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Seher’s B’day Party #Choti Sardarni #Os by #Snowflake

Dear all, This is ur Snowflake…And here is the much-awaited Os requested by all….I’ve never written an Os before so this is a first…As ull know this Os is totally not related to my Fanfiction which I write( A family is a circle of love). Let’s go!

It is 10:15 p.m. Here is the Head of the Gill family Sarabjeet Singh Gill thinking in his mind…

Sarab: Pink Decor-CHECK, Punjabi Food-CHECK, Gifts-CHECK…Oh my gosh, So much to do……But…isn’t it a bit too much for a 6-year-old girl? All my 3 kids are equal to me. But don’t father’s love their daughter a little bit extra? Yes, I love my sons too but Seher…she is my life! Without her, our family loses its charm. She settles the brother’s fights, Divides things equally and cares for everyone so much! She is just like my Meher Ji…

He remembers them both wearing turbans…at that time they were imitating him…

Kevina tak child artist - Photos | Facebook image.png

He remembers His and Meher’s moments:

image.png  image.png

image.png  image.png

(I know u guys r going AWWW)

Sarab: Look at me, thinking of Meher Ji when it is Seher’s bday tom! (Yes, that’s right, so Sarab was planning for Seher’s bday party!)

He then thinks of Seher:

image.png image.png

Seher with Meher:


Seher with Him:

image.png image.png This is how Avinesh Rekhi-Kevina Tak bond off-screen on the sets of Chhoti  Sardarrni

Sarab: Again I get lost in my memories…Anyway, Tonight Seher will be the happiest person ever! For now, let her sleep in peace, but little does she know what will happen when the clock strikes 12! Meher Ji, why did u have to go to Delhi yesterday only? You could have gone after Seher’s bday… She will be so disappointed when she doesn’t see u at her midnight party. U promised me that you will be back before 10 tonight…Where are u? Planning for my princess feels so incomplete without u…

(He tries phoning Meher, but her phone is Switched Off)

Sarab: Now I am angry with u Meher Ji! He keeps his phone on the Sofa and sits angrily.

That moment the doorbell rings…Sarab runs to open it and hugs and kisses and lifts the person turning her around without seeing her. He assumes the person to be his beloved wife, Meher Kaur Gill but It turns out to be Kulwant Kaur, Mehers mom! She quickly brushes him off and gives him a funny look…


Kulwant: Oh, Son-In-Law, what is this new thing? I’m not ur Meher! I’m her mom!!

Sarab(In his Mind): Oh no! This is not the first time this is happening! Mummy Ji! U should have pushed me off first only! N U could have called me before coming! That way I would be prepared to know who I am expecting!!

Instead, Sarab blushes and tells her to sit.

Sarab and Kulwant Talk for some time, planning to surprise Seher with a midnight bday party. Suddenly, Sarab notices his phone is missing from the Sofa.

Sarab (In his Mind): I wonder where my phone went! Did Karan or Param take it? I’ll go to their room to check…

He opens their room door and finds the beds empty:


He goes to Seher’s room to check(He kept Seher in another room for that night because of  the surprise party)


Sarab: Arre! Where have these kids gone? Will my surprise go wrong?? They must be all hiding in the bathroom using my phone! Let me go and check.

When he enters he sees this:


Sarab: Seher is doing Yoga! So late in the night! Didn’t she go to sleep? SEHER!

Seher: Yes papa! What happened? Why did u scare me? Cant u see I’m meditating? Meher Mumma told me that meditation is very good for health. Whenever u don’t get sleep, u must meditate. U get good sleep. U must try it, Papa. Now don’t disturb me. I will finish doing it in 5 mins, then I will go to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow as it is my birthday. Pls, go!

Sarab: But…

Seher: Go! Good night!

She pushes him out and he sighs.

Sarab: These day kids! Do whatever they want huh! Let me see what the boys are doing, I bet they are on my phone!

He searches for them all over the house but can’t find them.

He is about to give up when he sees them both creeping back to their room. He catches them and asks for an explanation. They give him something:

image.png  He opens it: Easy Pop Up Birthday Card DIY - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy  & fun

Sarab: Oh MY! So my boys were making a card for their Lil sis! It’s very pretty!

Karan: Thank u papa…we took Param’s tab and saw it from youtube. We didn’t get time in the day because Seher is always around us. So we had to do it at night.

Param: Papa pls don’t shout at us, Please!

Sarab thinks for a while and says: Ok, on one condition. Ull will have to write my name in it too.

Karan: Papa…but…

Param: Okay papa, no problem, we will do it…

He takes Karan away to their room and tells him that everyone’s names have to be written, not only Sarab’s.

