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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-39)

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At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 8 am:-

At Vansh’s Room:-

Riddhima was sleeping on the couch suddenly she felt something on her face which was on her temple then went to cheeks and then slowly to her lips as it went to her lips she opened her eyes suddenly and saw a handsome face in the early morning sitting beside her. She opened her eyes and sat over there and he said

Vansh- How was your sleep?

Riddhima- Fine….

Vansh- Riddhima I want to say something

Riddhima- Yaa say

Vansh- Actually after juggling a lot with my brain I finally decided to do it but I really love you but I feel that if you aren’t comfortable with me you can leave me forever I won’t say anything……

Riddhima (teary eyes) – No Vansh you can’t do this……. How can you do this with me……? I love you Vansh

Vansh (shocked) – Are you serious, Riddhima?

Riddhima nods on this

Vansh- I love you Riddhima

He immediately said this and engulfed her into a bone-crushing hug

Riddhima- I love you Vansh, Never talk about leaving please

Vansh- I love you too Riddhima, I promise I won’t

He kissed her forehead and her chubby cheeks and as he kissed on her cheeks and she felt as if it was burning she closed her eyes to remove it from his eye contact he immediately put his rough lips on her soft and smooth one, on sudden action she opened her eyes in shock and met his closed eyes and then he pinched on her waist asking her for her response, she started responding him while she putted his hairs in her fist to deepen the kiss while he was caressing her hair with one of his hands and other was on her waist and she broke the kiss to gain some oxygen but her eyes closed and hugged him and shouted “I love you” and both feel from the couch as the hug was too tight

Riddhima’s eyes were closed as she was hugging Vansh and she heard Vansh voice

Vansh- Riddhima, Riddhima open your eyes… Riddhima

Riddhima with a jolt opened her eyes and saw Vansh sitting beside her while she was hugging the cushion tightly, she sat up and saw him

Riddhima (to herself) – Oh No, It was a dream….. If I had muttered something and he heard… I’m a dead meat… Bappa save me please

Her thoughts were broken by Vansh voice

Vansh- Riddhima, Are you ok?

Riddhima- Yaa….

Vansh- Ok… Btw… Whom were you saying “I love you” I mean the way you shouted I was shocked

Riddhima- I…. I…. Yaa…I love you Bappa…. Actually see after a big accident you both came I should thank him, you get freshen up I will come with breakfast don’t go anywhere

Saying so she rushed out

Vansh (To himself) – Thank god she said to Bappa If to any boy I swear he won’t see today’s moon… Let’s go Vansh get freshen up

He took his towel and went to washroom

Riddhima (To herself) – Thank God I just said I love you he didn’t listen anything ….. Btw… How many dreams I saw in a day sometime with closed eyes and sometime with open eyes, indeed this love is a sickness I have started day dreaming I need to consult a psychiatrist … Let’s go Riddhu… Let’s get freshen up and then breakfast

In RV Mansion:-

At 10 am:-

Veer’s POV start:-

It had been one and a half month since dad is searching for Riddhima, those idiot officers god knows how they remembered Riddhima’s face and told that all incident and about that even that where are they and dad being Dad put whole search team in Rajasthan but as our lie was a good one they haven’t found them and even how will they as all are enjoying in Darjeeling. Hope they remember their past soon…. Otherwise everything will go in vain…. But god knows how dad got to know the place and today he will get to know where they are…. God… Please don’t let him meet him

Veer’s POV end-:

He was standing on the staircase and saw Sooraj sitting on the sofa with his phone he started moving towards him suddenly Sooraj’s phone rang and he picked it up

Sooraj (on call) – Yes…. Any news

Waiting for other one

Sooraj (on call) {excited} –Really…. Thank you so much

He hanged up the call

Voice- Dad what happened you are very happy after a long time?

Veer saw towards the voice and found Ruchi and Mom entering from gate

Sooraj- Ruchi and Sandhya from where are you both coming from?

Sandhya- Actually, today her appointment with doctor was early in the morning so we went to the clinic

Veer- This early

Ruchi (raising her eyebrows) – Yes… Any issue

Veer- Why would I have?

Ruchi- Good… btw Dad any news for your happiness

Sooraj- I will tell first tell what did doctor said

Sandhya- Doctor said that as it’s her eighth month so we need to be extra aware may be delivery will happen in this month only or he will give the date in the beginning of the ninth month

[It’s just my thought please don’t judge it on the basis of science]

Sooraj- Ohk….. That’s good I will see my first grandchild soon that’s the first good news and second is….is….

All (in unison) – Is…..

Sooraj- is that I got Riddhima’s location, they are in West Bengal where that’s not confirmed it will be told by tomorrow

Everyone felt as if the world beneath their feet had been removed

Veer- How dad… I mean how you got to know?

Sooraj- Actually you know Veer our search team in Bengal they searched in some dhaba there they should them the picture and one of the person there told that they saw them there, my daughters had punished some of the goons who were eve-teasing… I’m proud of them

Veer (lost) – Me too

Ruchi- Dad, I’m tired I need rest will see you all later

Sooraj- Yaa go go….

Veer- Come I will take you

He holds her and took her to their room and made her sit on the bed and latched the door

Veer- What the hell Ruchi, by tomorrow everything will go in vain if dad got to know their location

Ruchi- Veer Calm down

Veer (crying) – How can I calm down I don’t want to lose my child once again… No Ruchi…. I can’t face everything again… Why dad don’t get that ….. Ruchi…. I don’t want to lose my child again I don’t want to be on the verge to lose Riddhima again….. Please god

Ruchi seeing his condition immediately hugged him

Ruchi (crying) – You are with us nothing will happen to our child again… God is with us and soon they’ll remember everything

Veer (crying) – Ruchi we can’t wait… Dad will surely learn everything tomorrow…….. I need to tell them to change their place

Ruchi- Where will they go?

