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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi meets Ahaan

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan scolding Ishqi. He says you ruined two families, I will call your Maasa. She says no, its not Maasi’s mistake, don’t do this. He asks what was Suman’s mistake in this. She says don’t call him, I did this because of Sonu, Mayank clicked her pics and was blackmailing her. He asks what. He goes. Ishqi wakes up from the dream. She thinks same dream again. Maasi asks what’s the dream you see every day since 6 months, are you fine, are you sure to work here. Ishqi says yes, I started from here, everything will be fine.

She joins the resort as a waiter. Manager asks her to come on duty. Maasi asks will you stay happy here. Ishqi says work is work, don’t ask me what happened 6 months back. Maasi says I know you are hiding your pain, this smile is fake. Ishqi says I m trying to trick my heart, I smile a bit in between. Maasi says find some partner. Ishqi says I didn’t refuse for marriage, what shall I do, I will find him if its destined, I can find him in this resort itself, come, sit, I will clean the room.

Ishqi cleans the room. Ishqi asks her to have food. She says this job will make everything fine. Maasi cries. She says I don’t know hiding tears like you, Ahaan did wrong to snatch everything. Ishqi says everything will be fine. She leaves. Maasi prays for her. Ishqi recalls getting ousted from the house and office. The man says sorry you can’t get the job, Ahaan said you shouldn’t get the job. She thinks I can do a job in this resort, this is the right path to go now. She calls the resort manager. FB ends. Ishqi gives food to a poor man. She sees Ahaan at the resort. He says I will never forget you. She says go, I have nothing to lose now. He says I never break my promise. She shouts go away. Manager asks what happened. She says nothing, I was coming to meet you. He says a VIP guest is coming, be ready. She says okay. Maasi says you just took her tests, not justice, if she broke the marriage, then some reason would be there, it can’t be a simple reason, else Ishqi would have not hidden this, you know the reason. She prays. Ishqi says Ahaan would never know that I work here. Ishqi goes to ask the guest name. The man says Virender Mehta and family. Manager asks Ishqi to organize the presidential suite, the guest had been here before, its not easy to handle her. Sarla asks why did we reach here.

Raj says please don’t embarrass me in front of Mr. Mehta. Sonu messages Ishqi. Ishqi says suites are ready, and also lunch. Manager says nothing should go wrong. Sarla and family come there to meet Riya’s family. Ishqi sees Ahaan and thinks he always comes in front of me in imagination. She shouts stay away and pushes him away. He falls away. She thinks is he here for real. Manager says sorry, she is a waiter, she joined today, forgive her. She begs Ahaan and says sorry. Ahaan says you can’t do a job even here, you have to clean the rooms. Manager asks Ishqi to do it properly, Riya is Mehta’s daughter. Kartik jokes. Raj says its 6 months, change the joke at least. Mehta says Riya is the owner of this resort, we are buying this resort. Riya’s mum says Ahaan will handle it. Riya says name this resort to Ahaan. Dadi says no, you know he won’t take anything from his Sasural.

Dadi asks Kartik to sit silently. She says I want Ahaan and Riya’s marriage to happen soon. Riya thinks Ahaan please agree for the marriage today. Manager says I know you didn’t do this intentionally, but its a serious offence to misbehave with the guest. Ishqi asks him not to fire her from the job. She thinks I won’t come in Ahaan’s way again.

Ring goes missing. Sarla says Ishqi would have stolen it. Mehta and Ahaan ask them to check Ishqi for the ring. Ishqi cries.

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