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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 9

Kabir : Would you mind going for shopping with me ?

Saanchi : Of course not !

Kabir : I will select clothes and jwellery for you . And you will not question . Ok?

Saanchi : Ok ?

Kabir : Let’s go .

At the shopping mall Kabir rejected many sarees but finally he chose a transparent red saree with golden border. It was embroidered perfectly with silver and golden threads.Then they went to jewellery section.

Kabir rejected all the jewellery sets but finally he selected a platinum set whose necklace was made of white diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Earrings were made of Emerald and Sapphire and the bangles were made of diamonds and pearls . The anklets were made of pearl and emeralds. Lastly the waist chain was super gorgeous by gold and platinum.

Kabir asked Saanchi to try those and when she tried those she looked extremely beautiful. Kabir decided to buy that and they went home.

In the evening Kabir came to Saanchi and hugged her. He gave the saree and jewellery to her and told them to wear.

Saanchi :  Ok,  you go out . I’m wearing.

Kabir : This is my room ,my house . Why I will go?

Saanchi : But.. in front of you ? How can I change ?

Kabir : Don’t you love me ? You don’t accept me as your husband?

Saanchi : Yes, Kabir but

Kabir :  No. Today  I will make you wear saree.

Saanchi blindfolded Kabir but he removes it. He unpinned Saanchi’s saree and pulls it. He pushes her close to him and kisses her lips . He brings his face near to her and she closes her eyes. He brings the saree behind her and makes her wear.  He makes the pletes and pits it into her inskirt . Finally he puts the palu and pins it.

Then he takes her to the mirror.  He opens the jewellery box and makes her wear the necklace then, earrings and bangles .  He made her stand  and make her wear the waist chain and anklets.She was looking extremely gorgeous and beautiful .

He takes her to a place fully decorated with red heart shaped balloons and lights . There was a shower of rose petals on her and then lights flashed on a board with the message “I ♡ you ”

Saanchi : I love you too.

Then he takes her to another section of that place where multicoloured balloons were decorated and there were baby pictures hanging everywhere . He smiled and squeezed her shoulder .She was speechless and hugged him tightly . He took her for dinner . They ate dinner . He took her to a room decorated with roses and candles.

He hugged her and pits his inside her saree and touches her navel . She melts in his touch . He rubbed her navel . She kept her hand on his hand .

Saanchi : What do you want it to be ? A boy or a girl ?

Kabir : I want a healthy baby , it doesn’t matter if its a boy or a girl?

Saanchi: But don’t you have plans for the baby ?

Kabir : Of course I do !

Saanchi : Tell me about your plans if he is a boy .

Kabir : Well, I will teach him all the mischievous things ,how to respect people ,sports and maths. He list goes on…

Saanchi : What if its a girl ?

Kabir : I wouldn’t have to teach her anything .

Saanchi : Why ?

Kabir : Because I will be the one learning from her . I will learn how to be a perfect idol since her husband will always be compared with me by her .She will teach me unconditional love .She will also teach me how to dress,speak,eat or play .

Saanchi : You mean daughter will do all these things but son will not ?

Kabir :Our son may also be able to do all of those but daughters are born with it . She will fight for me and with me but never let me get hurt .

Saanchi : But probably she will not live with us forever

Kabir : But we will live in her heart forever ……unconditionally

Saanchi was touched and she hugged kabir .

Saanchi : You are the best husband a girl could get . I love you .

Kabir : I love you too .

They slept peacefully .

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