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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini risks her life for Darsh’s sake

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajvi welcoming Harish Jhunjhunwala. Harish meets everyone and asks where is Darsh. She says he went to sign some cheques, he will be coming, you just come. Nandini gets Vipul’s call. Harish says call Darsh, my flight is close. Rajvi says I will try to call him. Shobit says I have a business plan, I was thinking to tie up with tours and travels. Harish says we will see. Vipul says Darsh will take time to come. Rajvi says I had to talk to you. Harish says what did you do, everyone knows that Rawal sweets shares will fall down, I got to know about the news, you just want to make your elder son ahead, if you want to save your company, then ask Darsh to leave the project head chair.

Reena says that’s the delivery guy. Nandini turns. Rajvi says its not Darsh’s mistake, give us time to expose the culprits. Harish says yes, fine, but what about other share holders, they think Darsh ruined the business. Nandini sees a blind man. Reena says this wasn’t that man. Nandini says it means that culprit send someone else, I will ask him. She asks the man about the person who asked him to deliver the sweets. The man says I just know that he wears a dhoti, he said that his dhoti got spoiled, he eats betel, I don’t know anything else. Rakla says I intentionally hired a blind man, none will know about it.

Nandini asks about the sweets factory location. The man gives some hints. He says sorry, I could have helped you if I could see. Nandini says you helped a lot, I have learnt from someone that you can have light in your life even if you don’t have eyesight. She recalls Rakla. She says if its Rakla, then I have to catch him red-handed. Harish says I shall leave. Rajvi asks him to stay for some time. Harish goes to washroom. Vipul says we made a mistake to take Darsh the project head. She says its not right, everyone is after him because he is blind, its unfair. Shobit says yes, we will talk to Darsh, but we have to leave right away for the meeting. She asks for Nandini. Nandini asks a man about a sweets factory. The man doesn’t know. She asks about Rakla. He says he is working in that small godown. Rakla burns the sweet boxes. Gunjan says don’t get caught. He says pray that I don’t get caught, I will take you to the jail along with me. Nandini is on the way. Rakla goes to get the matchbox. Chetan says we have to postpone the meeting and change the location. Rajvi asks what. Nandini reaches the godown. She thinks I can’t get scared. She prays to get courage. She enters the godown and checks the boxes. She says there is kerosene smell here, nothing is fine here, I will take pics of the sweets for evidence.

Rakla sees Nandini. He tells Gunjan. Gunjan asks what’s Nandini doing there, what if she catches Rakla. Nandini runs to stop Rakla. He pushes her away. She falls down. He takes a boulder to hit her. Darsh comes and saves her. Rakla falls away. She recalls talking to Darsh. Darsh asks her not to do anything and wait for her. Chetan says we will go and handle investors now. Darsh says we have to change the meeting location. Chetan nods. FB ends. Nandini says I m fine, Rakla is running. They catch Rakla and remove the helmet. They see someone else. Harish asks why did the location change. Rajvi asks him to wait. The police arrests the man. Darsh says we have to show the boxes to Harish and others. She says yes, the sweet boxes are inside. She sees the godown on fire, what will happen. He says its okay, no need to go inside. She says I have to go and find the proof, before Harish comes. He asks her to wait. She says I have no other way, call the fire guards. He also runs inside the godown. She asks him to go. He asks are you mad. Nandini says I will save the boxes to show them. She takes some boxes. She says we shall go out now, come. They come out. They care for each other.

Darsh says when I came back, I thought I lost Nandini, things are getting fine between us, I will not lose the chance to win her heart. Shobit gets angry and says like I lost my love, you have to lose your love as well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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