chapter 3 : suspicious

At Goa,

Vedika: Mishti you know something is uncertain I think there is someone who is brainwashing

Mishti: yess gayu di is the one

Vedika: No Mishti there is someone else who has first influenced her and then she got in the trap…Mishti try to understand what out of no where Kartik would blame Naira..why everyone would trust Gayu she has created a scene many times…

Mishti: Par Vedu who is the one…you know di was suspicious about mihir’s girlfriend she always got insecured of di

Vedika: what?? Mishti we have to be the one to know the truth i guess there is a huge misunderstanding behind that question and Singhania’s not accepting Naira when they know that she  is alive…

Mishti(teary eyed): You know I can’t believe my brother who pampered di so much…did not even trust her once

Vedika: I feel bad for kairav I want him to meet everyone and I will play the cupid in it…I cannot see them like this

Mishti: Vedu we need to find out about Mithali first

Vedika: See she is Mihir’s girlfriend so definitely she is also a businesswoman

Mishti: yes!!

Vedika: Search on google Mishti…I know definitely we will find something…I will check on instagram

They searched on the website and found about her they found that she is in Udaipur only and single..they were sure that Mihir broke up with her

Mishti: She is in Udaipur…and she broke up with Mihir so if we meet Mihir and talk to him we can get some clue

Vedika: But Naira dii will never allow us.

From back a voice came : when Abir is here why to fear ???

From back a voice came : when Abir is here why to fear ???

Mishti: Abir tum yahan???

Abir: yaar shock hone ke jhagah you could have hugged me naa abb tum jahan mai vahan

Vedika: ahem ahem

Abir: hey veds…btw yes I heard you both talk and you know what I and mihir have a meeting very soon so you both can join me and after meeting be CID officer and investigate from him (he chuckles at his own joke)

Mishti: Thank you…Vedu this would be best….

Vedika: yes yes

Abir: where is Naira is she in clinic

Naira(coming towards them): I am here people..and Abir after so long…you are so busy naa…you can’t meet your sister also !!!

Abir hugs her and then with a cute pout says: So madam you did not call me also…I was waiting when you will call

Naira: acha jii!!! Now Abir go kairav is inside he was very excited that you are coming

Kairav: Ohhh wow mamu…after so long I missed you…

Abir picked him up and then sat on the table

Abir: and champ!! Now I am back so let’s go swimming and then foot ball then Cricket

Naira: mere bache ko thaka doge you can play only 2 games at a time not more than that okay!?Abir and kairav: okay mata jii

All of them laugh together and then spend the whole day with alot of fun and masti

In udaipur ,

Kartik (to himself): Naira I know  you are alive everyone knows that but where are you… you could have given me one chance…and I know I did wrong but why did you run away…I am trying to find the truth of were you are from 5 year’s…but I know I am missing on something…what is it that is there but still I cannot find it…I just need to find you once then I will beg you forgiveness and make it up to you in anyway possible….The family may be against you but your Kartik will find out the truth…Naira you left me alone in this house in this room you even did wrong with me…you could have slapped me divorced or did anything but atleast I could have seen you if you were here…I am yearning for one look of you ,one glance ,one smile…I realised I am a ridiculous person to ask such an unethical question to the person I love ,to the person  who had trusted me blindly….I wish I find you…I miss you I miss you so much…..I love you Sherni…come back to me and I promise I will never leave you darling!


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