(cutting him): A…a..Bhai we only locked you for confrontation and not for your romance. Rooms are made for that.

They both looked at the source of voice and saw Siya standing at the door with a teasing smirk. Both blushed after that.

After then, their days were like that only! Playing, teasing, shouting, fighting but most importantly it was of the normal couple. They both started trusting each other and ofcourse spending time. Vansh often took Riddhima to date and they got to know each other more deeply. Both proposed each other too.

Riddhima: I love you Vansh!

Vansh(huskily): I love you too Sweetheart!!

Marriage is a relationship that cannot survive selfishness, ignorance, impatience, domineering and lack of respect!

Marriage is a relationship that thrives on acceptance, equality, sharing and learning together!


The End!!

So, done with this. I know I know, I just wrote a crap! Sorry for that! But still of you like it, do tell me.

Love you all

Take care





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