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Mere Sai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rama finds out about her family

Mere Sai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Lakshmikant says we made a very big mistake. Sai asks him if he understands how it impacted Rama. She looked after your family, loved you all and brought you all together. What did you give her in return except pain and tears? Lakshmikant folds his hands and is crying. I know it is my fault. Vidya was reluctant to accept it as truth. She fell ill again since Rama left. She kept taking her name entire night. Rama is the chain of our house which was brining everyone together. She brought the house to life. I accept my mistake and I want to take her back with us. I want to make her a part of our family, of our lives for forever. Sai says it cannot happen now. You cannot take Rama with you. Lakshmikant requests Sai to accept his request. You only say that everyone should get a chance to rectify their mistakes. Please give me that chance. Bala apologizes to Rama as well. She called me brother yesterday. I will treat her like my sister now. Please let her come with us. Sai says it is not possible now. Vidya and Bhagirathi request Sai as well. Vidya tells Sai to look at Rama’s face. You can see it all over her face. You can ask her once if you don’t believe me. Sai says it is not about asking her. I told you that she is someone’s amanat. Her parents have come to take her now. Rama and Lakshmikant’s family looks at Sai in shock. Sai says her entire family is here. I must send her back with them.

Rihana and Rambha look at each other in confusion.

Rama asks Sai if He has found her family. He nods. I was going to them only. That’s why I was asking you to come along. Keshav smiles while Lakshmikant and his family are in tears. Sai asks Rama to come with Him. We will go to your parent’s house. Lakshmikant requests Sai to wait a little. We want to meet that family too if you will let us. They must be very lucky as they are blessed with a daughter like Rama. We would request them to let Rama visit us sometimes. We would want her to be a part of our life too. Sai agrees and asks them to come along. Sai leaves with Rama and Lakshmikant’s family.

Everyone is thinking about their bond with Rama on their way. Rama thinks that she is going to be with her family but I don’t feel so excited now. Why am I pained at the thought of getting separated from them? Sai looks at them. He brings everyone to a house and asks them to go inside. Rama asks Him how her family would recognize her. I have no memento anymore. He tells her to go inside and look for herself. Inside you will find people who love you and want to stay with you. They all head inside. Sai smiles.

The walls of the house have mirrors all over. They look around curiously. Rama says no one is here. We can only see ourselves in the mirror. Vidya asks Lakshmikant if Sai made a mistake. Sai denies. Lakshmikant asks Him what it is. Rama also asks about her family. Sai says you will find your answer but I must show you all something before that. Sai takes out Rama’s locket from His bag. Lakshmikant, Vidya and Rama are shocked to see it while Bhagirathi and Bala are confused. Lakshmikant asks Sai how He got hold of this locket. Sai asks him why he became so restless after seeing it. What’s so special about it? Tell us. Lakshmikant takes the locket from Sai. You know everything, Sai. I am already ashamed of that incident. Please don’t pressurize me because of it again. Sai says I don’t want to hear it but there is someone who must hear about that incident. It is someone who is waiting for it from 10 years.

They all hear a little baby crying and look at the mirrors. The baby is kept in the basket and is crying continuously. Lakshmikant covers his ears as he hears the cries of the baby whom he had abandoned. Please stop this, Sai. Sai replies that He cannot do anything. Only truth can free you now. Tell us why this is so important for you. Lakshmikant agrees to tell everything. The voice stops. Lakshmikant removes his hands from his ears. His hands are shaking as he looks at the locket. This is the memento of the mistake which I did 10 years ago. I have been trying to do penitence till date. It has snatched the peace of my house. Rama asks him what he is saying. Lakshmikant says you don’t know the grave mistake that I have committed in life. It is about 10 years ago.

Flashback shows Vidya overlooking at little kids and cutting veggies 10 years ago. Lakshmikant walks in and looks at both the babies. Vidya asks him what happened. Don’t say that you are still thinking about it. He says I have decided already. She asks him how he can even think about it. He says I am not doing it willingly. We have been living life with scarce resources. I always wanted a son who is here now but how will I bear the burden of raising another girl. We wont be able to raise either of our kids if we try to raise 3 kids! It will become very difficult. I cannot bear these unwanted costs. She wont be of any use in our old age too. We cannot keep her with us. He picks up a basket. Vidya begs him not to do it but he refuses to back off. My problems wont change because of anything you say. He keeps the little baby girl in the basket, pushes Vidya and walks out of the house. She passes out on the floor because of shock. Lakshmikant leaves the baby outside Khandoba temple and keeps the locket in her basket. He takes one last look at her and apologizes to her. May Khandoba ji give you a nice home! Flashback ends.

Lakshmikant says everything changed once I came back home. Vidya was in shock and her health had deteriorated. I tried to get her treated but she refused. She was disgusted by me. She never trusted me again. I wish I could go back in time and rectify my mistake. I would have done my best to keep my family together. Vidya asks Sai how He got the locket. Sai says an old woman took that baby girl 10 years ago. She raised her with love. After her death, the girl came to Shirdi to look for her family. She is right here. Everyone is stunned. Sai says her name is Rama. Everyone looks at Rama in shock. Rama is in tears.

Precap: A guy tells his wife that they will use the food on their way. The route is long. He notices mangoes and suggests buying them. His wife asks him what if they can avoid going there. He says you are the first woman who is not eager to go to her home. Keshav notices Sai lost and asks Him what happened. Sai gives a reply.

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