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So guys , i thought that i should write a promo to create hype . So as it is promo so it will be short . But comment . This promo is for next 18 to 21 episodes , How is my ff going ? Should i make some improvement . Please tell me …..

Vansh : Sweetheart , what are you doing in my office ?

Vansh shoots at riddhima .

Riddhima hands get wounded by a knife cut .

Kabir : So vansh killed Ajay , I won’t leave him .

Riddhima spies inside vansh room ,

Riddhima : Vaaz cheated me , why ?

Vr mansion .

Kabir : Vansh , you are under arrest for killing an officer .

Kabir comes wounded without vansh .

Riddhima : Where is Vansh ?…………..

Vaaz gets Kabir’s pendrive , ………………….

Who will be the new vilian who will ruin Vansh-kabir-Riddhima life . And what’s new is comming ? Please don’t forget to comment …………………………. I am thinking to make Kabir an Antihero rather than antagonist , i am trying to make another main villian but kabir will be antihero . Antiheroes are those who are both heroes and villians .

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