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RadhaKrishn 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Hanuman’s Farewell

RadhaKrishn 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hanuman continues pressing Krishna’s feet and stops when Krishna says this is his last last servcie this time. Krishna asks reason. Hanuman says he is born to service Krishna and Radha and he doesn’t want to go away from them. Krishna says he is right. Hanuman asks if he will not send him away. Krishna says he will answer him tomorrow after pranpratishta/consecrating an idol in temple. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Hanuman spoke what he wants, why don’t Krishna stop him. Mahadev says Krishna will always speak what he wants, so let us wait till morning. Next morning, Krishna starts havan in temple and chants Om Namah Shivay. Mahadev tells Gauri that Krishna is calling him. Radha asks why Krishna needs him in that temple, if he is establishing Mahadev’s idol there. Mahadev says he doesn’t know that and needs to go there as is aradhya called him. He emerges in temple. Krishna greets him and says he needs his permission to establish is idol. Mahadev says he fells he is establishing his ansh. Krishna says even his ansh belongs to him and he needs his permission. Mahadev says it will teach the world a new meaning of devotion and his alway
sa approves it.

Krishna informs everyone that Mahadev was present here and blessed them. He tells Hanuman that everyone has their place and Hanuman’s place is special in his heart, so he wants him to perfora a task for him. Hanuman says he should just order. Krishna holding his hand takes him on dais and asks him to sit. hanuman sits with folding hand. Krishna says today he wants to show that devotee as equally important to aradhya, how great his Hanuman is, how much he loves his devotee is incomplete with him. He performs Hanuman’s abhishek and revolves around him. He then says Hanuman’s pranprathista is complete in this temple, now Hanuman should transfer infuse his powers in the idol. Hanuman unveils idol and transfers his powers into idol. Krishna says now his Hanuman will be with him. Hanuman asks if he will not ask him to go now. Krishna says he has to go, though he doesn’t want to send him; he did this pranprathista with a reason and they need to separate. Hanuman pleads not to separate him. Krishna says his body will end this avatar, he came to perform a few tasks and has to leave as he cannot change the rules which he made; he knows Hanuman will not let him go, so he has to send Hanuman away. Hanuman says he will bring herbs like he brought for Laxman and revived him and will never let anything happen to Krishna, but since its Krishna’s order, he will go and wants Krishna to remember him whenever he is needed. Krishna hugs him.

Hanuman seeks permission from Radha to leave and says don’t know when he will have Radha’s prepared food and laddus. Radha says she has prepared laddus for him. Hanuman says he will full with her kindness, greets Balra, and addresses Dwarka citizens that he is leaving Dwarka with a promise that whenever Krishna needs him, he will break all the barriers and reach him; till then they should chant Jai Siya Ram, Jai Radha Krishna. He flies away. Krishna says Hanuman is great, its time for change and something will happen which neither Mahadev nor anyone can help. Earthquake starts. Gauri asks Mahadev what is happening. Mahadev says Patal lok is opening up, mother earth is sensing problems on its children and is reacting, a darkness will emerge from Patal lok which will bring a disaster. A lady is shown meditating. Gauri asks what kind of darkness. Mahadev describes about Alaxmi. Radha’s evil form Alaxmi is seen who says its time to take revenge and send Krishna from the world. Krishna looks concerned.

Precap: Alaxmi says she married Narayan before Laxmi and will take back her right. Gauri asks who can stop Alaxmi from reaching Krishna. Alaxmi says she will become Narayan’s first wife.

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