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Qurbaan Hua 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel doesnot accept any help from Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ghazala exclaims they both are her grandchildren, the man explains that there is a resemblance but who is the father of Shlok, Sahil comes explaining he is the father of the children, Chahat is shocked to listen to his exclamation.

Some time earlier Ghazala orders Bopho to lift her belongings, Agam asks Aalekh is Ghazala is really going to stay with them when he advises him to stop talking, Godambari questions why did Vyas je not say anything when he questions what he could have said as she might also miss the children like him, he says that he cannot stay in the hall so would go into the room.

Neel in the room is throwing the glass out of anger when Chahat also enters the room shouting and throwing the glasses, Neel asks what she is doing as she should have brought her personal glasses, Chahat mentions that she is really frustrated so cannot control her anger and might ruin everything, Neel seeing that her mobile is ringing pleads with her to answer her call, she after answering it is perplexed with joy to hear that the children have gotten the admission, she places the call on loudspeaker when the principal advises them to submit the fees of two hundred thousand rupees, Neel is shocked to hear the amount but says that he would arrange the amount.

Ghazala is sitting when Agam brings her a glass of juice requesting her to not be angry with him, she however threatens to break his teeth, Aalekh also comes to them, she requests him to send the mad man away, he orders Agam to leave but he goes to Ghazala trying to calm her down using the file as a fan, Aalekh praises Ghazala for having such a wonderful mind as now Chahat would not be able to submit the fees because of Neel self-respect, Aalekh explains if he comes to demand money from them they would even take what little he has left otherwise if Chahat stays with them she would come to realize the truth about Agam.

Chahat in the room is writing the check, Neel questions what is she doing, she replies she is writing it for the fees, he immediately asks if she is doing this to make him feel bad because he cannot arrange the fees while she is herself a doctor, Neel blames she might be trying to get the custody of the children by proving she is a better mother then him but he warns that he would not let it happen, he pushes her against the couch, she also getting up questions why does he think that he being a father is not able to provide for his family, he tries to leave but she pushes him against the sofa, she is able to see the tattoo so questions what it is however he declines, Chahat however insists on seeing the tattoo so he finally shows that it is a heart with a knife embedded in it because of her deceiving him, Chahat starts laughing asking if he is a youngster to have the tattoo, Neel also realizes he has made a mistake by spending such an amount on the tattoo while Chahat is still laughing.

Neel is counting the money so explains he was able to arrange the thirty thousand but would ask Vyas je for the remaining amount which he would return after some time, Neel sees Vyas je handing Aalekh the amount explaining that there has been a lot of damage because of the floods so they will help them, Vyas je calls Neel inside, he takes the money from him praising that he has proved he is the son of Mant Vyas to donate the money, Neel is not able to say anything, Vyas je starts explaining the procedure to Aalekh.
Neel leaves thinking that he still has a house to live in so asks Vyas je to in form that the money is from Shlok and Dua. Aalekh explains that he said Neel would give them the money, Agam mentions they have arranged the money for three months of alcohol. Aalekh gets mad saying his entire life would be spend in drinking.

Dua is writing on the blackboard, she asks Godambari to sing the poem, however she sings it incorrectly at which Bopho starts laughing, Dua then asks him to sing jack and Jill, he is also not able to complete it after which she says she would teach them a new poem.

Chahat comes to Neel explaining he knows he was not able to arrange the money so should take the check, Neel leaves saying that he doesnot need her money.

Dua seeing Neel explains that she has become a teacher, she asks Chahat if there would a teacher like Miss Rosie so Chahat responds there would be a better teacher then her, Shlok apologizes for being late when she asks him to speak in English. Ghazala comes explaining they might not be able to go in the classroom because their parents are not able to arrange the money for the fees, Shlok questions what she is saying when Chahat assures them they have arranged the fees, she asks Bopho to take them inside to the sandwiches which she has prepared.

Neel questions Misses Baig why is she saying such awful things in front of the children knowing he is trying to arrange the money for their fees, ghazala asks what would she do as if he hits her then her work would be easy because she would be granted the custody of the children, Chahat asks how can she do this knowing they are trying their best to do everything for their children, Ghazala says what kind of a father he is when he is living on the money of his wife, Chahat herself tears the cheque when threatening Ghazala to never say anything wrong of her husband as she knows his capability and they would arrange half of the fees.
Neel is working as a labour when Chahat calls him questioning if he has had the lunch, Neel asks what kind of a questions is it so she explains that children are with her so he must respond, she orders them to stop playing and have the lunch, she asks if he has found a job, he says he is a chef but has not been able to find any work, Chahat assures him that he would surely get the job as Allah knows he is working for his children.

Shlok and Dua both are pulling their family, Chahat asks where they are taking them when they show the arrangement of a party, Ghazala explains she has arranged it for her grandchildren, Dua and Shlok are joyed to see the samosa, Ghazala asks them to come as she wants them to meet some guests, one of the guests questions who the father of the children is as the eyes of Shlok are just like him, Sahil comes saying he is the father of the children.

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