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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Haseena stops Happu from revealing the truth

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Beni coming to Happu. Happu asks how can I help you? Beni says you have learnt English? He confronts him for not identifying his Amma, wife and kids. Happu says he is Shankar Dada. Beni says do you remember and tells about the childhood incident. Happu says mind your language, tells that he never dance on old songs and never talks to useless people. He asks do you have any problem? Beni says you had felt pained, when snake bit on your back. Manager says this is a beautiful hotel and not jungle. Rajjo cries. Kat asks her not to shed her tears. Kamlesh asks Rajjo to dance infront of Happu and Haseena bechain and make them restless. Rajjo asks him to have food silently else he will have to eat something else. She says she is waiting for Beni. Kat says Kamlesh is saying that father is dancing with Haseena. Rajjo asks with whom to dance? Manager comes there and tells that he can dance with her, as customer satisfaction matters to him. Rajjo asks him to see and satisfy other customers. Kat says you have to make Haseena jealous and asks her to think. Rajjo asks them to go. Kamlesh tells that once his mother caught his papa with a dancer. She started dancing with the waiter, then Papa held her hand and went home, he never went back to dancer. Beni comes there. Kat and Kamlesh leave. Beni tells Rajjo that he confronted and scolded Happu. He says he praised Rajjo and the kids, but he heard him and went silently. Rajjo says your words didn’t affect him. Beni says he must be crying somewhere. Manager comes there and tells that Shankar Dada aka Happu Singh is in swimming pool with Haseena Bechain. Beni says he must be crying. Rajjo scolds Beni and threatens not to get him married to Bimlesh. Beni asks if Haseena has any sibling. Manager says 1 brother and 1 sister.

Later Chamchi cries as Happu haven’t recognized him. They all get upset. Ranbir says he didn’t get affected. Chamchi says my father has changed. Hritik says he was not my father. Kat asks he is not the father. Ranbir says he is not our father, but he is Shankar Dada. Happu says he is fighting alone for me. Manohar says it seems he is only your son. Happu says everyone is the star of my eyes. Malaika says his body language is like Bapu. Kamlesh says Malaika is absolutely right. Kat tells that he is Shankar Uncle.

Happu cries seeing his kids yearning for him. Manohar asks him to control his emotions, and reminds him of the mission. Happu says I can’t control and is going there. Manohar holds his neck and stops him. Happu gets angry and asks what to do in this condition. Manohar jokes. Ranbir sings song and cries. Kat, Chamchi and others cry. Happu also cries.

In the room, Happu cries. Haseena asks if he is man or pajama. Manohar says Pajama. Happu says all men are pajama, who love their family. Haseena says you have worn pajama to protect me. Manohar says you have worn law pajama too. Happu says I have worn law pajama to take care of my wife and kids, and will throw it out. Manohar says you will look horrible without pajama. Haseena tells Happu that the goons can come here at anytime and my life is in danger. Manohar says everyone’s eyes are on you. Happu scolds him. Manohar flirts with Haseena. Happu says I will go and tell truth to my wife and kids, else she will divorce him. Haseena says I am here. She asks him to give sometime to their relation. Happu says I have just relation with my wife and kids. Haseena says you will not tell anyone and says if you wanted, then would have told in lift and got stuck with me. Happu says I hid my face as my wife came there suddenly. Manohar questions Happu. Happu gets upset. Haseena asks him to calm down. Happu asks her not to give him gyaan.

Happu gets Resham Pal’s phone and he says he is guarding Haseena. Haseena asks where to go for dinner. Happu asks her to eat him.

Later Rajjo sees Haseena’s car shaking up. Manager says your husband is not seen. Rajjo thinks if Happu Singh is in the car. She goes near the car and tries to check. She tries to open the door. Haseena comes out and asks why did you come here? Rajjo calls her husband stealer. Haseena says I am alone in the car and asks her to check. Rajjo asks where did he go? Haseena says mosquitoes were inside. She says she was practicing dance steps. Rajjo asks her to leave her husband. Haseena says he is my boyfriend Shankar Dada. Rajjo says he is my husband Happu Singh.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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