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Pratigya 2 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna feels something for Pratigya

Pratigya 2 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pratigya is shivering. Krishna says I told you to not get drenched in the rain. He gives a kurta to her and asks her to wear it, we have to stay here till the rain stops. Pratigya is tensed. He asks why are you not changing? Pratigya is shy. Krishna puts up a curtain between them.

Meera calls the manager and asks where is Krishna? He says he went out. I don’t know if he went alone or with the secretary. Meera thinks I am sure he is with her.

Krishna sees a tape and plays it, beintahaa song plays. Krishna tries to stop it but it doesn’t work. Pratigya starts changing and opens her hair clip. Krishna looks at her and gets mesmerized. Pratigya takes the curtain down after changing. She comes near him and starts taking off his wet shirt and changes it. She hugs him because of being scared of the dark. Krishna says you shouldn’t be scared of the rain. He says you are shivering, let me do something. He starts a fire, they both sit down. Pratigya lies her head on his shoulder.. it all turns out to be her dream. Pratigya and Krishna are sitting on the opposite side of the hut. She sadly smiles.

Adarsh says Komal took everything from me, I will take everything away from her, she will beg me to leave her but I won’t.

Pratigya sees Krishna dozing off. She takes a sheet and stands in front of him so he doesn’t get wet. She turns and sees a snake reaching Krishna. She gets scared and tries to protect Krishna but the snake bites her. Pratigya screams in pain, Krishna wakes up and asks what happened? The snake bit you? Nothing will happen to you. He lies her on the bed.

Garv is worried about Krishna. Shakti says your father is dead so don’t think about him. Garv says he is still our father. Shakti tries to attack him but Kesar says they are not saying anything in front of Krishna so be calm. Shakti slaps her and says you want peace? You got it right, you are a shameless woman, you don’t tell the kids to shut up, you don’t understand anything. Sumitra says I have told her many times that women shouldn’t open their mouths but she doesn’t understand. Shakti tells the kids that if they speak up again then I will not spare them. Meera sees all this but ignores it.

Krishna ties a cloth on Pratigya’s foot and says don’t faint. He sees Meera calling and says why do you keep calling me? Meera says I am worried, where are you? You are not taking my call. Krishna says I am alive so end the call, I am stuck somewhere. Meera says who are you with? Are you fine? Krishna says I am alone, he ends the call. Krishna thinks why did I lie? Why didn’t I tell her the truth, why do I keep worrying about this girl?

Scene 2
Pratigya wakes up in the morning and sees Krishna sitting on the floor and dozing off. He wakes up and sees the cloth on her foot. Pratigya smiles and says I.. Krishna says I.. Pratigya tries to get up but slips, Krishna catches her and asks her to sit down. Why did you play with the snake? He could have bitten me but you had to interfere. Pratigya says you are something to me, I mean were something to me. I mean you are my boss, I had to take care of you. Thank you for saving my life. Krishna says the weather is fine so let’s go.

Krishna is in the car with Pratigya. She thinks why is he ignoring me? She says why are you silent? What happened to you? I know you get silent when something happens, if you are worried then share it with me. Krishna shouts to stop it, you talk like you know me well, you are just my office staff so don’t question me, you don’t have any right.

Adarsh gets ready as a groom and tells Bappa that they took everything from me, I want justice for my mother so I will take away everything from Komal, I will take my revenge. You have to be with me. Shakti comes there and says what were you praying for? I knew you had something up. You were blinded by your revenge so much that you forgot that you are still alive, you want to fight Sajjan’s family? You think you can destroy Sajjan’s family? I will cut you today. I am going to kill you.

Krishna and Pratigya are in the car, they come to the hotel. A policeman stops him and says my daughter gave birth to a baby, you and Pratigya bhabhi helped her when she was getting married so I thought to inform you about her baby. Krishna is confused.
PRECAP – Pratigya sees two men dragging a young girl into the hotel and taking her to a room. Pratigya calls Krishna and says something wrong is happening in the hotel. She goes to their room and the goons bring her to their boss. Pratigya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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