Veer- Paris

Ruchi- Without Visa and Passport

Veer- Aray Vansh is with them na…. He will do something… I’m calling Kabir

He calls Kabir

“The number you are trying to call is switched off”

Veer- What the…..

Ruchi- Call Angre bhai

Veer- Yaa…..

“The number you are trying to call is out of network coverage are”

Veer- Why there numbers aren’t connecting

Ruchi- Calm down, Call Aryan

Veer- Will he pick up

Ruchi- Try Veer

“The number you are trying to call is out of network coverage are”

In anger he throws away the phone which breaks into pieces

Ruchi- Veer…. Why you broke it… Are you in your senses?

Veer- How the hell can I be Ruchi, Riddhima and Vansh’s surgery’s date is coming and you are asking me to be calm…. How can I? God knows where are they?

Ruchi- Keep trying…. Come sit

She made him sit and gave him water

Ruchi- Nothing will happen… Calm

He hugs her

Veer- Really

Ruchi- Yaa… Inform dad also he will try

Veer- Yaa…. Will do it….

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 11 am:-

Riddhima came out from the Kitchen with tray in her hand followed by Sejal and saw Kabir searching something everywhere

Sejal- Kabir

Kabir- Yaa Sejal

Sejal- What are you searching?

Kabir- My phone

Sejal (chuckling) – It must be in your room

Kabir- It’s not there

Sejal- Check again

Kabir- What do you think I haven’t searched I did and that too twice

Sejal- Ok let me help you

Riddhima- Kabir have you came last night with the phone after accident

Kabir- as Car blasted I guess no

Riddhima (shocked) – Car blasted but you said accident

Kabir bit his tongue

Kabir- It was a slip of tongue sorry accident car was there only… I guess it’s there only lost

They saw Aryan who was on the staircase moving left and right on the stair sometime left then center then right and repeat

Sejal- Why are you walking like this?

Aryan- I’m searching for network, network isn’t coming I was watching a movie and this see idiot this network

Ishani- Just like you… like phone like its owner

They saw Ishani coming from behind him

Kabir- Check outside…. It may get connected

Angre- I’m also not getting

Aryan (to Ishani) – See….. Like brain like its owner….. (Mumbling) Useless

Ishani- You…. Idiot

Riddhima- Shut up guys…. Go and have breakfast and search for network later… and Ishani were is Siya

Ishani- Bathroom

Riddhima- Ok

Saying so she went to Vansh’s room all saw that and

Ishani- Love is again in the air

Sejal- Indeed

Kabir- Why?

Sejal- Today Riddhu saw a dream of Vansh confessing her

Aryan- They both are insane….

Angre- Yaa….

All laughed and Siya came and saw them laughing

Siya- Had I missed something?

Ishani- Not important… Come let’s eat breakfast… rest are enjoying

Siya- What?

Ishani- Nothing

They started having their breakfast unaware of the havoc

In Vansh’s room:-

Riddhima entered the room and saw Vansh near the mirror shirtless, she closed her eyes and turned around blushing

Vansh saw this

Vansh- Do you think this is your room?

Riddhima- No actually I came to give breakfast…. I’m sorry I didn’t meant to

Vansh- Keep it there

Riddhima kept the tray and was about to leave but Vansh holds her wrist and pulled her towards himself, with his sudden action, Riddhima was shocked. Her front collided with his hard chest and they looked into each other…. Riddhima started getting flashback of her dream

Vansh- You took it seriously…. Sorry

Riddhima- I thought you were serious

Vansh- Come change my bandage then let’s have breakfast because I won’t have this much….

Riddhima made him sit on the bed and started changing his bandage of his hands while he was smiling all the way and was staring at her, which was noticed by Riddhima

Riddhima- Why are you staring at me like this?

Vansh- Tadna free of cost hai (Staring is free of cost), Just for your pretty face….

Riddhima- Really?

Vansh- Any doubt

Riddhima- No

She removed his bandage of head then was removing the cotton he hissed and holds her hand tightly she didn’t rejected and started slowly blowing on the wound by slowly removing the cotton as it was removed more, the tighter his hold became on his hand. She removed it and

Riddhima- It’s small now

Vansh- After all, a beautiful doctor is treating it

Riddhima- Such a flirt you are

Vansh- Only for you

Riddhima smiled and put the band – aid on it and then went to washroom to wash her hands while Vansh sat on the couch and she came

Vansh- Why you brought this?

Riddhima- What this?

Vansh- This porridge, bread and butter and again this yellow yellow

Riddhima- It’s not yellow yellow, yeh haldi ka doodh hai (This is turmeric milk) and you met with accident yesterday so you have t0 have these

Vansh- I met with accident yesterday not today go and bring something else

Riddhima- I guess Kabir is better than you

Vansh- Now what better you did?

Riddhima- He is eating this silently

Vansh (to himself) – Yaa… He will be better na… Sejal is there na he will eat anything to impress her… that idiot I will kill him…. Now I will have to have this

He started having it and Riddhima sat and took another bowl of porridge and started having while Vansh saw this

Vansh- Why are you having this?

Riddhima- You are also having had I said anything, don’t evil eye

Vansh- Shut up and tell

Riddhima- Just to give you company

All were having it peacefully waiting for the havoc who was sitting next to them all ready to fight with them

Episode ends

Precap- Riddhima learnt the truth about her kidnapping and Vansh confront her

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