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Barrister Babu 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita saves Thakumaa’s life

Barrister Babu 4th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Bondita. She signs him about Thakumaa. Thakumaa comes and says I had gone to teach a lesson to the neighbor. Anirudh says Trilochan is young, he takes the stick just to show, his hair are black. Thakumaa says his heart is also black, are you my servant or his servant. Anirudh says I m your servant, I was joking. Shomik says Roopa won’t tell anything, I have handled it. Thakumaa asks did Bondita get sense. Shomik says yes, some remedies are still left. She asks what. He recalls Anirudh’s words.

Shomik says we have to light the diyas in the house, it will end Bondita’s wish to study, she will stay in the dark room. Bondita thinks Anirudh saved me. Thakumaa says I didn’t hear such a strange thing before. She asks them to light many diyas in the haveli, our devils should also get finished. Anirudh says Bondita will change from now. Thakumaa says baba ji has to do something big.

Thakumaa says I trust baba ji, so I have let him come home. Anirudh asks her to go and sleep, baba ji will manage everything. Thakumaa says you are lovely, and speak lovely things. Anirudh says you are also beautiful, knowledgeable and educated, didn’t anyone say I love you to you. Thakumaa gets angry on him and asks him to go.

Bondita says Thakumaa is much hurt, her groom came with the baraat, but returned back without taking the bride, Thakumaa has become stone hearted because of that incident, else she would have been different. He says sorry, I didn’t know this, else I would have not told this to her. He asks her to come with him to see the diyas. She recalls Sumati’s words and says I can’t go out. He asks do you want these chains in your feet, do you want to do a sin by supporting the injustice, by supporting the wrong, tell me. Bondita smiles and says fine, I will come, but I have a condition, I will go with my Sakha babu. Anirudh says I accept. He smiles.

Rimjhim asks till when shall I wait. Shomik says wait for some time, see this, its for you. Rimjhim likes the necklace. He hugs her. Anirudh takes Bondita to the terrace and shows the diyas. She gets happy seeing the sweets pot. He says I m seeing you smile after many days, I was yearning to see this. She praises him. She talks in Bengali and says I like you a lot. He says the same to her. Rishta tera mera….plays… They eat the sweets.

Thakumaa says I won’t take medicines to relieve the stress. She thinks to go on the terrace. She thinks I should quit eating tobacco. She goes back to her room. Anirudh says we will stay for some more time, it will be good if you stay out from the dark room. Bondita says no, you taught me that night’s sleep is imp for healthy body and mind. Anirudh jokes as Thakumaa. She says I won’t hear anything wrong about my Sakha babu. They laugh. Fire catches up outside Thakumaa’s room. They see the fire and come there to see. Bondita recalls Thakumaa’s words and doesn’t touch the water pot. She asks Anirudh to blow off the fire with the water. She says I can’t touch the water during periods. He says I can’t blow off the fire. She asks what if anything happens to Thakumaa. He says you have to blow off the fire.

She says Thakumaa is my family, save her life. He says you save her life, take the pot. She says its a sin to touch the water. He says you shouldn’t save Thakumaa then, come we will go. Bondita says I m feeling scared.

He asks her to do it herself. He goes. He hides and sees Bondita putting off the fire. Bondita shouts to wake up Thakumaa. Anirudh takes Roopa’s get up and comes to help. Thakumaa wakes up and sees the fire. She sees Bondita there. Everyone comes there. Anirudh smiles. Its morning, Rimjhim takes care of Thakumaa. Some village men come and ask are you fine, we got to know about the fire. She says Roopa doesn’t keep things to herself, thanks for the concern. Anirudh comes to ask Thakumaa is she fine. He says I can’t enter this line. Thakumaa sees him. He says you are fine, your kothi also looks good, how did you get saved, because of Bondita?

Anirudh argues with her. He tells Mukhiya what Thakumaa told Bondita and did with her. He says I got to know all this, because of Bihari, who goes to the same place to fill water where Rimjhim goes, actually Bondita is having her periods, so Thakumaa had locked her in the dark room, I don’t understand, but maybe she did this for old customs, but Bondita had saved Thakumaa from fire, it means we should get sensible and change customs according to situation like Thakumaa did, walk on the path shown by her, she is a woman, when a woman understands another woman’s pain and changes decision, I respect such decision. He applauds her for the decision. She gets angry and goes.

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