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You are my love (Riansh) Part 25

Hey guys , I have completed 25 Episodes , it is my silver jubilee. I am so happy . Keep surporting me . Day by day the comments are decreasing why ??

Today’s Episode starts…

The next day

Vansh was sleeping , ridhima came from a shower . She was in wet hair. She went to awake vansh .

Ridhima- vansh  utho subah hogai , or kitna soge .

No response

Ridhima- vansh , vansh

Vansh – Hmm , sweetheart

Ridhima- vansh utho na pls

Ridhima thought they vansh will not wake up like this so she got an idea .

Ridhima went near vansh and moved her hair upon his so , the water sprinkled and fell on vansh’s face . He woke up at a jerk .

Vansh- ohh , ahhh , sweetheart what is this

Ridhima- see sweetheart if you will not wake up then your sweetheart have to do this .

Vansh – this is very bad sweetheart

Ridhima -awww

Ridhima was about to go but vansh held her by waist.

Ridhima – vansh leave me , pls

Vansh – no

Vansh was about to kiss ridhima but she stopped her .

Ridhima- vansh , no you haven’t brush your teeths

Vansh – then after taking a shower you will give me a kiss

Ridhima – ok , l”l think about it .

Saying this she pulled vansh in the bathroom.

Then after taking a shower vansh came out and asked to ridhima

Vansh – so

Ridhima- so ??

Vansh – so , My kiss

Ridhima – which kiss??

Vansh – sweetheart this is not fair

Ridhima – everything is fair in love and war

Then vansh pinned her in the wall.

Ridhima – vansh pls leave

Vansh – no i want my kiss

Saying this he kissed her and they shared a lip lock but they misbalanced and fell on the bed , but still they were kissing each other . After a while still they were kissing each other . But after some minutes they stopped

Vansh -what a beautiful morning , I got my kiss

Ridhima – vansh you kissed me forcefully , aan this is not fair .

Vansh – everything is fair in love and war ok and you are like you were in interested in kissing aan ,

Ridhima blushed.

Ridhima – so you will not go to office .

Vansh – no i have a very important work on home .

Ridhima – what

Vansh – BSR

Ridhima- what is that ?

Vansh- biwi  ke saath romance

Ridhima – vansh ,  you na

Vansh – Ridhima romancing is a business.

Ridhima- ok , so

Then suddenly her phone ringed

Ridhima – Hello veer

Veer – Hmm jaan

Ridhima – hmm, jaan

Vansh( in mind )- veer l”ll kill this person

Ridhima- very nice i”ll come

She cuts the call

She was smiling

Vansh – what happened sweetheart why are u smiling ?

Ridhima – vansh tomorrow is our college reunion.

Vansh- oh , wow

Ridhima- I “ll go there , I will see my friends .

Saying this she left .

Vansh was following her .

Vansh- sweetheart

Ridhima- hmm

Vansh- what are u making today

Ridhima- not prepared it yet , tell me what you want?

Vansh-  hmm , for lunch what u want you make but for now i am seriously craving for something sweet .

Ridhima- you wait I am coming .

Vansh waits in the dining table .

Then after a while. Ridhima comes with the dishes .

Kalakand(i love it❤️)

Kaju barfi (this is my also my love ❤️)

Rasmalai ( this is my jaan❤️❤️)

Mishti doi ( you are my life ❤️)

Vansh – sweetheart , tumhe laga ke mujhe itne zor se craving horai hogai ke tumene itne sare sweets banaye.

Ridhima – actually mujhe pata nahi tha ki  tumhe kon sa sweet acha lagega  or mujhe bhi craving ho rayi thi to Maine bohot sare sweets banaliye.

They start eating sweets .

Vansh – it is delicious

Ridhima – thank you

Then ridhima was eating mishti doi after a while she completed it . There was a mark of the sweets in her lip , vansh noticed it.  he moved closer towards he lips , he took it and ate .ridhima blushed . Then they both together took a spoon of sweet and ate .(How romantic ❤️❤️)

Then after a while they both went from their .

Vansh was in his room and ridhima was in kitchen . Vansh opened his cupboard and he got a note there

In the note

Get ready in the evening,  there will be a surprise for you .                                        Love you                                                          your sweetheart Ridhima

Vansh smiled at this

To be continued…

Thank you



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