They write everyone’s names including Meher’s.


Sarab: Okay everyone, ready? Did ull understand everything? No one should scare Seher ok?

Everyone nods. Kulwant’s whole family had come by then and Sarab and the boys were all dressed up and excited. 10 mins were left and everyone was restless and excited to surprise Seher.


Sarab: I still am angry with Meher Ji. She had to come. Seher will be so sad… Btw, did anyone find my phone? And yes, is Seher’s dress ready? Where is it?

Jeeto(Meher’s SIL), whispering to Ginni(Meher’s other SIL): I really don’t like Sarab’s choice of clothes. It looks so funny. If Meher was here, she would have given Seher something better to wear.

Ginni: I know, who wears a hat AND a hairband? And such Disco clothes?! So tacky!

Seher’s outfit kept by Sarab:








Jeeto: Sarab Ji, we kept the clothes ready don’t worry!

Sarab: Let me go and check.

He goes and. He looks around and finds that the clothes have disappeared.

He is puzzled He then finds out that the clothes are in the trash bin.

Sarab: I wonder who can do such a thing. All my fashion designing is a waste now. Huh!

Karan: Papa don’t worry, Seher will find something to wear…


It is sharp 12 by their hall clock.

Old Clock Showing 12 Oclock. Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  3162124 | Shutterstock

Everyone creeps inside Seher’s room.. She is fast asleep.

The Pillow | My Life as an Armenian Fish Farmer's Blog

Sarab(whispering): Okay everyone, on the count of 3.   1…..2……3!Explosion Party Popper with Red Hearts by Vicgmyr | GraphicRiver

Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEHER!!!Exploding Party Popper With Confetti Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And  Stock Illustration. Image 64941988.

Seher wakes up and realises what’s going on. She stands on her bed and jumps and dances with everyone

Cheerful Girl Dancing And Making Fun With Confetti by Dream Lover

Everyone enjoys and sings the birthday song.

Confetti Cannon · Programmable · Event & Stage Rental

…Everything goes well until Seher realises that Meher is missing. She gets sad and cries that her mom went away from her on her bday.

Sarab: Seher don’t cry, Mumma will come in the morning, please dear, don’t ruin this special moment.

Param: Seher, at least open the gifts we got for u

Harleen(Sarab’s sister): We will change her clothes first at least…

Seher: NO! If No Meher mumma then no brthday!

Karan: See what big presents we have for you. Open this big one, please…


Seher grumbles and goes near it. Then she hears music playing from inside the box. She gets curious…

Sarab: I wonder who got such a big gift….

The music keeps getting louder and Seher runs and opens it finally…

And Meher pops out of the box and hugs Seher!

Meher: Happy birthday dearest Seher!! How did u like ur surprise??

Seher: Meher Mumma! Thank you! I thought u forgot my birthday and went to Delhi!

Meher: U think I can ever do that dear?! Just thank ur brothers or helping me surprise u!

They all hug and celebrate….

Sarab: Seher pls change, we have to cut the cake!

3D Girls Birthday Theme Cakes for Kids

Seher: Yes papa, where are my clothes?

Meher: In the bathroom…

Sarab: In the bathroom?

Mehr: Yes Mr Jatt-In-toilet. Who do u think threw those un-matching clothes in the bin?!

Sarab: It was u! So much hard work…

Meher: And who do u think borrowed ur phone? Me obviously! To play the music! I had to do that as my phone’s battery died and I didn’t get time to charge it…

Sarab: Oh…now everything falls in place!

Seher changes. They click pics:


Choti Sardarni - Tv Series Photos | Wedding matching outfits, Dresses kids  girl, Indian fashion dresses

Amrita( Meher’s SIL, in the track of Choti sardarni, she is dead, but Tina’s request made her alive here:D)and Jagga(He brother, Tina….for u:D) give her a tea set

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Kulwant gives her a big teddy bear

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Yuvi(her cousin) gives her a toy train set

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Ginni(SIL) and Rana( Her husband) give her a watch

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Jeeto(SIL) and Bittu(Her Husband) give her 2 sets of dresses

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Karan and Param give her their card and accessories

Sarab and Meher gift her bags, chocolates and a kitchen set

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Seher: Thank you so much, everybody!!!! I love you all! This is my best birthday ever!!!!!!

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That’s it, guys! It took me 4 days to write it and add pics so pls shower ur love! I wrote it over a span of days so there may be mistakes here and there, so pls excuse it…Thank u so much for reading and ull can suggest more topics to write Os’ on…Like this one was Seher’s bday…So will hope for many comments and maybe new commenters as well!

Take care, Bye!

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