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Aiyaari – A RiAnsh/ RiHaan+ Kabbu fanfiction – Part 6

Kabir entered the hotel and was greeted by an anxious manager.

“Sir, please keep this matter confidential. If this news comes out, the reputation of our hotel will be severely damaged.”, he begged, folding his hands.

Dismissing his pleads, he went towards Pawar.

“Sir!”, the constable saluted.

“Pawar, did you check the CCTV footage? Or are they not working?”

“Yes sir. They aren’t.”, he lowered his eyes, in order to avoid meeting his gaze.

“Knew it.”, he muttered, making his way to the second floor.

“I hope we have some good news.”, he said, looking pointedly at Raghav, the chief of forensic department.

“Not any evidences.”, he sighed and continued, “But, I’ve got something that might come in handy for further investigation.”

Kabir gestured him to continue.

“The carpet in the room is soaked in blood. But, surprisingly, there are no stains on the tiles. I think this is just a setup to divert us. The murder actually took place somewhere else. The killer dumped the body here and also exchanged the carpets. That is why we couldn’t get our hands on any evidences.”, Raghav concluded and looked at Kabir, who was gazing at the wall aimlessly.

“Kabir? Kabir?”, he shook him, breaking his trance.

“Y..yes! What did you say?”

Aaj subah-subah chadake aaya hai kya?

Kya yaar Raghav. Stop pulling my leg aur kaam ki baat kar.

“Seriously? Abhi tak main ande de raha tha? Tu na Kabir, hawaldaar hi theek tha. Atleast, you used to be in your senses.”

“I’ll deal with you later. Shall we proceed?”

Neki aur puch-puch?

“Ishani, where is bhabhi?”, Angre asked, trying to sound as calm as possible.

“How am I supposed to know about her whereabouts? I ain’t her personal secretary.”, she replied nonchalantly.

Taking long strides towards her, he caged her within his arms.

“I know that you have done something, Ishani. Don’t lie.”

Ishani tried to escape by pushing him but he banged her wrist on the wall.

“Leave me, Angre. You are hurting me. You’ll regret messing with Ishani Raisinghania. Afterall, you are just a servant.”

“If you can’t bite, don’t bark.”

“Ahn…Nice idea.”, she smirked to herself and bit his hand.

“Ouch!”, Angre winced in pain and his grip on her hand loosened.

(Ok. I cracked up here. Ishani finally showed her true colours. 😹)

But her happiness was short-lived, as Angre pulled her back.

“Give me your phone.”, he commanded.

“I won’t.”, she retorted.

Suddenly, Angre’s phone rang. He picked it up, while still holding Ishani.

“Good job. I’m coming.”, he said, before hanging up the call.

“Ok, then…Let it be. Vaise bhi, tumhara saathi to pakad mein aa hi gaya hai, aur sab kuch ugalne ko taiyaar bhi hai. Chakki peesi to nhi hogi na tumne kabhi? Koi baat nhi, nayi cheezen karna aur seekhna achi baat hoti hai.“, he left her hand and hurried outside, leaving a frightened Ishani.

“V…Vansh…”, Riddhima whispered.

“Here, have water.”, Vihaan handed her a glass of water.

“Vansh…”, she gazed at him lovingly.

“Miss. Whatever your name is, I believe there is no other person around. Well, if you see ghosts, that’s an exception. But, if you’re addressing me with that damned name. For your kind information, I am Vihaan. And as far as I remember, I am not living with an alias. If you want, I can show you my aadhar card too, and also, I’ve got ‘original’ copies of my birth certificate.”, he said, being pissed off.

“Why should I believe you? Afterall, you’re the great Vansh Raisinghania. It is a child’s play for you to make fake identities look real.”, she chuckled and gave him a broken smile.

“Madam, this is for the twentieth time I’m telling you, that I’m NOT any Vansh Raisinghania! Why on blo*dy earth don’t you-?”, he paused as realization hit him.

“Wait, wait, wait. Vansh Raisinghania right? Isn’t this the guy who… recently…died? It was a suicide…rumoured to be a murder. Oh, so you’re his wife. My deepest condolences, ma’am, but I ain’t your richy-rich hubby. I am a penniless fellow, who drives this cab for a living. Now, I shall take your leave, thank you.”, he exited the hospital ward

While driving to his workplace, Kabir saw a little girl crying.

“Bhai, Zayn ne mujhe maara.”, she sniffled and pouted sadly.

Parking his car near the park, he went towards the girl.

Memories of his childhood came flashing in front of his eyes.

“Bestu, Vanmanush ne mujhe maara.”, a little girl complained, squinting her eyes and pouting angrily.

“But, Riddhu…Vanmanush to idhar hai. To usne tujhe kaise maara?”, a boy, slightly bigger than her asked, looking pointedly at another boy sitting with them.

“Offo! I’m not talking about Kabbu.”, she giggled.

“Aree re, then why are you here? I told you na, that running away from problems is not right? If you don’t raise your voice, others will supress you. Fight them back, and then…”

“They’ll never dare messing with me again.”, she completed.

“Vaise…ye vanmanush kaun hai?”, asked a curious Kabir.

“Bestu ka bhai.”, she sang, emphasizing every word.

“Aaj-kal to bhai tumhe kuch zyada hi tang kar rahe hain. Par, hum kisi se kam hain kya?”, he winked at her and they both high-fived.

Presently, Kabir repeated the same lines to the little girl, boosting her courage and waving him goodbye, she gave him a flying kiss.

“Isn’t this the guy who…recently…died? It was a suicide, rumoured to be a murder.”, his words echoed in her head.

The word ‘murder’ triggered her past memories. Questions that reporters flashed at her after Vansh’s death, replayed in front of her.

“Mrs. Raisinghania, sources say that Mr. Raisinghania committed suicide due to problems in marital life. Is it true?”

“Ma’am, it is being said that Mr. Raisinghania was coerced to take this drastic step by his wife i.e. you. Is it just a rumour or is there something more to it?”

“Ma’am, some say that you trapped Mr. Raisinghania and married him in order to gain his wealth and power. Your rumoured lover, Inspector Kabir Mathur is also suspected to be your accomplice. Would you like to say anything?”

“No..No..No!”, she screamed.

Suddenly, her lips curved up in a devilish smirk.

“I stabbed him, right in his heart. I carved the punishment of his crimes on his skin. I sentenced him to death, not an easy one. And then, I burned him. Oh, that fire was so soothing to my eyes. And his screams were the most melodious music to my ears.”, she spoke in a satisfied tone.

“My hands are stained with blood, red blood.”, her expression changed to one of guilt and she looked at her hands with remorse.

“But…the colour of love is also red.”, she smiled gleefully, like a kid who just got his favourite toy.

Angel ki utsuk aatma ka sawaal-

Riddhu nikli kaatil…😱

P. S. – Riddhu ke haath khoon se range hain, aur mere blue ink se.. 😑

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