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Dhoka- One Shot on RiAnsh

A man in his late-thirties lighted a cigarette and brought it near his mouth. He closed his eyes to feel the effect of the drug, but the intoxination did no help in reducing the pain he was going through.

Churaya hi kyu

jab vo todna hi tha

Dil bhi vo tuta hai

jo mere paas nahi

Unknowingly, a smile crept up on his face. He had lost his heart to her, helplessly.

Dikhaya hi kyu

jab muh modna hi tha

Seene mai hawa toh hai

par vo saans nahi

He had fallen for her, deep and hard. But she?

She just played with his feelings.

Mere paas nahi hai
koi saath nahi hai
Jo btade mujhe baat
ye khaas nahi

He chuckled at his loneliness. He was alone. Nobody cared about him, not even he himself.

Dil udaas sahi hai
koi aas nahi hai
Pagli ankhon ki nami hai
ye barsaat nahi

A lone tear escaped his eye, which he didn’t bother to wipe, as there was no one around to witness his broken state.

Main bhi na jaane
kaha kho gaya tha
Zindagi bhi mujhse
khafa ho gayi

He smiled, remembering his lady love…Riddhima…

Jis din ki is dil ne
khudse mohobat
To zindagi bhi
mujhpe fida ho gayi

She had done such a wonderful magic on him, that he was blinded in her love. Lost appetite, sleepless nights, imagining her around him, gazing at her, while staying hidden and what not.

Mere paas nahi hai
koi saath nahi hai
Or na hai ab kisika
intezaar kahi

His heart filled with immense pain when he realized that he had lost her. She wouldn’t come to him now. She was never his. The only person she ever loved was that blo*dy inspector, Kabir…

Tere baare mai na sochu
aisi raat nahi hai
Par tu tode dil mera
teri aukaat nahi

He smirked devilishly.

Ankhon mai dhuan tha
maine dekha hi nahi
Khushi peeche hi thi khadi
daabe ye hassi

Dil bhi bola sunn baaware ankhiyon ke dushman
Naa mai kabhi tuta tha
na khoya tha kahi

Tere paas yahi hu
ye awaaz mai hi hu
Ye kahani teri meri hai
zamane ki nahi

Mai dhadakta rahu
tu bhi yu hasta rahe
Duniya jaye saali bhaad mai
koi parwa hi nahi

His lips curved up in a sinister smilesat. Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, he switched the television on.

“Riddhima Raichand and Kabir Malhotra, these two have been missing for more than a month. The victims’ families have not been asked for ransom by any means, neither have their bodies been found. The police has investigated the matter but no leads have been found yet. Sources say that they both were lovers and ran away from home due to their family’s reluctance on accepting their relationship.”

“Rest in peace, my love…”, he said, looking at Riddhima’s photo frame, that had a garland hung around it.

“Tch! Tch! Tch! Vansh Raisinghania ki duniya mein, dhoke ki saza sirf ek hai. Aur vo hai…maut!”, he laughed evilly.


This song is so addicting, I couldn’t resist from writing an OS on it. Do listen to ‘Ek Raat’ by Vilen. 😌

Tried writing something dark… Hope you liked it.. 😋

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