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When you came into our lives, everything became perfect — part 1

Shrenu looked at herself in the mirror caressing her eight month baby bump. As she sat down, two people came in the room.
Voices: Shrenu bhabhi! Di!
Shrenu looks up and smiles seeing her sister susheel and Kunal’s brother satya.
Shrenu: you two?
Satya: we thought that my cool bro was hungry and wanted food.
He hands her a chocolate bar and Shrenu smiles.
Shrenu: thank you. But your cool bro?
Satya: oho, your child is my cool bro.
Shrenu and susheel rolls her eyes.
Susheel: yes sweet talk di into revealing the gender. Di, if it is a boy then satya will spoil him.
Satya: if it is a girl, I will still spoil her. I am not cold hearted like you susheel.
Susheel: hahaha very funny.
Satya: bhabhi, see your sister!
Shrenu: you two act like children. One more argument and I will eat this chocolate by myself.
Satya and sushee; bhabhi/di!
Shrenu: accha fine, we eat this together. Happy?
Susheel: we are very happy now di.
Shrenu opens the chocolate and breaks it in three pieces. She had her piece and made a face.
Shrenu: why am I eating this chocolate?
Satya: for your well being.
Susheel: because you can’t have your favourite food.
Shrenu remembered what the doctor said. That the baby she was carrying probably had her father’s taste buds so she had to eat the father’s favourite food so she wouldn’t feel sick.
Shrenu: satya, your brother and his taste.
She becomes sad as she thinks of her baby’s father, Kunal Jaisingh. She hears the gun shot once again and tears rolls down her eyes.
Satya and susheel notice. Satya hugs her as susheel wipes her tears.
Susheel: di, don’t cry.
Shrenu: how? It’s been eight months and everyone have lost hope now. Everyone say that he is gone. Forever!
Susheel hugs her tight letting Shrenu cry.

Dark place:
A lady was shown. With little wrinkles and hair slowly turning grey. Bharati Kumar.
Bharati: will you marry me Kunal?
She said this to a man on a chair tied up in ropes.
Kunal: never! Don’t you understand this by now?!
Bharati: but why?
Kunal: kyunki I have realised your true colours on the day I was about to marry you. I have realised that you want my money and fame only. I made Shrenu my bride…
Bharati: kyunki she was having your child.
Kunal looked at her, his dangerous eyes didn’t wink for a minute as he said: I realised that I loved her. You would stoop so low for anything and tried to kill her. Don’t ever think I have forgotten anything Miss Kumar!
Bharati laughs and leaves him alone.
Back at Shrenu’s house:
Shrenu was alone in her room, caressing Kunal’s photo. As she kissed it:
Shrenu: ouch!
Susheel came in at that right moment.
Susheel: what happened?
Shrenu: I got kicked again.
Susheel: if there is one thing I have noticed is that this baby kicks you a lot. And I mean a lot.
Shrenu: thanks. Don’t encourage the baby.
Susheel: thanks for the idea. Baby, kick your mama as much as you want.
Shrenu’s jaw opened as she said that.
Susheel laughs and says: your face! Anyway di, tell me the gender. Satya won’t know.
Shrenu: no.
Susheel: kyu?
Shrenu looks around and whispers: because I have no clue what the gender is.
Susheel: I’m sorry, what?!
Shrenu nods.
Susheel: so me and satya fought over nothing.
Shrenu: pretty much!
Susheel: thanks a lot. Anyway I am going to leave you and baby alone. If you need anything, I am in the kitchen.
Shrenu: ok.
Susheel leaves and Shrenu looks at Kunal’s picture once again.
Shrenu: I want you back Kunal. Why did you go to God?

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