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King reaches the venue. He sees Kohlis, Mehras,Khannas and Srinivasans. He sits far from them. Shahana tries to speak Aryan but they have to give announcement of another contestant they leave to the stage.

Near costume room

Prachi opens the door and Ranbhir stops near the door. His phone suddenly vibrates he pulls it out from his pocket. While pulling his phone out of pocket, Prachi’s bracelet falls down and rolls towards the door and stops there. He sees doubtfully at the door but when he sees the costume room name his eyes gets filled with curiosity. Prachi steps out of the room but still covered by the door allowing Ranbhir to notice only her feet simultaneously Ranbhir moves towards the door. Prachi completely comes out but as she is standing in sideway to Ranbhir and with her hair covering her face he was unable to see her. Prachi hears the foot steps and turns towards Ranbhir but due to poor lighting none of them could see each other.

“ Who are u ?” Prachi asks.

Ranbhir’s heart throbs. The voice he heard was a voice he was so desperate to hear.   Prachi goes a few steps back and turn on the lights. Prachi turns.

T the backstage

Aryan and Shahana come back to the backstage. Shahana tries to speak with Aryan.

“ Aryan…” Shahana calls Aryan.

“ Hmm?”

“ Are u angry with me?” asks Shahana innocently.

Aryan raises his eyebrows questioning that doesn’t he have the right to be angry which makes her shut up. Shahana bends her head.

“ How are u?”asks Aryan as a low as possible he can.

“ I am fine.U?” Replies Shahana with a little bit of glow on her face.

” Fine”replies Aryan.

They don’t understand what to speak. They are beating their brains to talk about a relevant topic. Finally Shahana utters something.

“ Is Ranbhir married ?” asks Shahana.

“ What? What do u think of Ranbhir? Do u really think that he would have ran like insane for Prachi if he was married to another woman?” Shouts Aryan angrily.

“ No.. I didn’t” Shahana gets interrupted by Aryan.

“ U and Prachi take him for granted as he will do anything for the person he loves, right? First u make up your own death making everyone to cry tears of blood and then u suddenly appear and ask all these sort of idiotic questions.” Yells Aryan.

“ I was just confirming. And a suggestion for u. Your brother has got a girl bcoz he doesn’t yell at girls like you, if u yell at girls like this then u will never get a girl for yourself.” Replies Shahana angrily.

“ That’s a good joke bcoz I am getting married day after tomorrow. ” replies Aryan and immediately gets tensed thinking about Shahana’s reaction.

Shahana was shocked. She feels a chill down her spine. Her whole body gets numb. Tears gets frozen in her eyes and her vision gets blurred. She feels like someone is strangling her neck as she feels deprived from breath.

At costume room

Prachi feels a chill down her spine seeing the human figure in front of her. He was a guy with handsome face, fair, perfect height and most  important, he is someone whom she loves enormously. After seeing him, she couldn’t utter a word. Tears were struck in her eyes, making her vision blur and her throat was hurting. Ranbhir’s eyes also were filled with tears but with tears of happiness, He moves towards her.

“ Chikchiki….”saying this he touches her cheek. As soon as he touches tears starts rolling form her eyes. Her tears were due to happiness and guilt. He caresses her face and then he touches her hands and kisses her dorsal side of her palm. Then they share an eye lock and hug each other tightly and cries.

At backstage

“ what? U are getting married?”Shocked Shahana asks Aryan.

Aryan gets tensed about what he said. He looks at her eyes which are filled with tears.

“ well…. Yes.” Replies Aryan quietly.

“ with whom? ” asks Shahana.

“ Mi…Mishti.” Replies Aryan bending his head.

“ Oh,,, congratulations. I think it’s time for our next announcement.” Saying this Shahana leaves from there quickly.

Aryan feels bad and leaves to the stage. Kiara sees everything.

At costume room

“my chikchiki, how are u? wait a second.” He releases himself from their hug and picks the bracelet and makes her wear it.

“ u lost it on the day of party.”Ranbhir says.

Prachi remembers their moments and how they broke up. She pulls her palm from his clutches and tries to leave from there but gets held by Ranbhir.

“ where are u going now? Do u know how hard it was to find u?” he gets interrupted by Prachi.

“ Then u shouldn’t have tried.” replies Prachi sternly.

“ what? What do u mean by that?” asks a shocked Ranbhir.

“ when I ran away that day, couldn’t u see clearly that I don’t want to be found.  This decision is mine.” Replies Prachi sternly.

“ okay, fine. U took a decision and do u think I have no right to be known?” asks Ranbhir angrily.

“ U lost that right, the day u cheated on me.” replies Prachi.

“ cheat? Oh my god. All my life I have been in love with a single girl, fighting for her with all my closed ones. I agree I mad a mess once but when I tried to clear it up by being honest, u ran away and made up your own death. And like a mad I have been searching for u and finally found u. Is that called cheating?” Ranbhir says this in a single breath scaring Prachi.

