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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas realizes his mistake but is blessed by his Prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Tulsidas watching Gods idols in Jagannath temple & says that this isn’t my Prabhu but my Prabhu is Shri Ram & leaves out of the temple.
Balarama asks Shri Krishna that your devotee is leaving & you are smiling but he tells him that I won’t allow him to go because if he goes then he’ll feel depressed without meeting his Prabhu which shouldn’t happen.
Pushpadant’s wife Jaya tells Ganeshji that so great was Prabhu that he went behind that devotee to bring him back while Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that you too might face the same situation.
Madhav asks Pujari that how come Tulsidas went without meeting & without knowing his Prabhu is there but Pujari tells him that you too never knew about your Prabhu & was leaving from the temple.
Prabhu Shri Krishna converts himself in a Brahman to meet Tulsidas to offer Prasad but Tuslidas tells him that why are you joking with me as I haven’t met my Prabhu here & is leaving. Brahman sits under a tree eating Prasad while Tulsidas gets pulled hence thinks what power might be pulling me & sees the Brahman sitting under tree hence asks him why are you following me & Brahman tells him to sit & share what problem are you facing & he shares his depression of his Prabhu who didn’t met him & Brahman keeps his hand on his hand chanting poem from his book & asks him didn’t you realize the words written by you itself while Tulsidas is shocked who is it but sees Brahman itself & thinks might be dreaming of Prabhu but Brahman is trying to convince him to look properly & will find your Prabhu who brought you here without making you feel any trouble to reach here & Tulsidas remembers of his Prabhu helping him from falling down hence he again enters the temple & sees his Prabhu’s emergence in one of idol & praises him of blessing him to show himself while also pleads forgiveness of not realizing him.
His Prabhu insists him to sing his poem written in his book which will make the people bless from him & he accordingly sings & then again asks forgiveness saying that then too you feel for such a foolish devotee of your for coming to bless me & Prabhu tells him that you are such a devotee who has written book including poems in it & whoever reads it will be blessed & also get better from those diseases if facing in life by reading this book & Tulsidas appreciates his Prabhu for making him special in this world.
Pujari tells Madhav that this way Tulsidas got blessed & people got the opportunity to read his book while he asks him that is it you wish to tell me that this idol contains my Prabhu & Pujari tells him he emerges in lot of such forms for his devotee’s likewise once he had also came in Ganeshji’s form.
Jaya asks Ganeshji that was your form also taken by Prabhu & he tells her that it had happened once for a devotee.
Pujari narrates Madhav that once a sculptor was making an idol of his Prabhu Shri Ganesh & people use to give orders to him.
A person comes in sculptor’s work place & after watching lot of Idols being made of Shri Ganesh asks his helper of wishing to give order but sculptor is busy making an idol deeply while Shri Ganesh appreciates his art & sculptor prays his Prabhu to bless him & he dreams of his Prabhu actually in front of him while his person shouts him calling & he comes out of his dream.
The person asks the sculptor if he has any idol of his Prabhu Bansidhari & he says yes & brings idol of Shri Ganesh holding the flute but the person tells him that this isn’t my Prabhu’s idol but I need Shri Krishna’s idol while the sculptor tells him that all Prabhu’s are in him hence I feel this itself is your Prabhu but the person thinks him fool saying that there are various Gods of which people are devotee’s like Prabhu Mahadev, Prabhu Narayan then it doesn’t mean those are Shri Ganesh but the sculptor tells him that all Prabhu’s are in Shri Ganesh I feel so my hands can’t make any idol except of Shri Ganesh but the person leaves from there without taking it.
The helper complains sculptor that if this keeps happening then I’ll face big trouble working with you but he calms him telling that to not to worry as Prabhu will look after us.
Mushakji tells Ganeshji that you try helping your devotee but Ganeshji tells him that it’s on devotee’s wish but my duty is only to guide him.

Precap: A Raja gives order to the sculptor to make huge idol of his Prabhu Shri Krishna but he makes Shri Ganesh’s idol holding flute is his hands & Raja gets wild on him deciding punishment of cutting his hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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