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Salty Coffee!! #Riansh OS by Aayu

Hello everyone!!

Okay so I have written this long back!!

But don’t know why I didn’t posted it..


So posting it now..


One very important thing:- Dear Readers..We can understand you all are busy so can’t comment..but we all also have a life outside tellyupdates but instead of our busy schedule we write for who? For you all that you can be entertained…So can’t you give just 5 seconds for us and comment..we nearly took more than 1 hours or more than that to write one chapter..so if we can take 1 hour from our schedule so I think you can just give 5 seconds for us…and we are not saying leave long comments you can just drop a emoji or a word..it really motivate us.. because when we talk about stoping our FF you all comment that what you will do if we will stop writing..so!!

I don’t want to hurt anyone…if anyone feel bad what I said then I am sorry!! But it’s reality…your one comment give us a reason to smile and motivate us to write more….


And one very good news @Priyanshi_13 or our Priyanshi di is not leaving tellyupdates!!! And I am very happy 💖



Okay so finally coming to update…


I read this story in my school library..It just came in my mind and I wrote it…


So as I read it in one of the Book so obviously this is not my plot… Credits goes to original writer…


I am just giving you a Riansh version 😉


So let’s start..


Riddhima:- Sejal I am very nervous..


Sejal:- you are nervous?

Idea don’t go..


Riddhima:- Are you serious..I have to obey mom…


Sejal:- so why are you disturbing me..you also don’t want to do and you want to obey your mom so only one solution to there…


Riddhima:- okay bye!!! What type of friend I am having 😏


Sejal:- Done now cut the call..


Call ends..


Sejal’s pov


So my best friend mom wanted her to meet a boy..sorry a handsome boy..for Marriage purpose..and she is nervous.. let’s see what will happen with her…


Scene shifts..


Riddhima wearing white kurti and orange duppatta (I am in love with this attire of Riddhima)


Was marching towards the venue..

Yes she was not walking she was marching she was hell nervous..


And finally she reached the restaurant…


She was searching for the boy..


When there was a tap on her shoulder..


Boy:- Umm… Riddhima??


Riddhima:- ye..s.Vansh??


Vansh:- yes!!

Come there is our table..


Vansh like a gentleman pull the chair for Riddhima had make her sit..


They were sitting and sitting only..there was utter silence..

Both were equally nervous..both were sweating..


When a waiter came..


Waiter:- Sir order?


Vansh:- yes bring two coffee…


After 2 minutes waiter came with coffee..


Waiter:- Sir sugar?


Vansh:- No!! Salt..


Everyone was shocked..


Specially Riddhima..


She break the ice and asked him..


Riddhima:- Salt in coffee??


Vansh:- yes actually I love it..I was born in a salty region (What I am writing 😝)

I mean sea region..so I love salty things..it reminds me my childhood..


Riddhima:- Oh!!


Author’s note..

This was there First meet…and they married each other..it was a arrange marriage but living 40 years with other..they have developed a great bonding and you can say they were in love but never confessed…

Riddhima everyday make salty coffee for him..and he was happy!!!


One day:- ( No jutta chapal allowed.dont know why I end up with killing..but as I said it’s not my plot so yay!!)


Vansh died due to health issues…


Riddhima was hugging her coat and crying..

Remembering their first meet to all that happened in 40 years…


She remembered something..

She went towards the cupboard and take a box it was wrapped beautifully..


Riddhima remember Vansh said you will open this when I will not close to you….


In that box there was a statue…of a couple and it was written salty Coffee….


And then she found a letter..



Sweetheart! you remember our First meet..

I was so nervous that instead of saying sugar I said Salt and I don’t want to spill the beans so I countinued..truth to told I never liked salty Coffee..I tried to told you but.. can’t..that was the first and last thing I hide from you..

I am sorry…but I feared of losing you. Now, on this death bed, I have nothing to lose. So, telling you, I never liked the taste of the salty coffee. what a strange taste. Having you with me is my biggest achievement in my whole life. If I can live for the second time, I still want you to be with you, even though I have to drink the salty coffee again for my whole life.”



A lone tear escape from Riddhima’s eyes..


She wiped them and smiled…


She exclaimed It’s sweet…



One day a little boy in a restaurant ask Riddhima…


Boy:- Aunty why are you drinking salty Coffee..how it’s tastes??


Riddhima:- It’s sweet like me!!(Boy must be thinking self obsessed aunty 😂)


It’s sweet…


The End..


It was a short one!!

Hope you like it..

Do comments and tell me your views..




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