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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 12

Episode starts as..,

Arohi & Tara : Will someone tell us what’s happening? 

Deep : Exactly, what’s the truth? 

Vansh : I’d be pleased to tell..

“There was a man, who was a drug and gold smuggler..He was doing his deal good-”

Vansh : One more profession, r**ist 

Vansh: Yes, yess, he was a r**ist too! He r*ped those girls who conspired against him, the cops and all..and when any men did it..He called his sister..

Riddhima : Sorry, sl*t sister..

Vansh : Yeah, yeah..Where was I? Sister, yes..About 5-6 years ago, there was a college going girl,  living in the hostel, she was very cute and chirpy, when that smuggler was smuggling, she saw him and then started collecting proofs against her..” 

He stopped.

Deep : Next? 

Vansh : I only know this much! 

Riddhima : The next part will be narrated by Abhianshu..

Abhianshu : Then, that smuggler caught that girl..He scared her but she was not scared.. Instead she scared the smuggler. The smuggler got extremely angry. The smuggler’s sister decided to torture the girl, but the smuggler, decided to r*pe her..The girl was very strong, as the smuggler was going to touch her, she bited his hand and ran away. The smuggler and his sister tried to catch her but alas! They couldn’t..Then, they decided to kidnap her friend and blackmail that girl, but the smuggler got mesmerized by the friend’s beauty, so he was going to r*pe her but then that girl arrived and made the both smuggler and the sister arrested. Since then, we’ve had an enmity. 

Riddhima : Who’ll tell the last part? Nia, you’ll do that!

Nia : When we got released from the jail, we did a plastic surgery to take revenge from Riddhima..But GOD knows how she got to know about it..

Riddhima : Abhianshu, you were related to the underworld, right? 

Abhianshu : Yeah..

Riddhima : And Vansh and Dad also, right? 

Deep & Vansh : Yupp! 

Riddhima : mm…So, you might have heard the name of “Lady Mamba” 

Deep : Yes, we’ve but how do you know her?

Riddhima smirks. 

Abhianshu : Means you..

Vansh : Are you the  “Lady Mamba” ,  the Queen of the Underworld? 

Everyone’s jaw dropped while Riddhima smirked. 

Deep : Means you’re the one who is called Golden Mafia..

Riddhima : Yes Dad, I’ve many names..Golden Mafia, Lady Mamba, Queen of Underworld, The GOD girl etc..etc..

Nia : But how should we trust you? 

Riddhima smirks and says,”Angre!!” (I forgot, he’s also there) Angre brought a box which had many photos of hers doing deals. Deep and Vansh looked at Angre.

Angre : Vo..a..b..you have only told me ki, “Agr koi kaam left hand se kro, toh right hand ko bhi pata nahi chalna chahiye” so I was just supporting both the teams. 

Deep : Did you leak any information?

Angre : No

Deep : Good! 

Vansh: Leave that all! The main thing is why did she become a mafia? 

Deep : Hmm, tell tell..

Riddhima : I can’t tell you all that…

Vansh : Tell or..

Riddhima : Or what? 

She glared at him angrily. 

Deep : Riddhima, tell! 

Riddhima: Okay, fine!!! So listen..

Precap : Nia stabs Vansh. 

Riddhima : Don’t you DARE

Nia : What will you do, ha? So much love for this orphan? 

Riddhima : Just shut up! DARE you to call him an orphan, he’s the most  important part of my life.. 

Sorry for getting late, I was in no mood to write this in the morning..Hope you liked it…Guess the reason for Riddhima being a MAFIA  and what will Vansh react to Riddhima’s statement of precap.. Also, I was getting late, so didn’t inserted pics, but next one will be full of pictures..Will update soon! Take care and Stay safe!!

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