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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 18 Vansh catches riddhima


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Episode 17 – https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-17-vansh-proposes-riddhima/#comment-6789539

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Episode 18 :

Vansh catches riddhima

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Vansh  : i hope that everyone enjoyed my surprise.

Dadi  : of course,  i am very happy to see both of you together .

Ishani  & siya : Yes , we are very happy to get riddhima bhabhi.

Aryan  : congratulations,  bhai .

Vansh and Angre go from there

Riddhima: ( to herself)  Until ragini comes here , i have to do my work.  Vaaz( arrow man) said that vansh had the Red Diary,  it means,  vansh might have kept it in his room , i have to find it .

Riddhima goes to search for vansh room .

Scene  – 2

Anjali  ( Ajay’s elder sister) gets a call .

Anjali  : yes,  speak.

Kabir  : coock dooo …koooo , cock doooo koooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anjali  : who is this chicken 🐔 ? 😡

Kabir  : Anju , it’s me.  I need your help . I want you to find vansh room and get the cctv footage recording from there .

Anjali  : why ?

Kabir  : i need to help someone and for that i need those cctv footage of vr mansion therefore I need your help .

Anjali  : ok , but whom do you want to help , please feel free to say me .

Kabir  : ( in his mind) sorry , Anjali I can’t tell you that to help your brother (Ajay) I  need your help.

Anjali  : kabir tell me.

Kabir  : i will tell you afterwards. But now please find vansh room.

Anjali  : ok and do you know riddhima is also here , i don’t know why and vansh proposed riddhima.

Call ends  .

Kabir  : What ! Ziddhima is also there and vansh proposed her why ?

Scene – 3

Riddhima reaches vansh room .

Riddhima  : i am sure that if vansh has the red diary then he might have kept it here in his room .

She hacked the locks , and opened the door 🚪 She sprayed black spray paint on cctv cameras

Riddhima  :  I know that vansh rooms could contain cctv cameras therefore using this black spray paint i will colour the lenses of cctv camera and cctv can’t record anything and vansh will not be able to catch me.

Riddhima searches for the Red diary every where but can’t find it .  She sees vansh laptop 💻.

Riddhima  : i think vansh might have kept the location of Red Diary in his laptop.

She opened the laptop and saw the video footages of Arrow man ( vaaz) attacking on Ajay and stealing the red diary.

Riddhima ( shocked 😲) : Vaaz stole the Red diary and attacked Ajay but i didn’t told him to do so.  And he said that vansh got the red diary but in reality vaaz stole it.  Why did he lied me ? He knew how important that red diary and kabir’s Pendrive was for us but still he lied me . Why ? I have to transfer this footage videos into my Pendrive.

Riddhima copies the cctv footage of Vaaz attacking Ajay and stealing red diary from Vansh’s laptop to her Pendrive.

Riddhima : so i copied this recording now i could show this to vaaz as proof . Thanks,  that vansh didn’t saw me in his room .

She moves behind see saw vansh behind her.

Vansh  : sweetheart what are you doing in my room with my laptop.

Riddhima  : i was searching for ragini .

Vansh : oh ! Did you find ragini here in my pocket 😈😈😈 .

Riddhima  : you are getting me wrong.

Vansh  : what are you hiding in your hand.

Riddhima  : noth…ing nothing….

Vansh removes a gun and points towards Riddhima.

Vansh  : sweetheart,  tere ishq mein marjawan,  . ( i will die in your love)

Vansh shoots at riddhima but she saved herself and sprayed that black spray paint on vansh and ran away.

Scene- 4

Riddhima run to the hall . Everyone were enjoying party .

Riddhima  : oh no i have to do something,  vansh will catch me ?

Anjali  : looking tensed,  shall I help you ?

Riddhima: yes , Anjali please attack me on this knife 🔪.

Anjali  : Are you sure .. ?

Riddhima  : just brutally attack my hand with knife .

Precap – Vansh sees Riddhima getting hurt with that knife plan . He cares for her . He covers Riddhima wound . Give a kiss 😘 on Riddhima head , ” Sweetheart,  mere jaan key jann lene wala koi paida nahi hua …. except me ”

( Translation – There is no life who could take my life’s life except me )

The end.

So. How did you like today episode. I know there are many mysteries left but i will solve it . Today Riddhima got to know of Vaaz cheat . Let’s see ahead . Your suggestion are welcomed . Bye take care. Thanks.

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