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Who am I to you? – A triangle love story #Riansh SS Chapter-5 Last

Chapter 5: 

When Riddhima was crying her mom came there.

Mom:Beta don’t cry so much. For how many days you will cry like this? Huh? Don’t you want to start it again?

Riddhima gaves a questioning look.

Mom:Do you know why Kabir died? He died because he know there is someone leaving him who can love you, care for you. Yes he is Vansh. You are not understanding it but you are in love with him. Yes!! You are crying for him. I saw love in your eyes for Vansh. Can you keep your eyes on my eyes and say that you don’t love him? Can you say?

She held her head down.

Mom:Question yourself. Ask your heart whom you love. If you get the answer then don’t delay because no one knows when life will take a new turn.

Mom leaves.

Riddhima went upto the mirror. She puts her hand on her heart and closes her eyes. Then she starts to think about Vansh. After few moment she open her eyes and a tear rolls down from her cheeks.

Next Day,

Vansh was sitting beside a sea beach aimlessly. He was seeing the tides. It do not waits for anyone. It comes when it is the time and then goes with the things that comes in it’s way.

Someone puts a hand on his shoulder. He turned his face to see Ahana stading over there. He immediately hugs her. In all these chaos he was searching for some close person, so that he can hugs her and cry.

Ahana:Don’t cry Vansh. Everything will be fine now.

Vansh:No Ahana, nothing can be fine now. Kabir died because of me. Riddhima hates me now.

Ahana:I know everything. I just came to say good bye.

Vansh:What do you mean by it?

Ahana:I am going leaving this city. This is not my place. I am leaving now for Delhi.

Vansh pushed her.

Vansh:Go away. Who am I? Everyone leaves me. First Riddhima now you. Don’t I deserve happiness or peace? You are also leaving me when I need you the most.

Ahana:Listen to me. I am going but before that I am giving your love back to you.

Vansh saw Riddhima came down from her car. His happiness has no bound now. He was crying in happiness. He immediately runs to her.

Riddhima:I am sorry Vansh. I gave you so much pain. Forgive me. See I came back. I love you too Vansh.

Both of them hug each other.

Ahana wipes her tears and leaves from there smiling.

Vansh:Why you took so much time to understand?

Riddhima:I am idiot. I didn’t understand that I love you.

Vansh kissed her on her forehead.

Riddhima: Let’s go towards mom. We will take her blessings and

Vansh:We will get married.

Both of them leaves in Vansh’s car.

Vansh was driving and Riddhima was holding his hand. In the radio a lovely song was going on.

Ni ajj rehne de
Saari raat tere aanchal ke tale
Ni kho jaane de
Saari raat teri aankhon mein mujhe

Ik vaari teri mainu yaad jo aave
Ni saari saari raat na jaave
Akhiyon mein kabhi teri dekh loon hanju
Haaye meri vi akhan bhar jaave

Rakhna hai tujhe dil se laga ke
Saari zindagi bas apna bana ke

Ni hass lain de
Saari raat teri baaton pe mujhe
Ni ro lain de
Saare raaz dil ke kehne de tujhe

Tera hath ho bas mere hathon mein
Teri aankhein ho bas meri aankhon mein
Only you bas tujhe sochun
Mera din meri raat hai tu
Adhoora hoon, adhoora hoon
Tere sath hi poora hoon
Mera har sapna har baat mein tu
Mera har jazbaat hai tu

Ni ajj rehne de
Saari raat tere aanchal ke tale
Ni so jaane de
Saari raat teri baahon mein mujhe

Ni ajj rehne de
Saari raat tere aanchal ke tale
Ni kho jaane de
Saari raat, saari raat

Ni ajj rehne de
Saari raat..
Ni kho jaane de
Saari raat teri..

Ni ajj rehne de
Saari raat tere aanchal ke tale
Ni so jaane de
Saari raat teri baahon mein mujhe

But again destiny shows it’s worst part. A truck comes from the opposite side and hits their car.

Drops of blood fell on their hand which was held together tightly. They breath their last breath together. Their hands were together. They kept their promise that they will live together or die together.

After 5 years,

A girl comes with three white roses. She sits near three tombs. On the tombs it was written the names- Kabir, Vansh and Riddhima. She kept the roses on their tombs.


Ahana:Kabir loves Riddhima. I loves Vansh and Vansh and Riddhima loves each other. Our love remains incomplete. When a person is with us we don’t understand it’s importance but when he leaves us we got devastated. We never understood Who we are for them but we kept on asking “WHO AM I TO YOU?”….   

The End.

I know it’s a very emotional ending. Ayesha see I killed both of them not only one😅😅. I am sorry for it. But comments were so less🤧🤧. Is this story was not good at the beginning also? I saw not only in my ff but in others ff also comments are less from few weeks. Please do comment. It’s my humble request to silent readers. We are getting demotivated. If we stop updating then what you people will read?🤧🤧😟😟. We all love you so give us some love also. Ok now bye guys and yes I ready for your tomatoes chappals and egg for making you all cry😳🙄😅…bye❤

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