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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Master Plan Works

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Virat asks Sai if she is saying that she sent police to bring Bhavani Kaku, Ninad baba, and Omkar kaku here. Sai says they will break their relationship with her and will not let them stay in their house, so asked her friend to arrange a hostel room for her. Pulkit asks if she sent police to bring Chavan family here. Virat asks if she thinks police is Chavan family’s servant. Sai says Chavan family doesn’t like her. He asks her to relax and tell what exactly she do. She says she asked her friends to act as police. Virat relaxes at first and then reacts. Sai walks out and checks if they came. They both follow him and ask how did she do that. She says she arranged police dresses via his canteen owner and gave it to her friends. Virat says he can’t believe she sent fake police to an IPS officer’s house.

Ashwini, Sonali and others take their seats in auditorium. Sonali it would have been good if Bhavani, Omkar, and Ninad had come. Ashwini says she is right and they would have come running if Pakhi would have performed on stage. Pakhi asks why she drags her in everything. Ashwini says because she drags herself in every issue. Shivani flirts with a young boy. Mansi scolds her and says they came here to encourage Sai and seeing Devi and Harini’s bonding says she feels good seeing Devi happy, Devi is not only a good daughter but also a good mother. Ashwini says it would be good if trimurthis also attend this function. Mohit backs her.

Back to Virat, Pulkit, and Sai, Virat says he doesn’t think they will come. Sai gets a message and says they have come. Virat is surprised and asks what else did she do. Sunny rushes to Virat. Sai asks what is he doing here. He says he came to watch her dance performance, takes Virat aside and says he saw police bringing Bhavani, Omkar, and Ninad. Sai says she informed them via fake police that she is dead. They all 3 panic and ask what is wrong with her. Virat says he is surprised that they didn’t call him yet. Sai further reveals that fake police threatened them that they are responsible for her dead. Virat panics more and asks if she is really a woman. Sai says they will panic seeing her performing on stage, so Virat should go home and pack her bags. Sunny laughs and says he is laughing on Sai bhabi’s childish behavior. Sai asks all 3 of them to help her handle the situation. Virat panics more. Sai says she is asking him to handle his family. He says she created the mess and wants him to clear it. Their nok jhok continues. Sunny asks them to stop fighting. Virat agrees to help Sai and says its just because she has to perform today. She happily hugs him and says she will never forget his help. He says she is acting innocent as she created the mess and once its cleared, she will be a wild cat again. Their nok jhok starts again. Sunny takes Virat away wishing her best of luck. Pulkit asks if she knows what did she do. She says she is happy that Trimurthis will attend her college function.

Fake police brings Trimurthi’s to the venue. They start arguing and blaming each other. Police warns them and takes them in. Virat rushes towards door to meet Trimurthis and clashes with Ajinkya and apologizes him. Ajinkya identifies him as Sai’s husband. Virat says he knows him and says he is also a good singer and dancer and its good for him that he is not performing or else he would have lost. Ajinkya says how can he compete with Virat. Virat says Sai told he was under performance pressure, etc. Sai’s friend calls her and informs that her work is done, but they are unable to handle Trimurthis. Sai says she is sending a real police officer to Trimurthis walking towards auditorium requests police not to send them to jail and start their argument again. They discuss that only Virat can get them out of this mess. Ninad picks phone to call Virat. Sunny passing by with Virat sees them and cries that Sai left them and Virat lost his lonely wife. Fake police walk away saying now ACP sir will take over the case. Virat walks to Trimurthis with a serious look.

Precap: Ninad tells Virat that police that they didn’t take Sai to hospital, so they should take her to hospital hoping she is still alive. Virat says there is no hope left and sends them to auditorium. They are shocked to see Sai’s name being announced.

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