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Chale na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq par zor nahin)

Hey friends m back with a new OS but this is the continuation of my previous OS https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/truth-always-triumphs-ishqaan-os-ishq-par-jor-nahin  In this OS, ishqi proved that Mayank is at fault and he gets punished, and Ishqi walks away from Ahaan’s life.

This new OS is after the leap, this is part 1, I will write a part 2 as well.

This part is dedicated to dearest Abigail Taylor Lorde. She has been a constamt support to my writing with all her beautiful comments. I had read her comment that she wanted to see Ishqi successful after the leap. So it’s based on that.  I hope you like it dear.

I hope you all enjoy it and please leave your comments.


Ishqi walks into a restaurant and searches for someone. There he was, exactly how he looked 3 months back. She came and was going to tap on his back when he held her hand

“When did you get eyes on your back” she smiled and came to sit in front of him

“From when I met you three months back” he replied

The had met three months ago at a business event, and from then one their friendship had kicked in. He was always there for her, celebrating in her happiness and clearing her sadness whenever her past clouded her vision.

“You know why we have met today”?

“Yes, you are going to tell me your decision. Don’t make me wait more Ishqi. I want to marry you soon” he said

Ishqi went still suddenly.

The word marriage reminded her of what happened six months back. She had allowed a bad person in her life. She had not even taken time to understand him, just said yes to the marriage because of his parents, whom she had respected and loved dearly. She didn’t even know how uncle was, if he was fine or still in coma.

He saw the sadness on her face and held her hand

” You are again going into that darkness Ishqi, but I won’t allow you to go there”

She smiled “what will you do then”

“I will pull you back to me”

She smiled looking at his eyes. He surely had managed to pull her back from all the trauma regarding that incident. It wasn’t easy to forget the day of her wedding and the things that happened during and after that. If she hadn’t met Rohan she would have been just like before, all alone with no one to support. But he had become her backbone supporting her through out.

Even Ahaan used to support you, her mind remined, but she shut it off.

Ishqi was no more the middle-class poor girl. She was rich now, had her own coffee business. Her coffee was loved all through the country and her company had grown exponentially over a very short time. As a businesswoman she attended a lots of events to promote her brand.

In one such event, she had met a full of life Rohan. He was a simple, confident businessman, and ironically his business was of tea. They were total competition to each other in business world, but he had liked her from day one. And was pursuing her to marry him. She had tried to understand him and every day she got to know him better. She had told him recently about her wedding breaking and how she had walked out. Minus the details of Sonu and Ahaan of course.

Ahaan… And her beat a double beat. I can’t feel anything for him anymore.She told herself… Rohan was in her life now, an ahaan must have already married riya

“Ishqi will you make me happy and allow me to make you happy all our life. Please marry me”

“Rohan, I haven’t met anyone like you before. Our thoughts match throughout. But you need to understand my thoughts an ideology about woman are different. I am an independent, fierce, and stubborn woman. If something is wrong , it’s wrong for me and I will stand against it. Whatever the consequences”

“And my family will always be my responsibility, whether am married or not” she added

These were all things had always kept ahaan away from her. After all no one liked this kind of woman.

They liked a submissive one, who just listens and follows whatever the men in her life tell her.

Rohan was silent, and she thought that to be his answer.

“Well then, I should leave now” ishqi gets up

“What, why”

“Your silence has given the answer. No one will want a girl like me”

” Then they are fools. Because at least I want this strong, independent, firece an stubborn woman in my life”

Ishqi was shocked to hear this.

” I am serious Ishqi, marry me”

The intensity with which he said that made isqhi ponder over his question.She remembered her maasi telling her she needed someone in her life. To share the love, happiness and sadness. And ahaan… He was never going to be in her life again and it was time to move forward.

She took a deep breath and said yes to Rohan

He removed a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and put it in her finger.

Ishqi was surprised again, Rohan never ceased to amaze her.

” I have carried it since a month hoping you will say yes to me someday”

She smiled and hugged him

To be contd…


i hope you liked it guys… i will write the next part with what is happening in Ahaan life.. stay tuned

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