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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 49- couple’s jealousy

The episode starts with:

Vansh goes to his room.

Vansh(thinking): what to do..how to seperate them..

He thinks for a while.

Vansh: idea(smirks)

He calls someone and tells something.

At shivaay’s room:

Shivaay: now we will continue tomorrow. You can leave.

Riddhima packed her stuff and left the room. She reached downstairs. Shivaay also came downstairs. Vansh was already there.

Riddhima(shock): anu you here..

Anika: yes di! Vo I came to pick you up!

Riddhima: ohk!

Vansh: Anika!

Anika: yes..

Vansh: your marks are decreasing! I checked your class list.

Riddhima: and you didn’t tell me anu..

Anika: vo..sorry di..but I think I also need a coaching class like you!

Riddhima: I will talk to dad.

Vansh: no need to talk to him. I will teach her from now.(Sumisha guessed it right😛)

Riddhima and shivaay looks at him shocked.

Riddhima: but..

Anika: it’s ok di!! I will study from him only.

Vansh: so when do you want to start?

Anika: umm..it would be better if we start today.(to Riddhima) di please wait for me till my class ends.

Riddhima just looks at her.

Shivaay: anika..I would teach you why you want to study from him(jealous)

Anika: no you teach di..I will study from him only.

Vansh winks at shivaay while shivaay looks at him in jealousy.

Vansh(thinking): you were so desperate to teach my sweetheart and make me jealous..now see I will teach your love..I know you love her..and then make you jealous.

They both leave to vansh’s room. Both Riddhima and shivaay were peeping inside their room from different sides. Anika and vansh were laughing.

Riddhima (thinking): he never laughed with me..huh..he was always a khadoos when he used to teach me! Then why is he laughing with her(jealous)

Shivaay (thinking): what was the need to say yes to him. Cant she stay with me! (Jealous)

Vansh: wait a minute I am coming.

Anika nods. He goes till the door and Riddhima was standing there. Due to sudden jerk she falls and he catches her. They share an eyelock. After a minute Riddhima breaks the eyelock.

Vansh: you were spying on us Ms. Malhotra!

Riddhima: shut up I was just passing by and at the moment you came.

Vansh: your lies are very perfect sweetheart.

Riddhima: leave me! You are holding me!

Vansh: I was saving you from falling.

Riddhima: leave me now.

He leaves her and she falls down.

Riddhima: ouch!! What the hell is this!

Vansh: you said to leave!

Riddhima: I will kill you!

Vansh smirks at her and goes back in and starts to teach anika again. Riddhima was trying to get up but couldn’t. Shivaay came and helped her to get up. Vansh saw this and gave a jealous and angry glare to him. Shivaay winked at him like he did downstairs.(in dono ke beech yahi competition chalraha hai🤣) . Riddhima was not able to walk so shivaay lifted her up. Vansh was burnt in jealousy. Anika saw out of the room and saw shivaay lifting up Riddhima.

Anika(thinking): how dare he lift di up! He never lifted me up! I will not leave you mr. Sadu singh Oberoi (jealous)

Shivaay took Riddhima to room and made her sit on bed. Vansh and anika came there.

Vansh: Sweetheart you are hurt!

Riddhima glares him. He goes close to her while anika goes close to shivaay.

Vansh(whispering): you were jealous right??

Riddhima(whispering): I was not! You were!

Vansh(whispering): oh really!

Riddhima nods and winks at him.

Shivaay(whispering): you were enjoying very much with him!

Anika (whispering): so you were jealous.

He looks at her.

Vansh: come anika.

Anika: yes.

Vansh holded anika’s hand and took her with him. Riddhima and shivaay were burning in jealousy.

Precap: pool romance.

Next episode is golden jubilee 😍😍🥳! So it will be a special one😍❤️! Hope you all enjoyed their jealousy 😛!





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