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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter — 40

Chapter : 40…” Evil’s End “…

Scene 1:

The episode starts with Riddhima,Vikram and other police force surrounded a house. All were ready with their guns fully loaded. Riddhima and Vikram went inside the house with their guns on their hands.

Vansh, Angre, Sia, Ishani, Kabir,Titiksha, and Aryan was waiting near a cliff.

Riddhima was searching all the rooms. It only has one floor. Vikram was searching in Kitchen and washrooms.



Rid:Then only one place is left.

Vikram understood. They went to the terrace. The door was locked from the other side.

Rid:My guess was correct.

Vikram kicked on the door and it fell on the other side. Suddenly a bullet come and passes near his ear. Riddhima and Vikram also starts firing.

Raghav was alone so he rans on the other side. There was a stair from the terrace to the ground floor. He came down and rans in the forest. Riddhima and Vikram follows him. They kept on firing on him.

Raghav’s gun has no more bullets so he threw it and rans. But RiVik kept on firing. While running Raghav falls down due to a tree’s root. Riddhima comes in front of him and poitns at him.

Rid:How far you will go? Your end is today only in my hands. But let’s do fun before that. Go run and let’s see I can catch you or not.

Raghav gets up and runs again. RiVik follows him again but not running, they were just walking and giving evil smile.

( Evil bgm plays in background )

Soon Raghav reach near a cliff. He saw everyone was standing there. He turned to go but RiVik comes there. He was totally traped. Now no one can save him from there. He can imagine his end very well!!

Rag:Titiksha see they are killing your dad, you will not say anything?

Tit:For whom I say? Huh? You? For whom I lost my mom and bhai? How can you say it? Don’t you have any shame left?

Vik:You don’t deserve simple death also!!

Riddhima comes and kicks him hard. He fell down on the ground.

Rid:This kick is for killing my mom.

She again kicks him.

Rid:This is for killing my uncle.

She again kicks him.

Rid:This is for killing other innocent lives.

Then she kicked him on his chest very hard. His shirt was full of red colour.

Rid:This for burning my dad alive.!!(full of anger).

She shots her in anger. It hits on his stomach.

Rid:Bring the special gift.

Aryan brought a hot iron rod. Raghav face was full of scared seeing this violent nature of Riddhima.

Riddhima starts hitting him. He was shouting with pain. But this pain was giving her peace. The fire of avenge was cooking down.

Riddhima stopped when his full body was bleeding. He don’t have the strength to shout also. He totally surrender him to her.

Rid:Because of you my whole childhood was full of misery. Then when I got Ved but you snatched him also. Now I will snatch your life from you.

Tit:Bhabi just one request kill him now. I think he understood his mistake. After all he is my dad.


Riddhima goes near him and shots in his head.

His body fell down on the ground. There was pin drop silence for few minutes. Then Riddhima sat down on the ground. Her eyes was full of tears. She is missing her parents very badly.

Vansh comes and consoles her.

Rid:Please ask my mom dad to come back. See I have win my battle. I won!! I am missing them so much. When I got success I always think about them. If they were with me then they must be so proud of me. Their proud, their daughter has won!! I am a successful officer now. I gave punished to them.

She kept on crying in his arms.

Ae meri zameen afsos nahi

Jo tere liye sau dard sahe

Mehfooz rahe teri aan sada

Chahe jaan meri ye rahe na rahe

Ae meri zameen mehboob meri

Meri nas-nas mein tera ishq bahe

Feenka na pade kabhi rang tera

Jismon se nikal ke khoon kahe

Teri mitti mein mil jawaan

Gull banke main khil jawaan

Itni si hai dil ki aarzu

Teri nadiyon mein beh jawaan

Teri kheton mein lehrawaan

Itni si hai dil ki aarzu

(This song has another level of serenity. It’s each line are full of emotions. )

Scene 2:

They were having a short victory party. Arjun was not there with them as he went for other work. They were having dance and party.

Rid:Now Kabir will sing.

Kab:Ok let me try.

Jo tere sang laagi preet mohe
Rooh baar baar tera naam le
Ki Rab se hai maangi yehi duaa aa…
Tu haathon ki laqeerien thaam le

Chup hain baatein
Dil kaise bayaan main karoon
Tu hi kehde
Woh jo baat main keh na sakoon

Ki sang tere paniyon sa, paniyon sa
Paniyon sa behta rahoon
Tu sunti rahe main kahaniyaan si kehta rahoon

Ish:Wow!! You sang very well.

Ary:Now Seju.

Sej:Naina nu rawaunae
Ve tu tarle pawaunae

Mainu jithe-jithe jaana ae tu mil

Enna ka ta sohneya pyar vi ni karda
Jinna mera tod da ae dil
Enna ka ta mainu tu pyar vi ni karda
Jinna mera tod da ae dil ve
Jinna mera tod da ae dil

Ehdi kehdi das channa hoyi galti
Jehda tu pyar naal bolda vi nahi

(So amazing song😍😍)

Vik:My girlfriend is so talented.

Tit:Now dance time.

They all dance together. It was not a couple dance.

Rid:Today we will have jeera rice with mutton kosha and pomfret fish. In desert we will have the payesh or the meethi baat.

Ary:Meethi baat is my favorite one.

Then they had their lunch and left for Mumbai.

Precap: Riddhima and Vansh has a fight.  

Please do comment yr. In both of my updates comments were less. Now Riddhima’s parents mystery solved. Now next twist will come. Silent readers are requested to comment. Love you all and bye❤😍. 

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