Episode 19;

Scene 1:Pareikh Mansion.


Neela:Come Reha lets go to Avu’s room.

Avni:Wow Ma the new interior of my room is so beautiful.

Neela:I am happy that you liked it.

Avni:Thank you.

Ali:Oye ,you should Thank me .


Neela:Because he’s the interior designer of your room.

Avni:Oh so that’s why you stopped me by saying that i have to give a letter to someone.

Reha:Ya my tubelight sis.

Suddenly Avni smile changes to a blank expression.

Flashback :

 Neil:(on phone)Avu,I sent you a smiley ,see how’s it.

Avni:But why did you sent it.

Neil:Because I wanted to kiss you.

Avni:But if you want to kiss me then come to Pareikh Mansion.

Neil:I cant come that’s why I sent the smiley.

Avni:Oh so that means that the smiley indicates the flying kiss sent by you.

Neil:Exactly my going to be tubelight wifey.

Avni:Hey I am not a tubelight I was just meesing with you.

Neil:But you are a tubelight.

Flashback ends.

Reha:Hey are you fine.

Avni:(no response)…….


Avni:Huh…..ya what happened.

Reha:Nothing by the way what were you thinking.

Avni:Ah,I was …

Ali:Ok leave it ,lets go out for a drive.

Avni:I don’t want to go ,

Neela:Ya you both go and don’t stare Reha while driving ,Orelse you both will meet an accident.

Avni:Ma if you want you can go I have to go to visit Sukoon ghar.

Neela:No I don’t want to be a third wheel I will go to visit Sunehri’s mom

Ali:Ok ,Reha lets go.

Scene 2:Sukoon ghar.

Avni:Hey children how are you all .

Children:We are fine angle ,when did you come back from…um ya New York .

Avni:Some days ago.

Children :Angle you know a superman visits us everyday.

Avni:ok children you all go play Mishti you come here ,who’s superman.

Mishti:Angle,the man who once came here with you when I …ya when I was 4 years old.

Avni:ok ,where are tara and sitara.

Mishti:They went to the market,Angle,Can I go and play.

Avni:Ya,Mishti go play.

Tara,Sitara:Hey Avni ,what a pleasant surprise .

Suddenly the light’s go off.


She tries to go out when she bumps into some one.

Avni:Ah ,burglar .

The man holds her before she falls but she pushes him and she acompained by all the children and Tara and Sitara start beating him.

 Man:Hey stop .

Suddenly the light’s come Back.

Everyone except the man:NEIL.

Neil:Ya its me .

Tara:Hey we are very sorry.

Neil:Hmmm its o..ok.

Sitara:Where’s Avni.

Mishti:Just now angle went out.

Neil:Hey I will go behind her.

Tara,Sitara:Neil wait…

But before they could say anything Neil went out.

Neil:Avni,why do you always ignore me,where are you.

Scene 3:Road.

Avni was driving her car while Neil took a shortcut because he wanted to talk to Avni.

At the middle of the road Avni saw a child crying so she went to him.

Avni:Hey what happened .

Child:I want to go home.

Avni:Doyou know your address.

Child:Ya but i am afraid to go alone.

Avni:Ok I will drop you.So tell me the address .

The boy tells her the address.

Avni:But that is an isolated place,ok it was four years back come we will have to walk .

They reach their .

A man :Ramesh where did you go.

Child:I was searching for my ball daddy ,when I got lost (nods slightly)

man:Oh mam did you brought him here.

Avni:Ya ,ok i should go.

man:Mam atleast drink some water.


While on the road Neil saw Avni’s car then he searched for her and then he saw some foot prints so he started following them.

While inside the cottage the man gave water to Avni and then Avni started felling dizzy and the man tried to misbehave with her so she ran away and then bumped into Neil and then Neil beated the man and tied him and the child told him that the man had kidnapped his sister and told him to bring a girl to the cottage so. Neil called the police there and then went to Avni ,she was about to fall down on the ground but Neil held her and took her to her car.

Neil:Avni ,open your eyes Avni.

He sprinkled some water from the bootle in her car  on her face .Slowly opened her eyes .

Avni:Ah my head …..Neil how did I came here and hiw did you…

Neil tells her everything.

Avni:Thanks Mr.khanna.

Neil:Avni ,at least listen to me .

Avni:No I don’t want to listen to you ,i have to go home.(goes away )

Neil goes to his car .

Neil:(thinks)Avni ,I will soon win you back .

Scene 4:Radio Station.

Neil:Hey folks lets continue the story so that man met his fiancé after 4 years they had some fight and then they got married but this cant happen in real life ,like it didn’t happen with someone so never repeat this mistake ,so now lets talk about waves ,ya sea waves ,do you all know seawaves have only one relation with the seashore they have to come back to touch it even if they don’t want to so I have to ask someone ,will you be able to live without me any ways lets hear this song:



Allah mujhe dard ke kaabil bana diya

Toofan ko hi kashti ka saahil bana diya

Bechainiyan samet ke saare jahaan ki

Jab kuch na ban saka to mera dil bana diya

O saathi…

Tere bina…

Raahi ko raah dikha na…

O saathi…

Tere bina… haa…

Saahil dhuaan dhuaan…


Aankhein moonde to

Jaane kisey dhoondhe?

Ki soya jaaye na

Ki soya jaaye na…

Kisey dhoondhe?

Ye khwahishon ki boondein

Ki soya jaaye na

Ki soya jaaye na,

Maano nindiya piroya jaaye na

Maano nindiya piroya jaaye na…

Allah mujhe dard ke kaabil bana diya

Toofan ko hi kashti ka saahil bana diya

Bechainiyan samet ke saare jahaan ki

Jab kuch na ban saka toh mera dil bana diya

O saathi…

Tere bina…

Raahi ko raah dikha na…

O saathi…

Tere bina.

I hope you all liked the episode and I am sorry for the short episode.Bye good night.


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