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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar gives a second chance to Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gautama saying I regret to say you have failed. She goes to Malhar and says we won’t talk about Ahilya’s education, there is no possibility of reconsidering it. She says Ahilya, you can’t get the permission to get educated, because you aren’t qualified, you were given a full chance, you didn’t give the answer, you should have no complains with us, its all decided already, we won’t talk about it, you have to learn a lot, focus on that, that will be your betterment, a woman should know everything related to a household.

Ahilya turns to go. Malhar stops her. He asks them to see, there is still time left for the test, Ahilya didn’t give the right answer, she still has time, she can give ten answers in the time given to her. He asks Ahilya to try again, think again, maybe she gets the right answer even this time. Khanderao says I don’t get such chance in test. Malhar says you left the test yourself, you didn’t give any other answer. Gautama says I didn’t ask Ahilya to answer, she called everyone to show her sharp mind, see the outcome of her haste, this will be against the rules. Malhar asks isn’t the question much tough, I got to know that everyone is trying to solve the question, Ahilya’s answer isn’t completely right, but not completely wrong. Ahilya smiles. He praises Gautama’s ethics and sincerity. He asks her to give a chance to Ahilya. Gautama says fine, I will give a chance to Ahilya to find the right answer, but the time is still the same.

Khanderao comes to his room and gets angry on the things. Dwarka stops him seeing him throw a book. She asks him to stay away. He says no one has any interest in my studies. She says you won’t listen to anyone. He says dad doesn’t care for me. She says I know, he cares for Ahilya a lot, we queens understood this, so we are supporting you. He says he will never listen to Gautama and you, even if you defend me. She says Malhar didn’t command us like a king. She explains him. He says I didn’t understand. She asks him to understand it after reaching the right age. She says I can help you, you have to convince Ahilya in a way that she doesn’t refuse you, she will be proved wrong if she refuses, she will lose. She tells her plan. He smiles.

Renu says Gautama found a tough question this time, you have less time now. Ahilya says Krishna has Chakra, lotus and peacock feather, it can become one thing together. Renu says I didn’t see those things together. Ahilya says yes, Gautama said that thing will be inside the palace, I have less time to find it. Khanderao comes. He says I m feeling hungry, I want to eat the daal made by you. Ahilya asks right now, but my test is going on, I have less time, once I find the answer, I will make it after the test. Khanderao says it means I have to stay hungry till then. Ahilya says no, tell anyone to make it. He says your Aai was praising you a lot, I want to have food made by you. Malhar comes. Ahilya says you are doing this intentionally to make me lose in the test. Malhar asks Khanderao not to put Ahilya in Dharm sankat, she has to answer the question. Gautama and Dwarka come. Gautama says a good wife is one who manages many responsibilities together. She says you have to do just two things, cook for Khanderao and think the riddle answer, if you can’t do this, then what’s the use of education. They leave. Ahilya thinks many hurdles come in my way. She worries.

Ahilya cooks the food. Malhar waits for her. Khanderao says the time is going to end, it means Ahilya will lose now. Malhar says if you didn’t send her to the kitchen to send… Renu asks them to come with her to the kitchen, Ahilya said that she can get the riddle answer there. Malhar smiles and goes.

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