“ I did not make my own death. I indeed met with an accident but I survived. It was u people who taught me dead.” Prachi shouts.

“ Then even I didn’t cheat on u. I was forced by my mother to break up with u . she blackmailed me using her heart attack drama.” Ranbhir replies.

“ What? Drama? What do u mean?” asks Prachi doubtfully.

Ranbhir narrates the truth.

At backstage

Aryan and Shahana come back. They see Kiara smiling at them. Shahana smiles and leaves from there.

“ di, u are after two participants.” Says Aryan trying to make a conversation.

“  Hmm, I know. I am the last one to perform. Well, I wanted to tell u something.” Says Kiara.

“ Di, go ahead.” Says Aryan.

“ I heard your conversation… u revealed about your wedding with Mishti to Shahana, right?” asks Kiara.

“ Yes di. She is feeling bad.” Replies Aryan sadly looking at Shahana who is drinking water to prevent crying.

“ only she is feeing bad?” asks Kiara

“ even I am feeling bad.” Replies Aryan.

“why?” asks Kiara.

“ why? What do u mean by that di? She is my friend……………. Obviously she will feel bad as………” Aryan doesn’t get what to say.

“as..? what?” asks Kiara curiously.

“ as she is my special friend. And I haven’t informed her earlier.” Blabbers Aryan as fast as he can without looking into Kiara’s eyes.

Kiara holds his face and asks him to say that again which he wasn’t able to.

“ Listen, don’t lie to yourself anymore. U know very well what the truth, what exactly u feel for her. U are not accepting it. Pls accept it. I agree Shahana is your friend, but a very special one, don’t u think? U are not able to accept it because u are thinking u will be cheating on Mishti, but u fell in love with her long back, before your wedding was fixed and I can say by the look at her eyes, the way she sees u, she also loves u. Don’t delay anymore. please.” tells Kiara looking at Shahana.

Aryan looks at Shahana and reminisces their moments. He smiles and realizes he loves her. He feels very happy and hugs Kiara. But thinks about Mishti. Kiara understands.

“ Don’t think too much. Mishti is also a girl. She will understand. No girl can stay happy with a man who loves someone else. Tell truth to Mishti as soon as possible. She will understand. Okay?” asks Kiara.

Aryan nods. Kiara kisses his forehead and they hug.

” I wish u both a happy life and even for Ranbhir and Prachi.” says Kiara with tears in her eyes.

” Di, what happend? why are u saying like that? U should wish this on our wedding day. Anyways, let’s go.” replies Aryan.

Arhana and Kiara leave to the stage.

At costume room

“what? That means…. I am sorry, I am sorry.. I misunderstood u all this time, I slapped u. I am really sorry Ranbhir.”Prachi breaks down and falls on her knees crying consoled by Ranbhir. she understands how he has chosen his mother’s happiness over his’s just like the way she did.

“ so u didn’t marry Rhea?” asks Prachi curiously. Ranbhir nods in denial to which Prachi smiles which melts his heart with happiness. He kisses her forehead and hugs her again to which she reciprocates.

“ so now as you know the truth? Shall we go home?” asks Ranbhir hoping that she would say yes.

“ NO” replies Prachi sternly remembering her promise to Rhea.

“ why ? what is stopping u now?” asks a shocked Ranbhir.

“ I am helpless Ranbhir.” Replies Prachi without looking into his eyes.

“ why? I mean I was the reason for u to leave. Now I clarified all your doubts, what is stopping u now?” asks Ranbhir pulling her inot his arms.

“ who said that I left because of u?” asks a shocked Prachi.

“ that.. wait. U didn’t leave because I broke up with u? then why did u leave? ” asks Ranbhir.

Prachi doesn’t understand what to say. Suddenly Arya’s name is called as her performance is about to start.

“ Listen Prachi, it’s di’s performance. And I can’t miss hers. You don’t know her, right? I will tell u everything later.We will go and watch her performance and then we will discuss everything. Okay?” Ranbhir says pulling her hands but Prachi doesn’t follow him.

“ don’t worry, I will not take u to our families until u are ready. We will sit far away from the. Can u come now? ” asks Ranbhir to which Prachi nods.

On the stage

Kiara gets on to the stage. Everyone cheers for her especially Abhihya. She smiles with tears in her eyes.

” I know her. She called me with my real name this morning. Now I understood how she knows my name. ” says Prachi with a smile still holding Ranbhir’s hand to which Ranbhir also smiles.

Kiara doesn’t sing and bends her head. Everyone gets confused especially Abhi. Everyone asks her to sing but she doesn’t. countdown starts. If she doesn’t start singing within the countdown she will be disqualified.10,9,8….3,2,1.

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