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He guys I’m back with new episode of this SS. And I’m glad that you all liked the first part. THIS IS 15TH POST YAYY🥳🥳. So let’s begin without wasting time.

She was seen getting ready in front of her mirror. She was wearing a blue chikankaari kurti with white churidaar and her hair was tied in high pony tail. She was looking extremely gorgeous in that outfit.
She looked at the clock and it was 8:30. She panicked because she need reach hospital at 8:45. So she without wasting time ran towards the hospital.

She reached there in 15 minutes and met her senior colleague who was talking to other staff.
RIDDHIMA: Good morning Dr. Sharma.

DR. SHARMA: Good morning Dr. Shah. Mr. Raisinghania is coming in 10 minute you need to welcome him ok.

Riddhima nodded her head in yes.

All the staff heard the horn of a car. And all settled on the gate. Riddhima welcame  the owner and was shocked to see him her SAVIOR. He sensed that she is shocked to see him so he smirked. He without saying anything went inside. And waited for Dr. Sharma to introduce him.

DR. SHARMA: Good morning everyone hope you all are doing well. I know that you all are very excited and curious to know about the owner of this hospital. So I want to tell that he is India’s no. 1 and best doctor. And he is MR. VANSH RAISINGHANIA, I would like call him on the stage and introduce himself.

Here he came with his dangerous yet attractive aura. He was wearing a black coat and pants with orange goggles looking extremely attractive and handsome .all girls were staring at him. And this made Riddhima a bit jealous even she don’t know why was she feeling  jealous if girls are staring at him.
She was also staring at him very much.

Vansh came on the stage and said.

VANSH: Hello everyone I’m Vansh. Dr. Vansh Raisinghania, I’m india’s best doctor aesa log kehte hai. I like everything to be perfect no mistakes are allowed in this hospitals. And patients life are first priority in the life of doctors. Because for patients we are God’s. So no mistake in their treatments.  THANK YOU.

Saying so he started leaving. Riddhima also started leaving but her feet twisted suddenly and she was about to fall on the ground and she closed her eyes being frightened by the thought of falling on the ground. But in the nick of time Vansh catches her from her waist feeling someone’s hand on her waist she opened her eyes. And RiAnsh shared a cute EYELOCK.
The stayed in that position for 1 minute and make themselves stable.

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry I didn’t realized when my feet got twisted.
She said being embarrassed.

VANSH: Its ok. Dr. Shah.

RIDDHIMA: Thank you for saving me two times.
She said with her beautiful smile on her face.
He nodded his head. They both stared each other smilingly.
And Vansh went from there.

PRECAP: Her first surgery with him.

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it.


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