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Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 23 : When Some Truth Unveils

Chapter 23 : When Some Truth Unveils 

He returns back home frustrated he could not get his hands on Kali ..His mission had backfired that to because of his firecracker..Running his hands through his hair in exasperation..A smile breaks through his face his wife is indeed a brave fiery women .He enters his room to find her all cool and composed humming to a song with her headsets leaning to the headrest of the bed. Who will say that this women was on a hunt ..With a grin on his face he moves forward she had her eyes closed..Feeling a gaze she opens her eyes to find him extremely close with their faces inches apart .she looks straight into his eyes to find frustration anger & what not obviously Love…She expects him to lash out on her on but what he does is unimaginable he places a kiss on her forehead lovingly and leaves to freshen up as Gauri stood baffled.


He comes out of the washroom only in his tracks He finds her ogling at his chiseled chest which  does not have any ounce of fat ..He smirks as she looks away ..Instead of wearing his shirt he asks her “Where is Kali?” .Gauri turns back to meet his gaze as she gives him a smirk “I expected this question more earlier husband “..

“I know Biwi but yaa you made me run around so much I needed to clear my head first”..She hums in response.

“Where is Kali Gauri?” He repeats his earlier question…Instead of replying she counters back “Why were you stalking me?

“Where is Kali?”

“Why were you stalking me ” She yells back in exasperation

“I’ll Let you know everything when the time comes Gauri ” he tells her ..He needs to Know where is Kali But Knowing her he knows getting something out of that tongue is not easy.

“I’ll Let you know when the time comes ” She throws back his words frowning tying her hands across her chest.

“Stop Rash Driving” He tells her instead

“Aah? ” She asks clueless

“Stop driving Reckless  …you owe your life to me ” he tells her worried .His breath hitched seeing her driving that way recklessly what does she think of herself? Not caring about her life? If something happens would he be able to live?”  

“Then Stop following me ” She tells back frowning ..Ya he knew that she was going to Kali ..he had been following her closely but as she reached an isolated area she had increased the speed so he would not catch up with her for awhile ..She had escaped twice in getting into an accident..

“Gauri you know I am not joking if you did not like me following use some other tactics you used to do without putting your life at stake  …you escaped twice ” he stresses out each word worriedly


She Knit her brows together angrily She does not like him coming behind her She has her bodyguards

“I got bodyguards to protect me you do not need to be behind always” She counters back ..

“Hell with your bodyguards” He shouts out her furiously

“Bodyguards” he stresses the word letting out sardonic laugh as She looks clueless at him

“Where Were they when Kali abducted you ?” He retorts back


The Conversation is heading to where she wanted instead of replying she stares at him

“Or Should I say Yours or Kali’s bodyguards” He stresses each words mocking her

“What Do you mean?” Gauri whispers back She is Shocked she wants to know how he knows that..Kali’s men or her men whatever transpires between them are not known to the third person as Both the Parties Are either loyal to Kali or Her .

“Gauri Do you know who are yours .Who are Kali’s and  …” he prolongs the sentence increasing her curiosity..He wants to let her know as in future if he is not with her they would be there to protect her in some way or the other way.


“MY MEN “..He breathes out as She looks at him Shocked..She tries to open her mouth but closes back again as words dried in her throat She is surprised How could his men be in hers and Kali’s gang”

He laughs out seeing her bewildered expression..

“What do you mean by that?” She asks him gaining back her energy composing herself

“Hmm let me Start from your Choreography”


” What Choreography ?

“Hmm That Day the way you plan to corner Kali ” he tells her taking his seat in the couch facing her who is currently sitting in the bed .

“Your Men or I must Say Kali’s men Were not fully yours or his I have my men in both your gangs who would pass me information ” ..She kneels on the bed baffled looking at him with her eyes wide open.

“How do you think that I ended up on the marriage Day  …My men from the gang informed me that you were planning to take revenge from Kali but you never knew my Naïve Chirrayai Kali is always ahead of you he always had a eyes on you He brought your men but the fact Kali does not know is ..half of your men were mine who are loyal to me “..He finishes his sentence to find the color draining from her face.


He moves forward to see her trying to wipe away the angry tears She is angry every blo*dy thing has happened behind her back and she was not never told.. The marriage Didn’t she think that he was his angel in disguise in some way or the other She would have stopped the marriage even if she had to take away Kali’s life but He! since the day he married her she is getting back her happiness the love she had longed for yearned for but now when everything turns out to a lie ? how is she suppose to react .True even she hid some facts from him but wasn’t it him who placed her in a situation he was the one who intruded in her life not her ?


He wipes away the tear that slipped from the corner of her eyes breaking her thought process as if answering her unanswered question he tells her “I wanted to protect you ..Since long I had Liked you ..” he deliberately avoids the word “love ” he keeps it to tell her in a special occasion .

“Why?” She whispers..

“I do not want you to get blood on your hands Gauri ..You are not brutal ..You are a good person sweetheart..If you wanted to Finish Kali off You could have done that long back but you couldn’t take away a life ” he tells her lovingly cupping her face as She embraces him silent tears makes it way .


“Where  is Kali? ” He repeats the same question hoping for an answer but instead He feels her feeling him up ..She traces her lips across his neck placing kisses upwards as her hands work on his bare chiseled chest..He Squirms under her she does have an effect on him ..”Where is Kali ” He repeats again but instead it comes out as a Moan as She starts giggling leaning back  he narrows his brows placing his hands on her hips he pulls her close .

“Husband You know Everything  …Are Not to forget Your men are circulating around me and even then you could not find Kali ?” She tells him in cool manner


“So much Confidence Darling that I can’t find him ? I can but My bad luck the men you took with you wasn’t mine..They were unable to locate where you went and not to forget the car stunt you pulled off I lost my way if not I could have  …” He finishes with a slight disappointed.


“What is your profession Husband?” she asks back as She continues not letting him answer “You are not a business man You project yourself as One to the World but you are not ..You spend half of the day out and only two hours in the Office just to show your presence”


“Hmm You know so much Darling ” He pulls her more closer with his lips curved up

“Shouldn’t I husband?

“Ofcourse darling  …But I promise I let you know everything soon “he tries to put a stop to the conversation He cannot let her know what he is doing he is scared whether she would leave him after knowing what he had done It does not mean that he is wrong but he is scared how she would take it Will she cope up or turn revengeful.


“So you wanna know about Kali ?” She asks him running her hands through his naked torso

“Let him rot in hell ” he tells her as he yanks her on the bed hurriedly angling her head in his palms he pulls her for a Gentle kiss The possibility of losing her disturbs him he loves her so much that her life at stake disturbs him a lot . Finding Kali needs to wait for another day as he has Kali’s mobile he is sure he would not Show Gauri the video For Sometime He would be able to stay stress free with her He does not know what their future beholds them but he knows he would happily accept any decision of hers.




The Suspense Will Reveal in Next Few Chappies as We are Heading To The Climax

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