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Prithvi Vallabh 3rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi cares for Mrinal, Ghazni fails to end enmity between Ismail and Mahmud

Prithvi Vallabh 3rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mrinal feels cold and couldn’t sleep in the tent. She sits near the bonfire in her tent. She puts some wood in the fire, but soon it is over. The place is very icy and windy. She comes out to get some wood from the tree, and hears animal sound. She is holding the axe and moves back. She slips and falls down. She faints. Prithvi comes, sees her unconscious and takes her to her tent. He makes her rest on bed and covers blanket on her. Tailap comes to Kosha hiding his face and closes the door. Kosha is upset with him. Tailap tells her that he is going on a war. Kosha says Mrinal went for a big war. Tailap tells her that he is going on some other war with his enemies and it is his decision. Kosha says I want to see you as a successful king. Tailap says even Akka says the same and tells that he came to

see her and asks her to take care of his baby. Kosha nods her head. Prithvi sees Mrinal feeling cold and gets some wood logs and burn it. He holds his hand on the fire and comes to Mrinal and keeps his hand on her face to give her warmth. His poetry is told in the background. He kisses on her hand. He warms up her feet. He is about to go, then sits at her bedside.

Tailap is going to go on a war. Jakala comes and does his aarti although she is drunk. She tells that she has to follow her duties even if she don’t want. Tailap asks Satyashrah to take her to her room. Jakala goes. Tailap prays to the God and leaves with Vikramjeet and others.

Prithvi comes to Mrinal and gives her something. Mrinal asks how did I reach here last night. Prithvi says it was your shiver. He asks her to drink Kawa.

Subuktagin Ghazni comes and sits on his royal chair. He says today he wants to decide who will be heir of Ghazni empire. Someone tells that you have decided before. Ghazni says he has realized that he has done wrong and wants to distribute is Sultanat between Ismail and Mahmud. He says he will give half to Ismail and half to Mahmud. His people tell that they agree with him. Ghazni says I want to hear Mahmud and Ismail’s decision and tells that the place above Kabul will be of Ismail and the place which comes after Kabul will belong to Mahmud if he gets golden bird. He gives them two days time and leaves.

Prithvi, Anand Raj, Mrinal, Guru Aditya and others are standing outside while ice is falling on them. Prithvi tells that first he will go with some one and then others can come with Guru Aditya. Vilas thinks she can’t tell anyone about Vikramjeet’s doings. Lakshmi comes there and asks if she is hiding something from her. She asks if Satyashrah did anything wrong with you. Vilas says no, and tells that I don’t fear him. Lakshmi says it is good and says he has become concerned for you and you are trying to forget whatever he did with you. Vilas tells her that she can’t forget what he did with her and will never forgive him. Lakshmi says I can understand, but he is your destiny now. She says we have done a lot of sacrifices for you so that you become maharani of Manyakheta. Vilas says she don’t want to become maharani or marry Satyashrah, and is sure that the person she loves will be her destiny. Lakshmi says if not Satyashrah, but you will marry someone. Vilas gets happy and hugs her.

Ismail thinks of Mahmud and Subutagin Ghazni’s decision. He thinks Mahmood will not be there and then there will be no partition. Ismail comes to Mahmud and tries to stab him. Mahmud takes out his sword and tells that he is forgiving him for the first time thinking him as younger brother, else he will kill him.

Tailap and Vikramjeet are on the way. Vikramjeet says we are near. Tailap tells him that they will attack Malwa on reaching there and will make Chalukya flag fly in air.

Subuktagin Ghazni asks Mahmud if he knows about the punishment for rebel. Mahmud says I agree for punishment, but I will not agree if Ismail becomes King. Ghazni says my wish is more big than your obsession. He says we have to fight war with hindustan’s Gajkesari. Mahmud asks what you will give me, death or throne. He tells that you will not punish Ismail as he is your wife’s son and I am your Servant’s son. He says I will snatch my rights and will also not forgive Ismail next time.

Jakala comes to Lakshmi and tells about the bad dream in which she is lonely in desert and was feeling suffocated. She cries and says she couldn’t bear the suffocation. Jakala says what wrong did I do? I just love my husband. Lakshmi says you didn’t do anything wrong, says everyone is with Kosha, but you need to have patience now. Jakala says she wants to commit suicide. Lakshmi says we are no coward and pacifies her. Jakala cries.

Prithvi, Mrinal and Anandpal see Subuktagin Ghazni’s sena. Anandpal tells that they have to wait for their complete Sena to come to attack them. Prithvi agrees.

Prithvi tells Mrinal that he can’t permit her to execute her plan. Mrinal says she is senapati and have right to decide. She comes to Subuktagin Ghazni’s place as a dancer and smiles revealing her face. Ghazni and his son look at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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