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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat marries Ranvir

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sirat thinking where did Kartik go. Kairav records the marriage rasams. Chauhan gets angry. Kartik comes there with the sweets. He says you couldn’t stop Ranvir’s marriage, I will feed you the sweets, your anger and hatred will end. Chauhan asks did you come to invite me. Kartik says no, don’t be seen around their mandap. He taunts Chauhan about Ranvir and Sirat’s love winning over his hatred. Chauhan says I don’t like sweets. Kartik says I have kept the sweets here. Chauhan says tell me, why did you come. Kartik says fine, I have come to say one thing, I will say it once. Sirat asks Kairav to go and call Kartik, Vansh will click pics. Kartik says Sirat has risked her life and got her love, you won’t cause any troubles for her, else I will not leave you. He shows some property papers signed by him. He throws the papers down.

Chauhan gets shocked. Kartik says I could have gone to the police or media, but my aim isn’t to ruin you. He warns Chauhan sternly. He leaves. Chauhan gets thinking. He checks the papers. Ranvir asks shall I get the marriage done on fast track. Sirat thinks to stop the marriage till Kartik comes. Kartik comes. She smiles. Pandit asks them to call bride’s parents for kanyadaan. Sirat calls Maudi. Nani says I won’t do it. Kartik asks Nani to take Sirat’s Nana’s name and complete the rituals. Surekha says it will be wrong to mend the rituals. Kartik says we made the rituals ourselves, we shouldn’t make it hinder the marriage, Nani can do the kanyadaan. Nani does the kanyadaan. Pandit asks them to stand for the rounds. Ranvir and Sirat take the rounds. Tujhme rab dikhta hai…plays… Ranvir makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says congrats, Ranvir you are taking my friend, take care of her. Kairav says you said this, what will I say now. Sirat says no need to say anything, I understand everything. The media reporters come. Surekha jokes on Sirat. Ranvir says Sirat’s identity is not to be Shekhawat or Chauhan, her identity is being Sirat. Kartik says the reporters came to take your interview, you got selected to play the nationals, did you forget. Sirat says I remember, I didn’t give any interview before. Kartik says I can’t tell them anything, go and give the interview. Sirat says I can’t do it. He says just go and give the interview, its such a joyful day, happiness will get 10 times more after this interview. Sirat says you guys are scolding me on my marriage day, come along. Kartik says no, you will be giving the interview alone, all the best. He gives her medal.

He makes her wear the medal. Sirat says I got more than I prayed for. She goes for the interview. She says I was so tensed, but Kartik cleared my tension, he supported me when the coach wasn’t there. Reporter asks whom will you give the credit for your success. Sirat says my Maudi first, then Kartik and family, they gave me much love, since Kartik came in my life, my life has changed, he made my dream his dream, he became my best friend, if I have a confusion, then I know where to go, he has solutions of all my problems. Ranvir says yes, he has solution for our problems. Sirat gives the credit to Kartik. Reporter asks for pics.

Sirat wears her gloves and poses. Reporter says you are lucky to get a supporting husband like Kartik. Sirat looks at Ranvir. Ranvir laughs. Sirat says no, Kartik isn’t my husband, he is my friend, I got married to Ranvir. Reporter says sorry, you were just talking about Kartik. Ranvir says I also felt the same. Reporter thanks them for the interview. Ranvir says reporter is crazy to misunderstand, you are my wife, my Sirat. He says you gave the interview well, and said right things, our marriage and the match, credit goes to Kartik. Kartik says no, its just Sirat’s hardwork. Saroj says now we shall leave. Nidhi says yes, dad may get angry on us. Ranvir asks her to stay till bidaai. Saroj says Saas has to do grahpravesh, but I can’t do that. Sirat says you can bless us from anywhere you stay. Saroj blesses them. Saroj and Nidhi take a leave. Suwarna asks Sirat to see if she left anything behind, check the belongings once, its time for bidaai. Sirat nods.

Kartik sends off Sirat with Ranvir. Sirat says stop the car. She runs back to Kartik.

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