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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 6

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Episode starts….

“I can’t see her like this.I have to do something.but…but what I can do to save her life.Think vansh ….think….she is your love. How can you see her dieing just like that…even without trying to save her life.” All these words running in vansh’s mind.

“I can risk my life for her.I have to do for her life then I will peacefully die but may she will get life.”

Vansh took long breath and closed his eyes and stood up from the ground. He went to ridhima’s side door and Opened the door of the car. Again he took long breath and forwarded his hand but before touching her he took his hands back.

Vansh you have to touch her…this is about her life and don’t think about yourself.She is your love and her life more important than your health and life….so just do it for her sake.”vansh trying to explain himself.

Closing his eyes and remembering all moments with her,he forwarded his hand to her.He stopped his hand before touching her for few minutes and looked at her pale face.

Finally he took her in his arms and moved to back seat of the car.Putting her on the back seat, he also got in then closed door.He switched off all the lights of the Car and removed his blazer then unbuttoned his shirt and then he closed his eyes.He forwarded his hand to remove her wet clothes.Soon he made her top off from her body than bottom.

He made her wear his shirt and covering his legs with his blazer.He started rubbing her legs and hands simultaneously.But her shivering was not ready to stop.He was getting impatient seeing her in this condition.

After an hour his body gave up and he was unable to move his hands further but her condition still not good.He slowly took her in his arms and laid down on seat.He was looking at her shivering face and dry lips.He gradually brought his lips to her and placed on her to give warmth of his breath to her.

Hugging her like small toy, he slept. He buried her body between his and sheet ,not allowing little cold to enter in to her.

Ridhima felt suffocated and unable to move a inch as grip was very stiff.She opened her eyes to see why she this happening to her.she was shocked to see herself in vansh arms who was still sleeping.Ridhima jerked his hands due to which his sleep get broken.But again he closed his eye and moved out from the car ,giving privacy her to change her clothes.

As she changed her clothes came out and looked at Vansh who was standing face his back to her.She turned him and Slapped him.She ran from there without listening his side.

Vansh : Ridhima please hear me out once.

Ridhima didn’t replied just running away from him.Vansh also started following her.After sometime they reached to a cliff.Ridhima was standing at the edge.

Vansh : Ridhima please give one chance to explain my side.

Ridhima : There is nothing to explain .

Vansh : Ridhima there is.You were dieing due to high fever.

Ridhima : so what??It is non of your business.

Vansh : It is my.I couldn’t see you in that condition.

Ridhima :You broke my trust.

Vansh : No ridhima ….I didn’t….you were shivering like hell….so I change your clothes but I closed my eyes and light too.Then covering with shirt and blazer ,I slept holding you in my arms that’s it.Please try to understand it was needed.

Ridhima : You are lying Vansh.

Vansh : No Ridhima….Trust me, I did that to save your life nothing else.

Ridhima : After breaking my trust….wow you are asking me to trust you.Why all boys are like this only…..they never thought about girls feeling…(remember Kabeer and sia’s scene)

Vansh : no…..you are misunderstanding me….I didn’t this for self enjoyment….I did this with you for you not for me…..You are not stranger to me…you live with me….how I can see you dieing just like that…please…please try understand me…..(heavy voice with teary eyes)

He knee down to the ground….His head started spinning and scene became blurry.

Vansh (crying): Ridhima!!!! I can’t leave without you…..I will die….please come to me….don’t do this….I need you…please t..ttt…rrr..yyyyy( he fainted on the ground)

“VANSH….” Ridhima shouted running towards him.she tapped his cheeks but he didn’t respond. She was calling his name but he was lying lifeless.She quickly ran to take help from there….She was running here and there with tears like mad.After half an hour she found two men to help her.

Doctors were checking vansh and Ridhima was waiting out side the room.She was peeping inside the room to get glimpse of vansh time to time.

She closed her eyes remembering all the memories with vansh then last memory when Vansh begging to her and he was not ready to listen him given her goosebump.

She was sitting in front of god .”why he risked life for me.He was very well aware about that if he come to me then his health fall.Why vansh??? Why you did…” She asked to god.

Ridhima : please Bappa save him I am begging to you.She is mad. I don’t know why he had risked life.If anything happened to him then I will not able to forgive mySelf.There is nothing impossible for you…so please give his life back.

Nurse : Ma’am kindly fill his form.

Ridhima : OK…..just give form.

Ridhima filled his form and submitted.Then Nurse asked her for fee.Ridhima thought for a while and replied ” I don’t have money”

Nurse : First you pay then things will proceed further.

Ridhima : Keep these Gold earrings and this pendent too.if this much is less then I will pay remaining later…please don’t stop his treatment.I am begging in front of you please….

Nurse : Ma’am this is against our rule…please to understand…

Ridhima : please you try to understand.This is about someone’s life.please don’t stop his treat me…I will pay all your fee…for now you manage with this…

Nurse : I can’t take these things we need currency.please get change it then I will see further thing…

Ridhima : OK…you don’t stop his treatment…I am coming back after giving them in Market and I will pay whole fee don’t worry about that…,

Nurse : yes !!! Please do quickly what ever you want to do…

Ridhima : OK!!!

She ran from there to market….While running she hurt herself also….she quickly arranged currency and paid to counter.

She was sitting out side the room and waiting for doctor.Ridhima was cursing herself for Vansh’s condition.

She was not able to forget how he was requesting her not take any wrong step.He didn’t thought about himself what she did.She slapped him and blamed him.

Nurse : Ma’am you are hurt.please come with me ,I will bandage to this..

Ridhima : Yes!!! I am hurt but wound is not much.

Nurse : Ma’am it way cause infection….please try to understand…

Ridhima : You try to understand….if can give any information about then stay here other wise you can move from here.

Nurse : His blood loss is more….and may he need blood.If you know anyone who has same blood group to him, you can call him/her.Rest thing his doctor will tell you.

Ridhima : Can you tell me his blood group.

Nurse : yes wait for a minute.

Precap: Ridhima was walking on road and thinking about the moments with vansh .”I lost Vansh…..I lost him…..”Tears rolling down.”
She was not in her senses and came in front of a Car.

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